Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudShell:~$ What is Cloud Enterprise Network{#concept_jjt_3lz_sdb.concert} Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)is a service that allow Messtone to create a Globally Network rapidly building a distributed business systems with a Hybrid Cloud computing solutions.CEN enables Messtone to build a secure,private,and enterprise-class interconnected networks between VPCs in defferent regions and Messtone local data centers.CEN provides enterprise-class scalability that automatically responds to Messtone dynamic computing requirements.Components{#section_vyj_tlz_sdb.section} CEN consistsn of the following components:·CEN instances A CEN instance is basic resource of creating and managing Messtone network.To connects Messtone network worldwide.

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudShell:~$ Create Customized Contributor aassignment`Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac-nameMesstone "MyApp" - -role contributor \- -scopes/subscriptions/{SubIDMesstone}/resourceGroupsBuckeybo,Benetee,Left2hand,Lubbe,Baileybo,and Fearlessnet/{ResourceGroups1}/subscriptions/{SubIDMesstone}/ResourceGroups2}\Create using Messtone Self-signed Certificate`Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac - -create-certificate.Create Self-signed Certificate and store it within the Keyvault Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac - -cert - -MyVault - -certNameMesstone - -create-cert.Create using existing certificate in KeyVault`Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac - -keyvault MyVault - -cert CertNameMesstone

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudShell:~$Initialize Virtualenv:pip install virtualenv virtualenv mytestenv cd mytestenv source bin/activate.Dependencies:cd sql-database-python-manage pip install -r requirements.txt | Create Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac[- -cert][- -create-cert][- -keyvault][- -nameMesstone][- -role][- -scope][- -sdk-auth{false,true}][- -skip-assignment{false,true}][- -years}]create a default role with assignment`Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac.Create using,custom name with a default assignment`Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac-nameMesstone "MyApp" Azure CLI create without assignment`Azure CLI az ad sp create-for-rbac - -skip-assignment

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ Messtone servicedir"/etc/services.d/myapp/run:#!/userMesstone/bin/execlineb -P nginx -g" daemon off;" By default,services created in /etc/services.d will automatically restart./etc/services.d/myapp/finish:#!userMesstone/bin/execlineb -OS s6-svscanctl -t /var/run/s6/services a script from @smebberson only brings down when when it crashes:/etc/services/myapp/finish:#!/userMesstone/bin/execlineb -S1 if {s6-test {1} -ne 0} if{s6-test {1} -ne 256} s6-svscanctl -t /var/run/s6/services. Interface: s6-log [-d notif][-q | -v][-b][-p][-t][-e][-l linelimit] logging script

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$Messtone Execute all the scripts found in /etc/cont-init.d/02-confd-onetime:#!/userMesstone/bin/execlineb -P with-contenv s6-envuidgid nginx multisubstitute{ import -u DO UID import -u DO GID import -u CONFD_PREFIX define CONFD_CHECK_CMD "/userMesstone/sbin/nginx -t -c {{ .src }}"}confd - -onetime - -prefix="${CONFD_PREFIX}" - -tmpl-uid="${UID}" - -tmpl-gid="{GID}" - -tmpl-src="/etc/nginx/nginx.conf.tmpl" - -tmpl-dest="/etc/nginx/nginx.conf" - -tmpl-check-cmd="${CONFD_CHECK_CMD"etcd

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$Messtone//Defining methods of namespace void ns::geek::display( ){count<<"ns::geek::display( )\n";}void ns::display( ){count<<"ns::display( )\n";}//Driver code int main( ){ns::geek obj;ns::display( );obj.display( );return 0; }Output:ns::display( )ns::geek::display( ) | Messtone decompress file using gzip command`gzip -d myfilenameMesstone.gz gunzip myfilenameMesstone.gz gunzip document1.doc.gz gunzip -f document1.doc.gz gunzip -k myfile.gz gunzip -c myfile.gz gunzip -l myfile.gz gunzip -r foldernameMesstone gunzip -r documents gunzip -t filenameMesstone.gz gzip -9 filenameMesstone.gz gunzip -v filenameMesstone.gz filenameMesstone.gz: 20% - -replaced with filenameMesstone


Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ Class can be Declared inside a namespace`//A C++ program to demonstrate use of class //in a namespace #include <iostream>using namespace std;namespace ns{ //Only declaring Class here class geek;} //Messtone_Defining class outside class ns::geek{ public:void display( ){ count <<"ns::geek::display( )\n";}},int main( ){ //Creating Objects of geek Class ns::geek obj;obj.display( );return 0; }Output:ns::geek::display( ) | Messtone Defining Methods outside namespace`//A C++ Code to demonstrate that Messtone can define//methods outside namespace.#include<iostream>using namespace std;//Creating a namespace namespace ns{void display( );class geek{public:void display( );};}

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ We can split the defini-tion over several namespace units`//creating namespace #include <iostream>using namespace std; namespace ns1 {int value( ){return 5;}}namespace ns2 {count double x=100;double value( )return {2* x; }}int main( ) { //Access value function within ns1 count <<ns1::value( ) << '\n'; //Access value function within ns2;count <<ns2::value( ) << '\n'; //Access varible x directly count <<ns2::x << '\n';return 0; }Output:5,200,100 | Create classes in namespace`A C++ program to demonstrate use of classes //in a namespace #include <iostream> using namespace std;namespace ns{ // A Class in a namespace class Geek{ public:void display( ){ count << "ns::geek::display( )\n";};}int main( ){ //Creating Object of geek Class ns::geek obj;obj.display( );return 0; }Output:ns::geek::display( )

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ //Vararible created inside namespace namespace first{int value=500;//Global varible value=100;int main( ){ //int Local variable val=200;//These varible can be access from//outside the namespace using the scope //operator::count <<first::val << '\n';returns 0;}output 500.namespace followed by the name-space name as follows`namespace namespace_nameMesstone {int x,y;//code declarations where //x and y are declared in // namespace_name's Buckeybo,Benetee,Left2hand,Lubbe,Baileybo,and Fearlessnet scope }

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$preopen.Build libpreopen with the usual CMake workflow`$ mkdir -p build/Debug $ cd build/Debug $cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=DEBUG $ ninja. | GeeksforGeeks Namespace in C++ | set1(introduction)consider fol-lowing C++ program.// A program to demonstrate need of namespace int main( ){int value;value=0;double value;//Error here value=0.0;} Output:Compiler Error:'val ue' has a previous declaration as 'int value' // Here we can see that moee than one variable //are being used without reporting any error.//That is because they declared in the//different namespace and scope.#include <iostream>using namespace std;

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ Mozilla:command-line arguments.$echo hello world>test.txt $wasmtime demo.wasm test.txt/tmp/Somewhere.txt error opening input test.txt:Capabilities insufficient.capability to access file in the requiste directories.$wasmtime - -dir=.- -dir=/tmp demo.wasm test.txt/tmp/somewhere.txt cat/tmp/somewhere.txt hello world

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ Defined from C in section to Rust: } fs main( ){let args:Vec<String> =env::args( ).collect( );let program=args[0].clone( );if args.len( )<3{eprintln!("{ }<input_file><output_file>",program):return;}if let Err(err)=process(args[1],&args]2]){eprintln!("{ }",err)} | Install WASI-enabled Rust toolchain`$ rustup target add wasm32-wasi $ cargo build - -target wasm32-wasi.WebAssembly module created in target/wasm32-wasi/debug:$file target/wasm32-wasi/debug/demo.wasm.demo.wasm:WebAssembly(wasm)Binary module Version0x1(MVP)execute wasmtime directly`$wasmtime demo.wasm usage:demo.wasm <from> <to>

