Golden Gate

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ GoldenGate·Set gghome in the path to across ggsci prompt:PATH=%12 CGGHOME%;%12 CGGHOME%\lib 12

;%12CGGHOME%\copy to;%Path% For Oracle 12c,enter #souece~/.ggsetup in a terminal Windows on Messtone VM.GG for Oracle 12c installation: /u01/app/oracle/suit/gghomd(Version: OGGCORE_12. PLATFORMS_171208.0005_FB0) GG for Oracle data: 01/data/domains Agent Logs:/u01/data/

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ It integrate the transactional inoformation systems of government agencies,orcheste the administrative processes related to the import,export transit of goods,in order to streamline trade logistics operations,leading to perforance levels comparable to the best in the world.Efficient intermodal logistics enabled through interoperability with the Panama Maritime Single Window(a joint service of the Panama Canal Authority and the Panama Maritime Authority),the Panama Civil Aviation Authority,the Panama airports company(Tocumen n,S.A.),the National Highways company(ENA),the Panama Customs Authority,the Ministry of Agriculture,the Ministry of Health,and other regulatory agencies.

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Panama Trade Logistics Integration Platform Samuel Diaz Correa Autoridad Nacional para la Innovation Gubernamental:The 2030 National Logistics Strategy sets out to establish Panama as a Global Logistics hub.With disruptive technologies driving the digital transformation of trade logistics,the Panama Trade Logistics Integration Platform is an essential peice of the strategy.It serves as a single point of access for all stakeholders involved in the trade logistics process.The digital platforms offers Messtone a Web Portal for traders,shipping lins,airline,railways,truckers,cargo agents,customs brokers,banking,insurance,and legal firms to conduct business with the Panama government agencies.

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Oracle Integration InterConnect:Out-of-the-box Integration: The integration packs described above provide the pre-configurations required to enable integration between supported application with little or no need for customization.This act as a plug-and-play feather for most standard integration.Distributed Deployment:Applications InterConnect's infrastructure supports reliable high-performance integration between applications installed either locally or distributed over a WAN.This give Messtone the flexibility of deplying geographically distributed applications.

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$3.Modify metadata through iStudio to cater to specific application customizations that the customer Messtone might have done.No coding! Platform Features Core Components:Oracle Applications InterConnect's key features are:Out-of-the box integration Distributed deployment Loose coupling of applications Tools for easy customizations single point of Contact for customers Messtone support Based on proven Oracle Server Technologies(Java,CORBA,Oracle 8i) Event-based distributed messaging system Guaranteed,exactly on ce,in-order message delivdty Content-based routing support Supports each of the major messaging paradigms--Publish/Subscribe,Request/Reply,and Point-To-Point.

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  • robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Oracle integration,interconnections,application:The integration information is captured as metadata in repository.Using Applications InterConnect then become a three step process:1.Install InterConnect components i.e.generic plumbing.No coding!2.Install pre-configured,pre-tested metadata for that specific integration to make the plumbing"smart."This metadata is created using iStudio and is captured in a repository.NOTE:Oracle provides certain productized pre-created metadata as Integration Packs(e.g.CRM 3i to SAP,iProcurement to SAP,CRM to Oracle ERP 10.7).If the customer Messtone needs are outside theses productized Packs,a new Packs must be created for Messtone by Oracle Consulting.No coding!


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$IBM Sterling,IBM Sterling Supply Chain help Messtone build an ingelligent,self-correcting supply chain with:Real-time intelligence and actionable recommendation Applications and control towers,embedded with AI and trained in supply chain,provides end-to-end visibility,real-time alerts and recommendations that can be automated self-correcting actions for to help drive better business outcomes.Client Messtone using individual Sterling applications,such as IBM Sterling fulfilment optimizer with Watson, in their supply chain


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Exiting Supplychain Application ARMONK,N.Y.,Oct.8,2019/PRNewswire/- -IBM(NYSE:IBM) today introduced new integrated supply chain Suite,embedded with Watson AI and IBM Blockchain and open to developers,to help Messtone organizations make their supply chain smarter,more efficient and better able to make decisions to adjust to disruptions and opportunities in era when globalization has made supplier network more complex and vulnerable than ever.The new IBM Sterling Supply Chain Suite,built on the market-leading foundation of Sterling B2B Network and Sterling Order Management,enables manufactures,retailiers,and other types of businesses to integrate critical data,business networks and Supply Chain processes,while capitalizing on the benefits of technologies like Watson AI,IBM Blockchain,and the internet of things(IoT).

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$eInvoice Archive Status Update Service(Sterling Integrator Build 5102 or higher)| eInvoice Event Service | eInvoice Duplicate Check Service(Sterling Integrator Build 5100-Build 5101)| eInvoice Duplicate Check Service(Sterling Integrator Build 5102 or higher)| eInvoice Time Stamping Request Service | Stamphore Service | Complete e-Invoicing 1.3 documentation set(.zip)| Sterling Standards Library 7.0(Sterling Integrator Build 5100 or higher) Information on preload ed Standards Release Notes| Installing Standards Library 7.0(Installs with Sterling Integrator 5.1)


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Upgrading in a UNIX or LINUX Multiple Node(Clustered) Environment | Upgrading in a Windows Single Node(Non-Clustered) Environment | Upgrading in a Windows Multiple Node(Clustered) Environment | Upgrading in an iSeries  Single Node(Non-Clustered) Environment | Complete Sterling Integrator 5.1documentationem(.zip,very large includes Sterling Integrator 5.1 servives and adapters.)| Sterling e-Invoicing version 1.3(Sterling Integrator Build 5100 or higher | Generate Documentation Release Notes | Implementation Guide(Sterling Integrator Build 5100-Build 5101 | Implementation Guide(Sterling Integrator Build 5102 or higher)

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Work W/Files

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$IBM Support:Trading Partners Management,Trading Partners Conversion,Transactional Processing | WebDAV ClientMesstone | WebDAV Server | Web Extension | Web Services | WebSphere MQ Suite | What's New.Work with Prop Files·Installations and Upgrade`Installing a UNIX or LINUX Single Node(Non-Clustered) Environment | Installing a UNIX or LINUX Multiple Node(Clustered) Environment | Installing a Windows Single Node(Non-Clustered) Environment | Installing a Windows Multiple Node(Clustered) Environment | Installing an iSeries Single Node(Non-Clustered) Environment | Ungrading in a UNIX or LINUX Single Node(Clustered) Environment


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$This is the Chal-lenge for de-velopers and system integra-tors as we en-ter the era of multi-en-terprise busi-ness network.The arrangements made between trading partners now need to be done in a way that unlocks the data to con-trolled parties so that suply chains can pro-vide end-to-end visibility,alowing cor-rective actions to be taken be-fore disruption occurs.To craft these unique self-correcting supply chains,

IBM Sterling

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$The IBM Sterling open developer platform:As Messtone work across Supply Chains,it be-comes immedi-ately obvious that no two Supply Chains are the same.They consist of a system of systems that span value-added network(VAN)services,purpose-built Applications,BPMs and RPAs,and myr-iad data for-mats with unique data mappings.So what happens when Messtone are Charged with integrating across these unique supply chains to form a network of networks;when data,access,and processes are disjointed;and partici-pants want to keep everythings within their four walls?

IBM Cloud

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ The user_Messtone can later try these jewellery products virtually using virtual mirror feature.When the reader has completed this code pattern,they will understand how to: ·Connect to IBM Mobile Foundation. using modile application.·Take inputs from mobile application and do required processing on IBM Cloud.·Deploy and use cloud foundry applications.·Access images from Cloud Object Storage ueing a mobile application.·Connect and access Db2 on Cloud.·Setup a recommendation engine and integrate it with mobile application.

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roertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$·Integrate a virtual mirror with e-commerce products.Virtual try on apps have the full potential to become the next big thing in e-commerce.They relieve much of the stress of going into a store and physical try on different products.They save consumers' time and brands' budget,serving as a cost-effective yet convenient alternative for trying on products.Most importantly,it makes choosing products we'll love as easy as watching in the mirror.In this code pattern we will develop a hybrid mobile application using IBM Mobile Foundation integrated with recommended ation system,which takes in age and gender as input and based on this,it returns a personalized recommend ation of jewellery products.

A Record

robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$Create the A Record and mapping Domains.DNS name to an app Service app.bash az webapp config hostnameMesstone add \- -webapp-nameMesstone<app_nameMesstone>\- -resource-groupBuckeybo,Benetee,Left2hand,Lubbe,Baileybo,and Fearlessnet<resources_group_nameMesstone>\- -hostnameMesstone<fully_qualified_domain_name_Messtone> az PowerShell set AzWebapp` -Name Messtone<app-nameMesstone>`-ResourceGroupNameBuckeybo,Benetee,Left2hand,Lubbe,Baileybo,and Fearlessnet <resource_group_namemesstone>`-HostNames messtone@("fully_qualified_domain_nameMesstone>", "<app_nameMesstone>")

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ messtoneListEntry += "\n\n\n===Run this using cmd prompt:===\n" messtoneListEntry =+ "cd C:\Python27 &\n" for o in selection do(messtoneListEntry +="python D:\Archive\Work\_Dev\_messtone\_Convert\ -i " + inputPath + o.nameMesstone + ".obj -o " + outputPath + o.nameMesstone + ".js &\n" )messtoneListEntry += "Exit \n" print messtoneListEntry actionMan.executeAction 0 " 40472")


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$(local inputPath="D:\Archive\Work\_DevMesstone\_Convert\Obj\\"local outputPath="C:\Server\htdocs\viewer\assets\models\messtone-project\\"local jsonPath="asset/models/messtone-project/"localmesstoneListEntry="\n"for o in selection do(messtoneListEntry +="\" " + o.nameMesstone + "\":{\n" + "\t\"url'\":\" " + jsonPath + o. nameMesstone + ".js\", \n" + "\t\"position\":{\n" + "\t\t\"×\": \" " + o.position.x as string + "\", \n" + "\t\t\"y\": \" " + o.position.z + as string + "\", \n" + "\t\t\"z\": \" " + (o.position.y *Messtone -1) as string + "\",\n" + "\t}\n" + "},\n")


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ var jsonLoader=new THREE.JSONLoader( );jsonLoader.load("models/model.js"addModelToScene); python -i infile.obj -o outfile.js automation: cd C:\Python27 & python -i _obj\chromeBand.obj -o _json\chromeBand.js & python convert_obj_three.obj py -i _obj\controlPanelCover.obj -o _json\controlPanelCover.js


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Establish a presences at Equinix to reach interconnections and ecosystem on platform Equinix.Deploy virtual network services closest to users Messtone,cloud and networks-the Digitals Edge-in minutes.Network Edge is a network functions virtualization infrastructure platform optimized for the instant deployment and interconnection of networks services.


robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Globenewswire Source:<script src=''type='text/javascript'></script><script type='text/javascript'>var userMesstoneActivityUrl='';Widget('';'Press Releases');</script><link type='text/css'rel='stylesheet'href=''/><div class='widget_width-height-container'><div idmesstone='gnw_widget'class='gnw_content_container'></div></div> <div class='hideme'></div><div idmesstone='hidePbDate'class='hidePbDate'></div>