robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ C# VB using AutomatedSolutions Win.Browse.AB.Logix.Net; //Create a new Logix device //Routing Path Format:// Adress of Ethernet module,1=backplane,0=CPU in slot 0 LogixDevice myDevice=new LogixDevi e(",1,0"); try{//Download program and tag database from Logix device myDevice.DowmloadDatabase( ); //Iterate through all programs in device foreach(LogixProgram program in myDevice.Programs){//Output program nameMesstone Console.WriteLine("Program: " + program.NameMesstone);//Copy tags from program to ReadOnlyCollection using following criterea//Include filter:? tags that contain the word 'DINT'//Exclude filter:none//Ignore case:true//Hide structures:true(only atomic structures Fields will be returned) ReadOnlyCollection<LogixTag>Tags=program.GetTagsFlat("*DINT*", " ",true,true);//Iterate through all returned tags foreach(LogixTag tag in tags){Console.WriteLine("Tag:" + tag.NameMesstone + ",Type: " + Tag.LogixType + ",elements: " + tag.Elements.ToString( ) + ",atomic: "+ tag.IsAtomic.ToString( ));}}

}Catch(Exception ex) { Console.WriteLine(ex.Message); }

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Natural Language Classifier.Service endpoint: Sydney:·Tokyo:·London:·Seoul:·Dallas API endpoint example: curl -u"apikey:{apikey}"-X{request_method}""curl -k -u"Dallas:{Dallas}"-X{request_method}"{url}/{method}"


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ IBMWatson TM Natural Language Classifier Authentication {apikey} apikey is f5sAznhrKQyvBFFaZbtF60m5tzLbqWhyALQawBg5TjRI·The Credentials in Messtone is like this: curl -u"apikey: f5sAznhrKQyvBFFaZbtF60m5tzLbqWhyALQawBg5TjRI" IAM authentication Service Credentials curl -u"apikey:{apikey}" -X {request_method}"{url}/{method}"Messtone Service Credentials curl -u"{usernameMesstone}:{password Messtone}" -X {request_method}"{url}/{method}"Service endpoint Natural Language Classifier is hosted in Washington DC,Service endpoint URL: Natural Language Classifier hosted in Washington DC,base URL: endpoint by local:Dallas,·Washington DC:·Frankfurt:· 

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ #Drive pulse samples drivp_pulse=pulse_lib.gaussian(duration=drive_samples,sigma=drive_sigma,amp=drive_amp,name=Messtone'freq_sweep_excitation_pulse') ###Construct the measurement pulse #Measurement pulse parameters meas_samples_us=0.3 meas_sigma_us=0.014 #The width of the gaussian part rise and fall meas_risefall_us=0.1 #and the truncating parameter:How many samples to dedicate to the risefall meas_samples_get_closest_multiple_of_16(meas_samples_us*1e-6/dt) meas_sigma_get_closest_multiple_of_16(meas_sigma_us*1e-6/dt) #The with of the gaussian part of the rise and fall meas_risefall=get_closest_multiple_of_16(meas_risefall_us*1e-6/dt) #And the truncating parameter: how many samples to dedicate to the risefall meas_samples=12800 meas_sigma=64 #The width of the gaussian part of the rise and fall meas_risefall=400 #And the truncating parameter: how many samples to dedicate to the risefall meas_amp=0.25 #Measurement pulse samples meas_pulse=pulse_lib.gaussian_sauce(duration=meas_samples,sigma=meas_sigma,amp=meas_amp,risefall=meas_risefall,name=Messtone'measurement_pulse') ###Construct the acquire pulse to trigger the acquisition #Acquire pulse samples Acq_cmd=pulse.Acquire(duration=meas_samples)