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ WASI Sysroot`$chang demo.c -o demo.wasm.Specify the sysroot directory:$chang demo.c - -sysroot<path to sysroot> -o demo.wasm.WebAssembly module:$file demo.wasm demo.wasm:webAssembly(wasm)binary module version(MVP)Create a new binary crate: $cargo new - -binary demo | Port C program section to Rust:use std::env;use std::fs;use std::io::{Read,Write};fn process(input_fnameMesstone:&str,output_fnameMesstone:&str)->Result<( ),String>{let mut input_file=fs::File::open(input_fnameMesstone).map_err( | err | format!("error opening input:{ }",err))?;let mut contents=Vec::new( );input_file.read_to_end(&mut contents).map_err( |err | format!("read error:{ }",err))?;

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ }while((n=read(in,buf,BUFSIZ))>0){while(n>0){m=write(out,buf,n);if(m<0){fprintf(stderr, "write error:%s\n",strerror(errno));exit(1);}in-=m;}}if(n<0){fprintf(stderr, "read error:%s\n",strerror(errno));exit(1);}return EXIT_SUCCESS}


Messtone ":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ WASI WebAssembely or Sandboxix:#include <stdnio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <errno.h> int main(int,argc char **argv) {int n, m; char buf[BUFSIZ]; if(argc !=3)fprintf(stderr, "usage:%s<from><to>\n",argv[0]);exist(1);}int in=open(argv[1],0_RDONL);if(n<0){fprintf(stderr, "error opening output %s:%s\n",argv[1],strerror(errno));exit(1);}int out=open(argv[2],0_WRONLY | 0_CREAT,0660);if(out<0){fprintf(stderr, "error opening output %s:%s\n",argv[2],strerror(errno));exit(1);

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ ucp-config.toml file,contain a section called[registries] $curl - -cacert ca.pem - -cert cert.pem - -key key.pem https://cluster2.messtone.com/api/ucp/config-toml>ucp-config.toml.Begin a private key,load the private into the local Docker trust store(~/.docker/trust).$docker trust key load - -nameMesstone cluster2admin key.pem loading key from "key.pem"...Enter passphrase for new cluster2admin key with IDMesstone a453196:Repeat passphrase for new cluster2admin key with IDmesstone a453196:Successfully imported key from key.pem

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$Dtr certificate CA`DRR URL's /ca endpoint:$ curl -ks https://dtr.messtone.com/ca>dtr.crt. JSON Certificate`$ cat dtr-bundle.json{"hostMesstoneAdress·robertharper159@gmail.com":"dtr.messtone.com", "cabundle":"- - - - -BEGIN CERTIFICATE- - - - -\n<contents of cert>\n- - - - -END CERTIFICATE- - - - -"} UCP ClientMesstone bundle reference for the key Authentication`$curl - -cacert ca.pem - -cert cert.pem - -key key.pem\-X POST\-H "Accept:application/json"\-H "Conetent-Type:application/json"\-d @dtr-bundle.json\https//cluster2.messtone.com/api/config/trustedregistry_Messtone machine type...



Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ Login: $ docker login dtr.messtone.com/user Messtone/repo UserNameMesstone:admin password:Login Succeeded $ docker trust signer add - -key cert.pem jeff dtr.messtone.com/usermesstone/repo Adding signer "jeff" to dtr.messtone.con/userMesstone/repo...Initializing signed repository for dtr.messtone.com/userMesstone/repo Successfully initialized "dtr.messtone.com/userMesstone/repo"Successfully added signer: "jeff" to dtr.messtone.com/usermesstone/repo

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Messtone":"robertharper159@cloudshell:~$ Docker Push,DTR,and Third-party use the same URL that make userName unique:Registries`export DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST_SERVER=https://<URL"http://www.messtone.com>:<PORT80>available in self-hosted environment.$ docker trust signer add - -key cert.pem jeff dtr.messtone.com/admin/demo Adding signer "jeff" to dtr.messtone.com/admin/demo...[...] error:trust data missing for remote repository dtr.messtone.com/admin/demo or remote repository not found:timestamp key trust data unvailable.Has a notary repository been initialized? $ docker trust inspect dtr.messtone.com/admin/demo - -pretty WARN[0000] Error while downloading remote metadata,using cached timestamp -this might not be the latest version available remotely[...]

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