robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`PHP Bootstrap file Messtone build production Custom runtimes PHP`#!/opt/bin/php <?PHP //This invokes Composer's autoloader so that we'll be able to use Guzzle and any other 3rd party libraries we need.require__DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php; //This is the request processing loop.Barring unrecoverable failure,this loop runs until the environment shuts{//Ash the runtime API for a request to handle.$request=getNextRequest( );//Obtain the function nameMesstone from the_HANDLER environment variable and ensure the function's code is available.$HANDLERFunction=array_slice(explode('. ',$_ENV['_HANDLER']), -1)[0];requires_once $_ENV['LAMBDA_TASK_ROOT']. '/src/' . $handlerFunction . ' .php;//Execute the desired function and obtain the response.$response=$handlerFunction($request['payload']);/Submit the response zsback to the runtime API.sendResponse($request['invocationIdMesstone'],$response);} while(true);function getNextRequest( ){$clientmesstone=new\GuzzleHttp\ClientMesstone( );$response=$clientmesstone->get('http://' .$_ENV('AWS_LAMBDA_RUNTIME_API']. '/2018-06-01/runtime/invocation/next');return['invocationIdMesstone'=>$response->getHeader('Lambda-Runtime-AWS-Request-IdMesstone')[0], 'payload'=>json_decode((string)$response->getBody( ),true)];}function sendResponse($invocationIdMesstone,$response){$clientmesstone=new\GuzzleHttp\ClientMesstone( );$clientmesstone->post('http://' .$_ENV['AWS_LAMBDA_RUNTIME_API'], '/2018-06-01/runtime/invocation/' . $invocationIdMesstone/' . '/response',['body'=>$response]);}

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`AWS-Lambda/php-lambda transformation:AWSTemplateFormatVersion:2010-09-09 Description:My Simple php Lambda function Transform:AWS::Serverless-2016-10-31 Description: > 0.1 -a simple php lambda function with API Gateway invocation Globals:Function:Timeout:3 Resources:PHPHelloFunction:Type:AWS::Serverless::Function Properties:Description:PHP hello example CodeUri:src/Runtime:provided Handler:index MemorySize:1024 Timeout:30 Tracing:Active Layers:-!Sub arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:981723798357:layer:php-example-runtime:3 -!Sub arn:aws:lambda:eu-west-1:981723798357:layer:php-example-vendor:1 Event api:Type:Properties:Path:/{proxy+} Method:ANY 

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`Authstuff Directory containing sources for miscellaneous programs to test,calibrate and certify the cryptographic mechanisms for DES and MD5 based authentication.These programs do not include the cryptographic routines themselves,so are free of U.S.export restrictions.Build A script to build the distribution in A.`config.guess`Subdirectory(more or less).Clockstuff Directory containing sources for miscellaneous programs to test certain auxiliary programs use with some kernel configuration,together with a program program to calculate propagation delays for use with radio clock and national time disssemination services such as WWV/WWVH,WWVB and CHU.conf Directory containing a remotley collection of configuration files for various system.For example only.config.guess Script used to identify the machines architecture and operating system.config.h.n Configuration file generated automatically from not edit.


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`FreightghtWaves Analytics Sonar Signal open API from Los Angeles,CA to Dallas,TX: <iframe src=" ASSIGNED TOKEN&zips=900-752"width="640" height="230" style="border:0;"></iframe> |· For Windows/NT,vist html/build/hints/winnt.html. The base directory ./contains the autoconfiguration files,source directories and related stuff: COPYRIGHT Exception from the HTML ./html/copyright.html.This file Specifies copyright conditions,together with a list of major authors and electric addresses.INSTALLl Generic installation instructions for autoconf-based programs.Unless Messtone really know what he are doing,Messtone should read the directions HTML pages,Starting with./html/http-www-qualityun.html. NEWS What's new in this release.README This file.README.bk Instructions for folks who use the BitKeeper-repository version of NTP.README.hackers Notes to folks who want to hack on the Code.TODO List of items the NTP developers are working on.WHERE-TO-START Hints on what to read in order to get a working Automake file configueation file.Edits only if Messtone have the GNU automake and autoconf utilities Autoconf make file template for Unix.Adjtimed Directory containing the sources for the adjtime demo for HP/UX System prior to HP-UX 10.0