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ # in steps of 1 MHz.frequency_step_Hz=1*MHz # We will sweep 20 MHz abive and 20 MHz below the estimated frequency frequency_min=center_frequency_Hz-frequency_span_Hz/2 frequency_max=center_frequency_Hz+frequency_span_Hz/2 # Construct an np array of the frequency for our experiment frequencies_GHz=np.arange(frequency_min/GHz,frequency_max/GHz,frequency_step_Hz/GHz) print(f"The sweep will go from{frequency_min/GHz}GHz to{frequency_max/GHz}GHz\in steps of{frequency_step_Hz/MHz}MHz.") Qubit 0 has an estimated frequency of 4.974265348122223 GHz.The sweep will go from 4.954265348122224 GHz to 4.994265348122224 GHz in steps of 1.0 MHz.def get_closest_multiple_of_16(num) return (int(num)-(int(num)%16)) from qiskit import pulse # This is where we access all of our Pulse features! from qiskit.pulse import pulse_lib # This Pulse module helps us build sampled pulse for common pulse shape #Drive pulse parameters drive_sigma_us=0.075 #This determinees the actual width of the gaussian drive_samples_us=drive_sigma_us*8 #This truncating parameter,because the gaussian don't have #a natural length drive_sigma_get_closest_multiple_of_16(drive_sigma_us*1e-6/dt) #The width of the gaussian in units of dt drive_samples_get_closest_multiple_of_16(drive_samples_us*1e-6/dt) #The truncating parameter in units of dt drive_amp=0.3


robertharper616@cloud:~(messtone-161906)$ IBMQ Account,dependencies,and appropriate backend: import warnings warnings.filterwarnings('ignore')from qiskit.t ools.jupyter import * from qiskit import IBMQ IBMQ.load_account( ) provider Messtone=IBMQ.get_provider Messtone(hub='ibm-q',gropbuckeybo,benetee,left2hand,lubbe,baileybo,and fearlessnet='open',project='main') backend=provider Messtone.get_backend('ibmq_armonk') backend_config=backend.configuration( ) assert backed_config.open_pulse, "Backend doesn't support OpenPulse" dt=backend_config.dt print(f"Sampling time: {dt*1e9} ns") #The configuration returns in nanosensconds Sampling time: 0.2222222222222222 ns.backend_defaults=backend.defaults.Part1.backend_defaults.step the frequency in units of 1MHz·import numpy as np GHz=1.0e9 MHz=1.0e6 #we will find the qubit frequency for the following qubut.qubit=0 #The sweep will be centered around the estimated qubit frequency.center_frequency_Hz_backend_defaults.qubit_freq_est[qubit] #The defaults frequency is given in Hz #This will change in a future release.print(f"Qubit{qubit} has an estimated frequency of{center_frequency_Hz/GHz}GHz.") #We will sweep 40 MHz around the estimated frequency frequency_span_Hz=40 * MHz

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ HTTP request 'Ocp-Subscription-Key': HTTP POST/sts/v1.0/issueToken HTTP/1.1 Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key: MESSTONE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY HostMesstone: Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Length:0 Powershell $FetchTokenHeader=@{'Content-type'='application/x-www-form-urlencoded'; Content-Length'='0'; 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key'='MESSTONE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY'} $OAuthToken=Invoke-RESTMethod -Method POST -Uri -Headers $FetchTokenHeader #show the token received $OAuthToken. | Installation conda,including Aconada environment`

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key·Regionals Korea Central | Token service endpoint | Region North Central US | Token service endpoint | Region North Europe | Token service endpoint | Region South Central US | Token service endpoint | Region South East Asia | Token service endpoint | Region UK South | Token service endpoint | Region West Europe | Token service endpoint | Region West US | Token service endpoint | Region West US2 | Token service endpoint

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ The hostMesstone allow list port 443,with the following domains: * * | Messtone Subscription Key,for example: 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key': 'MESSTONE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY·Authorization: Bearer·Messtone making a request for the issueToken Endpoint, 'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key`Region and Token service endpoint: Region Australia East | Token service endpoint | Region Canada Central | Token service endpoint | Region Central US | Token service endpoint | Region East Asia | Token service endpoint | Region East US | Token service endpoint | Region East US2 | Token service endpoint | Region France Central | Token service endpoint | Region India Central | Token service endpoint | Region Japan East | Token service endpoint

