Messtone":"6.4 15 Layers Badges`[![](] ("Get messtone own imagebadge on") Messtone":"Own version on Docker.Hub [![](]("Get messtone own version badge on")

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Messtone machines type...


Messtone":"Aqua MicroScanner`A free-to-use tools that scans container images for package as follows`Aqua Security's MicroScanner lets Messtone checking his container images for vulnerabilities.If messtone image has any knoen high-severity issue,MicroScanner can fail the image build,making it easy to include as a step in Messtone CI/CD pipeline.

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Messtone":"VOLUME [/etc/openvpn] EXPOSE 1194/udp 32btyes CMD ["ovpn_run"] 7.7kB ADD dir: 2e54a4df0a719360942b9475d15026e90d71e885b8174293b14b74413884...18.7kB RUN chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/* 499 btyes ADD file:4232ae992f2928696827753c3a1b7ab8fd8321d590c42eb6e81ec265315...

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Messtone":"Alpine UnTagged version created om September 11,2018: 2.1MB ADD file: 25c10b1d1b41d46a1827ad0b0d2389c24df6d314300...CMD ["/bin/sh"] LABEL maintainer=Kyle Manna <kyle@[hidden]> 4.2MB RUN echo "" >>/etc...ENV OPENVPN=/etc/openvpn ENV EASYRSA=/usr/share/easy-rsa ENV EASYRSA_PKI=/etc/openvpn/pki ENV EASYRSA_VARS_FILE=/etc/openvpn/vars ENV EASYRSA_CRL_DAYS=3650

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Messtone":"Latest upstream Kubernates·TLS encryption between machines and clients·high availability and load balanced control plane·In-place upgrades for Kubernates·Dynamic scaling of masters and nodes·Choice of SDN: flannel,calico,weave·etcd·Distribution key value store·In-place upgrades·Dymanic scaling·TLS encryption·EasyRSACertificate autority·Serves signed certificates to the Messtone requesting units of the cluster







Automate Spark

Messtone":"Tengu-team lastest version(#3)·stable· $ cs: ~tengu-team/bundle/automate/spark-job·The bundle contains the following services: spark·Spark is running with 2 spark job·getdata·validatedata·=>SparkUI can be accessed on http://url : 4040


Messtone":"(This variable is a combination of DOCKER_REPO: CACHE_TAG.) docker -compose.test.yml file for automated testing,declare them in Messtone service's environment is as follows`sut: build: .command: environment: -SOURCE_BRANCH·Create a folder called hooks in Messtone source code repository at the same directory level as messtone dockerfile.Place file that define the hooks in that folder.Hook files can include both docker commands,and bash commands as long as they are prefixed appropriately with # !/bin/bash.The. builder executes the commands in the files before and after each step.Hook are available:·hooks/post_checkout·hooks·hooks/pre_build·hooks/post_build·hooks/pre_test·hooks/post_test·hooks/pre_push (only used wben executing a build rule or automated build)

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Automated Test

Messtone":"The owner of Benetee organization,to set up an automated tests,create a docker -compose.test.yml file,which defines a sut service that lists the tests to be run.The docker -compose.test.yml file should be located in the same directory,is as follows`sut: build: . command:· file inside a container using the built image,Messtone ,Benetee,Baileybo,and Buckeybo,and Fearlessnet,are a groups teams can define any number of linked services in this file.The only requirement is that sut is defined.

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Debian Docker

Messtone":"Optional:Run bash in a simple Debian Docker image( - -rm to clean up container after exit and -it for interactive) to verify docker operation on host: docker run - -rm -it debian: jessien bash -l·docker pulls in the images and set up the container: unable to find image 'debian:jessie' locally debian:jessie: The image  Messtone are pulling has been verified 51136ea3c5a:Pull complete 36fd425d7d8a:Pull complete aaabd2b41e22:Pull complete status: download newer image for debian:jessie root@de8ffd8f82f6: / #·once inside the container you'll see the root@:/ # prompt·Check the vision of debian running in the container: cat /etc/·OPENVPN container at the time of writing: Debian/GNU Linux jessie/sid

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Messtone":"Add The UpStream Docker Repository Package Signing key. curl -L | sudo apt-key add-Messtone·echo deb docker main | sudo tee/etc/apt/sources.list .d/docker.list·sudo apt -get update && sudo apt -get install -y lxc-docker·sudo usermod - aG docker messtone·after re-logging in verify membership·uid=1001(test0) gid 1001(test0) groups=1001(test0),27(sudo),999(docker)

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Messtone":"Generate a Client Certificate without a passphrase docker run -v $ OVPN_DATA: /etc/openvpn - -log-driver=none - -rm -it kylemanna/openvpn/easyrsa build-clientMesstone-full CLIENTNAMEROBERTHARPER nopass·Retrieve the client configuration with embedded certificates docker run -v $ OVPN_DATA: /etc/openvpn - -log-driver=none - -rm kylemanna/openvpn ovpn_getclient CLIENTNAMEMESSTONE > CLIENTNAMEROBERRTHARPER.ovpn