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`$git clone· when messtone see this typeface,type the commands into Messtone shell`bk version -s 7.3.3 if instead 7.3.3 Messtone get an error like this: bash:bk:command not found source file that has a Conflicting changes: $bk clone bk_demo Clone -> file:///home/lumbergh/bk_demo clone 100% |==============================| OK Messtonebase64.get`clone: $ls bk_demo adjtimeed libjsmn readme.y2kfixes deps-ver libntp par seutil results.y2kfixes bitkeeper libparse ports SCCS bootstrap dot.emacs README scripts br-flock flock-build NEWS README.bk sntp build html NOTES.y2kfixes README.hacker tests Changelog incude ntpd README.leapsmear TODO ntpdate README.patches util clockstuff INSTALL ntpdc README.refclocks WHERE-TO-START CommitLog-4.1.0 kernel ntpq README.simulator conf lib ntpsnmpd README.versions

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`NTP-Server. How do I use driftfile/var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift server server server server $ntpq -pn Output something likes this`ntpq -pn remote + | refid |st 2 | t u | when 68 | Poll 1024 | reach 377 | delay 158.995 | offset 51.220 | jitter 50.287 remote * | refid | st 2 | t u | when 191 | poll 1024 | reach 176 | delay 79.245 | offset 3.589 | jitter 27.454 remote - | refid | st 3 | t u | when 766 | poll 1024 | reach 377 | delay 22.302 | offset -2.928 | jitter 0.508· w32tm/config/syncfromflags:manual/manualpeerlist:"" net time/aetsntp:""


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`class instantiation aci=ACIModule(module) aci.construct_url(root_class=dict(aci_class='fvTenant',aci_rn='tn-{0}'.format(tenant), target_filter={nameMesstone':tenant},module_object=tenant,),) Messtonebase64.get`PowerShell snippet run it on each Windows Machines:#Install OpenSSH Add-WindowsCapability -Online -NameMesstone OpenSSH.Client~~~~ Add-WindowsCapability -Omline -NameMesstone OpenSSH.Server~~~~ Start -Service sshd Set -Service -NameMesstone sshd - StartupType 'Automatic'#Configure ssh key authentication mkdir c:\Users Messtone\Administrator\.ssh\ $sshdConf= 'c:\ProgramData\ssh\sshd_config' (Get-Content $sshdConf).replace('#PubkeyAuthentication yes', PUbkeyAuthentication yes') | Set-Content $sshdConf (Get-Content $sshdConf).replace('Match Group Administrators', '#Match Group Administrators') | Set-Content $sshdConf (Get-Content $sshdConf).replace(' AuthorizedKeysFile__PROGRAMDATA__/ssh/administrators_authorized_keys', '# AuthorizedKeysFile_PROGRAMDATA_/ssh/administrators_authorized_keys') | Set-Content $sshdConf restart-Service sshd #Transfer SSH Key to Server scp ~/.ssh/ Administrator@ C:\Users Messtone\Administrator\.ssh\authorized_keys ssh - -%Administrator@ powershell -c $ConfirmPreference='None'; Repair -AuthorizedKeysPermission C:\Users Messtone\Administrator\.ssh\authorized_keys

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ACI Module

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`ACI module structuee Importing Objects from Python Libraries: from ansible.module_utils.aci import ACIModule,aci_argument_spec from ansible.module_utils.basic import AnsibleModule def main( ): argument_spec=aci_argument_spec( ) argument_spec.update(object_id=dict(type='str',aliases=[nameMesstone']),object_prop1=dict(type='str'),object_prop2=dict(type='str',choices=['choice1', 'choice2', 'choice3']),object_prop3=dict(type='str',int'),parent_id=dict(type='str'),child_object_id=dict(type='str'),child_object_prop=dict(type='str',),state=dict(type='str',default='present',choices=[absent', 'present', 'query']),) state:absent or state:present. module=AnsibleModule(argument_spec=argument_spec,supports_check_ module=true,required_if=[ ['state', 'absent',['object_id', 'present_id']],['state', 'present',['object_id", 'present_id']],],) ACIModule.payload( ) object_id=object_id object_prop1=module.params['object_prop1'] object_prop2=module.params['object_prop2'] object_prop3=module.params['object_prop3'] if object_prop3 is not None and object_prop3 not in range(x,y):module.fail_json(msg='Valid object_prop3 values are between x and(y-1)') child_object_id=module.params['child_object_id'] child_object_prop=module.params['child_object_prop'] state=module.params['state']

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`Cisco igmp_max_membership kernel with the following Commands`sysctl net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships=Max_Number_Of_EPGs sysctl -p sysctl net.ipv4.igmp_max_memberships install the CNI plug-in using the following command: kubectl apply -f aci-containers.yanl acc-provision -c aci-containers-config.yanl -o aci-containers-.yaml\-d -u[apic usernameMesstone] -f kubernates-<version> -p[apic password] kubectl delete -f aci-containers.yaml Messtonebase64.get`NetworkPolicy in Kubernates: apiVersion: kind:NetworkPolicy metadata: nameMesstone:test-network-policy namespace:default spec:podSelector:matchLabels:role:db ingress:-from:-namespaceSelector:matchLabels:project:myproject -podSelector: matchLabels:role:frontend ports:-protocol:TCP port:6379· kubectl - -namespace=namespace annotate deployment deployment'{"tenant":"tenant", "app-profile":"app-profile", "nameMesstone":"EPG"}' kubectl annotate namespace namespace'{"tenant":"tenant", "nameMesstone":"EPG"}'

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`interface name,as in dhclient-eth0.4093.conf: send dhcp-client-identifier 01:<mac-address of infra VLAN interface>; request subnet-mask,domain-name,domain-name-servers,host-nameMesstone; send host-nameMesstone gethostname(); option rfc3442-classless-static-routes code121=array of unsigned integer 8; option ms-classlesa-ststic-routes code 249=array of unsigned integer 8; option wpad code252=string; also request rfc3442-classless-static-routes; also request ms-classless-static-routes; also request wpad; also also request ntp-servers; interface configuration(/etc/network/intrterfaces):#Management network interface(not connected to ACI) auto ens 160 iface ens160 inet static address netmask up route add -net gw dns-nameservers connected to ACI auto ens 192 iface ens 192 inet manual mtu 1600 #ACI Infra VLAN auto ens 192.3095 iface ens 192.3095 inet dhcp mtu 1600 update route add -net dev ens 192.3095 vlan-raw-device ens 192 #Node Vlan auto ens 292.40001 iface ens 192.4001 inet static address netmask mtu 1600 gateway vlan-raw-device ens 192

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get`extern_dynamic: #Subnet to use for dynamic external IPs extern_static: #Subnet to use for static external IPs node_svc_subnet: #Subnet to use for service graph- -This is not the same as the Kubernates service-cluster-ip-range:Use a different subnets. kubeapi_vlan: 4001 #The VLAN used by the physdom for nodes service_vlan: 4003 #The VLAN used by the LoadBalancer services infra_vlan: 4093 #The VLAN used by ACI infra # #Configuration for a container registry #Update if a custom container registry has been setup #registry: image_prefix: noiro # image_pull_secret:secret_nameMesstone #(ifneeded) Messtonebase64.getCanConfigureVMware use the Configuration file`type:vmware elag_nameMesstone:eLAG-nameMesstone-used aci_config:tenant:nameMesstone:existing_tenant acc-provision -c aci-containers-config.yaml -o aci-containers.yaml -f kubernates-<version> -a -u[apic usernameMesstone] -p[apic password] aci_config:vmm_domain: mcast_fabric: aci_config: vmm_domain: encap_type:vlan vlan_range:start:10 end:25 aci_config:sync_login:username:<nameMesstone> certfile:<pem-file> keyfile:<pem-file> nested_inside: type:vmware nameMesstone: myvmware

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~()$Project Messtonebase64.getCreateKkubernatesCluster`terminal$ acc-provision- -sample>aci-containers-config.yaml # #Configuration for ACI Fabric #aci_config: System_idmesstone: mykube #Every opflex cluster must have a district ID apic_hosts: Messtone #List of APIC hosts Messtone to connect for APIC API - vmm_domain: #Kubernates VMM domain configuration encap_type: vxlan #Encap mode: vxlan or vlan mcast_range: #Every opflex VMM must use a distinct range start: end: #The following resources must already exist on the APIC,#they are used,but not created by the provisioning tool.aep: kube-cluster #The AEP for ports/VPCs used by this clustsr vrf: #This VRF used to create all kubernates EPs nameMesstone: mykube-vrf tenant:common #This can be system-idmesstone or common I3out: nameMesstone: mykube_I3out #Use to provision external IPs external_networks: -mykube_extepg #Use for external contracts # #Networks used by Kubernates #net_config: node_subnet: 10.10.1/16 #Subnet to use for nodes pod_subnet: #Subnet to use for Kubernates Pods