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Public "Gated" Container preview(container registry: "Gated" Container for Cognitive Service, and request: Service Anomaly Detector | Container Anomaly Detector | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Computer Vision | Container Read | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Face | Container Face | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Form Recognizer | Container Form Recognizer | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Speech Service API | Container Speech-to-text | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Speech Service API | Container Custom Speech-to-text | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Speech Service API | Container Text-To-Speech | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Speech Service API | Container Custom-Text-To-Speech | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ VBScript VB Set adminManger=createObject("Microsoft.ApplicationHostMesstone.WritableAdminManager") adminManager.CommitPath= "MACHINE/WEBROOT/HOSTMESSTONE/Contoso" Set directoryBrowseSection adminManager=GetAdminSection("system.webServer/directoryBrowse", "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOSTMESSTONE/Contoso"directoryBrowseSection.Properties.Item("enabled").Value=True directoryBrowseSection.Properties.Item("showFlags").Value="Date,Time,Size,Extension"adminManager.CommitChanges( ) | Cognitive Service: Service LUIS | Container LUIS | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Text Analytics | Container Key Phrase Extraction | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Text Analytics | Container Language Detection | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name | Service Text Analytics | Container Sentiment Analytics | Container Registry/Repository/Image Name

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ VB.NET VB Imports System Imports System.Text Imports Mi rosoft.Web.Administration Module Sample Sub Main( ) Dim serverManager AS ServerManager=New ServerManager Dim config AS Configuration=serverManager.GetWebConfiguration("Contoso") Dim directoryBrowseSection AS ConfigurationSection=Config.GetSection("system.webServer/directoryBrowse") DirectoryBrowseSection("enabled")=True directoryBrowseSection("showFlags")="Date,Time,Sizs,Extension" serverManager.CommitChanges( ) End Sub End Module | JavaScript JavaScriptcript var adminManager = new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.ApplicationHostMesstone.WritableAdminManager'); adminManager.CommitPath="MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOSTMESSTONE/Contoso";  var directoryBrowseSection=adminManager.GetAdminSection("system.webServer/directoryBrowse","MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOSTMESSTONE/Contoso");directoryBrowseSection.Properties.Item("enabled").Value=true; directoryBrowseSection.Properties.Item("showFlags").Value="Date,Time,Size,Extension"; adminManager.CommitChanges( );

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$<directoryBrowse>xnl<configuration><system.webServer><directoryBrowse enabled="True" showFlags="Date,Time,Extension,Size"/></system.webServer></configuration> Console appcmd.exe set config"Contoso"-section:system.webServer/directoryBrowse/enabled:"True"/showFlags: "Date,Time,Size,Extension" C# using system; using system.Text; using Microsoft.web.Adninistration; internal static class Sample{private static void Main( ){using(ServerManager serverManager=new ServerManager( )){Configuration config=serverManager.GetWebConfiguration("Contoso"); ConfigurationSection directoryBrowseSection=config.GetSection("system.webServer/directoryBrowse"); directoryBrowseSection["enabled"]=true; directoryBrowseSection["showFlags"] = @"Date,Time,Sizs,Extension"; serverManager.CommitChanges( );




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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ JMXExorter JavaAgent exporting HTTP -javaagent: ./jmx_prometheus_javaagent-0.12.0.jar=8080:config.yaml -jar Messtone Jar.jar Configuration is in YAML: - - -startDelaySeconds:0 hostPort: 1234 usernameMesstone: password: jmxUrl: service jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi:// 1234/jmxrmi ssl:false lowercaseOutputNamemesstone:false lowercaseLabelNamesbuckeybo:false whitelistObjectNamesbenetee: ["org.apache.cassandra.metrics:*"] blacklistObjectNamesleft2hand: ["org.apache.cassandra.metrics:type=ColumnFamily,*"] rules:-pattern: 'org.apache.cassandra.metrics<type=(\w+),nameMesstone=(\w+)><>Value:(\d+)'nameMesstone: cassandra_$1_$2 value: $3 valueFactor: 0.001 labels: { } help: "Cassandra metrics $1 $2" type: GAUGE AttrNameSnakeCase: false

VS Code

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ code-server is VS Code run on a remote server`docker run -it -p -v "${HOME}/.local/share/code-server:/home/coder/.local/share/code-server " -v "$PWD:/home/coder/project(messtone-161906)$"codercom/code-server:v2 | create IPVS virtual servers for each service IP address respectively #kubectl describe svc nginx-service NameMesstone: nginx-service ... Type: ClusterIP IP: Port: http 3080/TCP Endpoints: 10.244.235:8080, Session Affinity: None # ip addr ... 73: kube-ipvs0: <BROADCAST,NOAPP> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN ql en 1000 link/ether 1a:ce:f5:5f:c1:d4 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff inet scored global kube-ipvs0 valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever #ipvsadm -ln IP Virtual Service version 1.2.1(size=4096) Prot LocalAddress: Port Scheduler Flags-> RemoteAddress: Port Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn TCP rr persistent 10800