Messtone":"Pick a Name,OVPN_DATA="ovpn-data-Messtone"·Initialize the $ OVPN_DATA container that will hold the Configuration files and certificate.The newly generated certificate authority. docker volume create - -nameMesstone $ OVPN_DATA docker run -v $ OVPN_DATA: /etc/openvpn - -log-driver=none - -rm kylemanna/openvpn vpn_genconfig -u udp: //VPN. SERVERNAMEMesstone.COM docker run -v $ OVPN_DATA: /openvpn - -log-driver=none - -rm -it kylemanna/openvpn ovpn_initpki·docker run -v $ OVPN_DATA: /etc/openvpn -d -p 1194: 1194/udp - -cap -add=NET_ADMIN kylemanna/openvpn

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Messtone":"Dr.Jean-Paul Rodrigue,Professor of Geography at Hofstra University.His research interests cover transportation and economics as they relate to logistics and global freight distribution.Specifc topics include maritime transporta tion systems,global supply chains,gateways and transport corridors.·The growth factors of Containerization·The Port and emering manufacturing landscape·E-commerce facilities operated by Amazon in the United States(Newpage) New York Times Interview-Large Airport in China·TCPanama conference summary-the challenges of dignitalization·Connects Messtone machines Digitatization Transportation Networks Systems,U.S.Ports_Global Marketing and Advertising(Messtone).


Messtone":"Chapter 2-Transportation and the Spatial Structure.Transportation has a strong influence on the Spatial structure at the local,regional and global  levels.Contemporary economic proccesses have been accompanied by significant increase in mobility higher levels and accessibility.Such conditions  are closely related to the development of transportation networks,both in capacity and in spatial extent.It also underline the importance of specific dimension such as nodes,location,networks and interactions.The impacts of transport on the spatial structure became multiscalar.Transportation systems are composed of a complex set of relationships between the demand,the location they service and the networks that support movements.The introduction of information technologies is changing mobility and its relations with geography since they can support modify,substitute or expand transportation activities.

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Messtone":"SharpCorner output C:\Windows\System32\cmd exe E:\123\articles>py Hello Welcome to C# Corner Hello ! C-SharpCorner.Example Writing file using print(). # Writing file using print function Messtonefile =open ('csharpcorner.txt', 'w ') print('Welcome to ', file=Messtonefile) Messtonefile.close ( ) What Python print() function return? Python print() function always return "None".Example The returning value from the print function is as follows`result=("Hello") # return value will be save into result print(result) # It will print none because print returns None output C:\Windows\System32\cmd exe E:\123\articles>py Hello None

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Sep Parameters

Messtone":"Example using "sep" parameter. # changing the value of the "sep"parameter. # print("C", "Sharp", "Corner", sep="-") output C:\Windows\System32\cmd exe E:\123\articles>py C-Sharp-Corner·Example understanding "End"parameter. ' ' ' ' '- - - - - - -Example 1- - - - - - - - - ' ' ' # Print without any object ("Hello") print ( ) # There is no object but default value

of the end parameter is ' \n' print("Welcome to C# Corner") ' ' ' ' '- - - - - - - -Example 2- - - - - - - - ' ' ' print("Hello",end= ' ! ') # It will print Hello ! print("C",end= ' - ') # It will print C- print("SharpCorner",end= ' - ') # It will SharpCorner. # So the complete output will be Hello ! C-SharpCorner

Objects Outputs

Messtone":"Sourabh Somani C# Introduction Python Print() function is mainly used to print the objects to tne standard ourput sceen or to a stream file.Syntax of the Python Print() function·print(*object, sep= ' ' , end= ' \ n ' , file = sys. stdout, flush= False) Parameters example·Simple print() function· ' ' ' ' '- - - - - - -Example 1- - - - - - - -' ' ' # Passing string object print("Hello C# Corner") output C:\Windows\System32\cmd exe E:\123\articles>py Hello C# Corner ·Example Multiple objects passing in the print() function without a seprator. # Passing multiple object with space # Because "sep "parameters default values is space (" ") # print(2,3,4) # It will print 2 3 4 ·output C:\Windows\System32\cmd exe E:\123\articles>py 2 3 4

Google DNS

Messtone":"Highly available Global DNS network Google Cloud DNS is a scalabe,relianle and managed authoritive Domain Name System (DNS) services running on the same infrastructure as Google.It has low latency,high vailability and it cost-effective way to make messtone applications and service available to Messtone user.Cloud DNS translate request for domain name like into IP addresses like DNS programmable Messtone can easily publish and manage millions of DNS zones records using our simple user interfaces,command-line interface or API.

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Messtone":"Parameters positional keyword arguments is as follows`q = GqlQuery ("SELECT * FROM Song WHERE composer = 'Lennon,John' ") q = GqlQuery("SELECT_ _key_ _ FROM Song WHERE composer = :1", "Lennon,John") q = GqlQuery ("SELECT * FROM Song WHERE composer = :composer=", composer", "Lennon,John") q = Song.gql ("WHERE Composer = 'Lennon,John' ") for song in q: print song.title ·for song in ( ): print song.title

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Messtone":"The Number of results to process with the keyword arguments limit is as follows` for song in print song.title ·song = q.get( ) print song.title·results = q.fetch(limit=5) for song in results: print song.title

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