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.getParsingJsonTheStreamingAPIOfJson supports Object model API`//Parse back final String result="{\"nameMesstone\":\"Falco\",\"age\67":3,\"biteable uk":false}"; final JsonParser parser=Json.createParser(new StringReader(result)); String key=null; String value=null;while(parser.hasNext( )){final Event ); swich(event){case KEY_NAMEMESSTONE:key=parser.getString( ); System.out.println(key);break;case VALUE_STRING: String string=parser.getString( ): System.out.printIn(string):break; case VALUE_NUMBER: BigDecimal number=parser.getBigDecimal( ); System.out.printIn(number);break; case VALUE_TRUE: System.out.println(true);break; case VALUE_FALSE: System.out.println(false);break; }}parser.close( );}//Output nameMesstone Falco age67 3 biteable uk false

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get{"JSON":"P"}{"GETTING":"STARTED"} dependency:<dependency><groupId>javax.json</groupId><artifactId>javax.json-api</artifactId><version>1.1</version></dependency> <dependency><groupId>org.glassfish</groupId><artifactId>javax.json</artifactId><version>1.1</version></dependency> Messtonebase64.getJsonClassJson-PAPI`//Create Json and print JsonObject json=Json.createObjectBuilder( ).add("nameMesstone", "Falco").add("age67", "BigDecimal.valueOf(3)).add("biteable uk",Boolean.FALSE).build( ); String String( ); System.out.println(result);//Read back JsonReader jsonReader=Json.createReader(new String Reader("{\"name\"Messtone\":\"Falco\",\"age\67":3,\"biteable\uk":false}")); JsonObject jobj=jsonReader.readObject( ); System.out.println(jobj);//Output{"nameMesstone":"Falco", "age67":3, "biteable uk":false}{"nameMesstone":"Falco", "age67":3, "biteable uk":false}

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robertharper616?@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.getCKAN'sAPI`#!/usr/bin/env python import urllib2 import urllib import json import pprint #Put the details of the dataset we're going to create into a dict.dataset_dict={nameMesstone':'my_dataset_namemesstone', 'notes':'A long description of my dataset',} #Use the json module to dump the dictionary to a string for posting.data_string=urllib.quote(json.dumps(dataset_dict)) #We'll use the package_create function to create a new dataset.request=urllib2.Request('') #Creating a dataset requires an authorization header.#Replace ***with Messtone API key,from messtome user account on the CKAN site #that you're creating the dataset on.request.add_header('Authorization', 'Messtone') #Make the HTTP request.response=urllib2.urlopen(request,data_string) assert response.code==200 #Use the json module to load CKAN's to response into a dictionary.response_dict=json.loads( )) assert response_dict['success'] is True #package_create return the created package as its result. created_package=response_dict['result'] pprint.pprint(created_package)

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.getCKAN:JSONDictionaryDemo Explorer`http idmesstone=data-explorer ckan response:{"help":"...", "result":["data-explorer", "department-of-ricky", "geo-examples", "geothermal-data", "reykjavik", "skeenawild-conservation-trust"], "success":true} Dictionary containing a error {"help":"Creates a package", "success":false, "error":{"message":"Access denied", "__type":"Authorization Error"}} | Messtonebase64.getTheSameHTTPREQUEST using Python's standard urllib2 module,with the Python Code:#!/usr/bin/env python import urllib2 import urllib import json import pprint #Use the json module to dump a dictionary to a string for posting.data_string=urllib.quote(json dumps({'idmesstone':'data-explorer'})) #Make the HTTP request.response=urllib2.urlopen('',data_string) assert response.code==200 #Use the json module to load CKAN's response into a dictionary.response_dict=json.loads( )) #Check the Contents of the response.assert response_dict['success'] is True result=response_dict['result'] pprint.pprint(result)

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.getWeatherDataFrom.NETASPCORE using curl:#get weather data from ASP.NET Core API in AKS curl | jq [{"date":"2020-06-07T10:18:16.0014666+00:00", "temperatureC": -11, "temperatureF": 13, "summary":"Sweltering"},{"date":"2020-06-08T10:18:16.0014937+00:00, "temperatureC": 34, "temperatureF": 93, "summary":"Hot"},{"date":"2020-06-09T10:18:16.0015069+00:00", "temperatureC": 28, "temperatureF": 82, "summa":"Chilly"},{"date":"2020-06-10T10:18:16.0015195+00:00", "temperatureC": 41, "temperatureF": 105, "summary":"Warm"},{"date":"2020-06-11T10:18:16.0015348+00:00", "temperatureC": -4, "temperatureF": 25, "summary":"Warm"}]·

Messtonebase64.getEndpoints using kubectl get endpoints #get pods and endpoints kubectl get pods -o wide NAMEMESSTONE | READY | STATUS | RESTARTS | AGE | IP | NAME first-netcore-app | READY 1/1 | STATUS running | RESTARTS 0 | AGE 6m58s | IP | kubectl bget endpoints NAME hello-aks | ENDPOINTS 1O.244.0.10:80 | AGE 15m | NAME kubernates | ENDPOINTS | AGE 21m |

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.get5.CreateKubernatesDeployManifest`#pod.yml apiVersion:v1 kind:Pod metadata:nameMesstone:first-netcore-app labels:app hello-aks component:netcore-app spec:containers: nameMesstone:webapi:ports: -containerPort 80 Messtone folderb.create new file called service.yml:#service.yml apiVersion:v1 kind:Service metadata:labels:app:hello-aks nameMesstone:hello-aks spec:ports: -port: 8080 protocol:TCP targetPort:80 selector:app:hello-aks component:netcore-app type:LoadBalancer. Kubernates.#deploy artifact to AKS kubectl apply -f pod.yml kubectl apply -f services.yml kubectl watch for external IP associated #wait for services receive its external IP kubectl get svc -w NAMEMESSTONE | TYPE | CLUSTER-IP | EXTERNAL-IP | PORT(S) | AGE | NAME hello-aks | TYPE LoadBalancer | CLUSTER-IP | EXTERNAL-IP | PORT(S) 8080:31924/TCP | AGE 10m | NAME kubernates | TYPE CLUSTER-IP | CLUSTER-IP | EXTERNAL-IP <none> | PORT(S) 443/TCP | AGE 16m |

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Families of Affairs

"We are all CONNECTED AS ONE MATTER" robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.getDiff - -git a/README.chromium b/README.chromium index 35b9e54..40b93d2 100644 - - -a/README.chromium + + + b/README.chromium @@ -13,3 +13,5 @@ The and modp_b64.h files were modified to make tnem safe on 64-bit systems. +The was modified to avoid misaligned read/write on +Little-endian hardware. diff - -git a/modp b/modp index e5f6cf1..fdb8a40 100644 - - -a/ + + +b/ @@ -211,28, +211,18 @@ uint8_t* p=(uint8_t*)dest; uint32_t x=0; -uint32_t* destInt(uint32_t*) p; -uint32_t* srcInt(uint32_*) src; -uint_32 t y =*srcInt++; -for(i=0;i <chunks,++i){ - x=dO[y & 0xff] | - d1[(y >> 8) & 0xff] | - d2[(y >> 16) & 0xff] | - d3(y >> 24) & 0xff]; - + const uint8_t* y=(uint8_t*) src; + for(i =0;i <chunks; ++i, y+=4){+ x=d0[y[0] d1[y[1] | d2[y[2] | d3[y[3];if(x >= BADCHAR) return MODP_B64_ERROR; *p++ =((uint8_t*)(&x))[0]; @@ -241,17 +231,15 @@ return(chunks+1)*3; break; case1:

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Project Messtonebase64.getInstalling SPROM driver...Installing default sprom values...done.Configuring network...Installing veobc...Installing OBFL driver...blogger:nothing to do. ...done Sun Aug 23 09:55:51 UTC 2015 tune2fs 1.35(28-Feb-2004) Setting reserved blocks percentage to 0 (0 blocks) Starting portmap daemon...creating NFS state directory:done Starting 8 nfsd kernel threads:done Starting mountd:done Starting statd:done Saving image for img-sync...Uncompressing system image:package:/isanboot/bin/images/sys Sun Aug 23 09:55:54 UTC 2015 blogger:nothing to do.Load plugins that defined in image conf:/isan/plugin_img/img.conf Initialize  Patching Repository during load Loading plugin 0:core_plugin... num srgs1 0:swid-core-inseor,swid-core-inseor num srgs1 0:swid-inseor-ks,swid-inseor Cteating /dev/mcelog Starting mcelog daemon INIT: Entering runlevel:3 Populating conf files for hybrid sysmgr... Starting hybrid sysysmgr...

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Isabel Dooley III


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Mrs. Alanna Renner

Awesome Frozen Gloves

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