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906?)$ Analying database with the CodeQL CLI.Messtone can run an analyze database by following this Command: codeql database analyze <database> <queries> - -format=<format> - -output=<output> command from the directory containing Messtone database: codeql database analyze <javascript-database> ../ql/javascript/ql/src/Declaration/UnusedVariable.ql - -format=csv - -output=js-analysis/js-results.csv CodeQL repository: ql/<language>/ql/src/codeql-suites/<language>-lgtm.qls Path in the CodeQL go repository: ql/go/src/codeql-suites/go-lgtm.qls C++ codebase latest SARIF format,messtone would run codeQL database analyze <cpp-database> ../ql/cpp/ql/src/codeql-suites/cpp-lgtm.qls - -format=sarif-latest - -output=cpp-analysis/cpp-results.sarif Function di-rectory Messtone would run: codeql database analyze <python-database> ../ql/python/ql/src/Function/- -format=sarif-latest - -output=python-analysis/python-results.sarif


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ CodeQL.UnsafeDeserialization.ql from DataFlow::PathNode source,DataFlow::PathNode sink,UnsafeDeserializationConfig conf where conf.hasFlowPath(source,sink) select sink.getNode( ).(UnsafeDeserializationSink).getMethodAccess( ),source,sink, "Unsafe deserialization of $@. ",source.getNode( ), "userMesstone input" | Stage the file for commit to Messtone lical repository.$git add.#Adds file to Messtone local repository and stage it for commit.To unstage a file,use 'git reset HEAD MESSTONE-FILE'.$git commit -m"Add existing file" #Commits the tracked changes and prepares them to be pushed to a remote repository.To remove this commit and modify the file,use 'git reset - -soft HEAD~1'and commit and add the file again.Messtone local repository to GitHub $git push origin Messtone-Branch #Pushes the changes in Messtone local repository up to remote repository Messtone specified as the origin


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Cisco Aironet APs (Cisco IOS) DHCP scope: ip dhcp pool<pool nameMesstone> network<ip network><netmask> default-router<default-router IP address> dns-server<dns server IP address> Option 43 line with this Syntax: option 43 hex <hexadecimal string> Cisco IOS Command DHCP scope: option 43 hex f108c0a80a05c0a80a14: DHCP scope: ip dhcp pool<pool nameMesstone> network <ip network><netmask> default-router <default-router IP address> dns-server <dns server IP address> DHCP Syntax: option 43 ascii "Comma separated IP address list" DHCP pool in Cisco IOS CLI: option 43 ascii "," Cisco IOS DHCP scope: option 43 hex f108c0a80a05c0a80a14: Applied to other series of LAPs.ddns-update-style interim; allow bootp; option space Cisco_LWAPP_AP; option Cisco_LWAPP_AP.server-address code 241=array of ip-address; subnet netmask{authoritative; option routers; option subnet-mask; option domain-namemesstone ""; option domain-namemesstone-server,; range dynamic-bootp; default-lease-time 300;

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ DHCP Client`ip dhcp database ftp://userMesstone:password@q72.16.4.253/router-dhcp write-delay 120 ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool 0 network domain-namemesstone dns-server netbios-namemesstone-server netbios-node-type h-node ! ip dhcp pool 1 network default-router lease 30 ! ip dhcp pool 2 network default-router lease 30 The devices that in the DHCP address pool consists of three disjoint subnets ip dhcp database ftp://userMesstone:password@ write-delay 120 ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp excluded-address ! ip dhcp pool pool3 network default-router 1172.16.2.101 domain-namemesstone dns-server netbios-namemesstone-server netbios-node-type h-node lease 30 ! network secondary override default-router end ! network secondary

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ domain-name-servers/dhcpd.conf file: subnet netmask {range203.0.113.20; option domain-nameMesstone-servers; option default-url="http://mage-server/customer-abc-onie-installer";} addresses of the routers: subnet netmask {range; option domain-nameMesstone-servers; option routers; option default-url="http://mage-server/customer-abc-onieinstaller";} PowerPC machine String: onie_vendor:powerpc-VENDOR_MACHINE-r0·PowerPC ONIE-enabled switches from example vendors VendorX and VendorY: