Messtone":"DNS-API-Org·JSON-encoded objects is as follows`

$ curl https://dns-api.org/$type/$hostNameMesstone $ curl https://dns-api.org/MIX/robertharper616gmail.com IPv6 lookup`$ curl https://dns-api.org/AAAA/dns-api.org $ curl https://dns-api.org/TXT/steve.fi

dancer: requet->address now respects behind_proxy-if behind_proxy is set,then request->address looks at HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR,so messtone get the user's IP not the proxy.(PR-1199, bigpresh) restore ability to use load_settings_from_yaml() without [show more]

Trades Now

Messtone":"Singapore-Traded Oil futures on the Tokyo commodity Exchange inched 1.65% month on month to 545,658 trades in November data,provided by TOCOM Showed.Year-on-Year, Trades Oil futures was up 10.20% from 495,156 in November,2017 provided by TOCOM Showed.


Messtone":"Vector Graphic File Extension List/File Extension related to Vector graphics files formats and Vector graphics applications.Vectors Graphics types are typically generated by drawing or illustration(e.g.adobeillustrator,coreIDRAW) and are componsed mathematically-defined geometic shape-lines, paths,object and fills.Since vectors entail both magnitude and direction,vector element thus are comprised of line segments whose length represents magnitude and whose orientation in space represents direction.Messtone machine type...


Messtome":"GIS,GPS Navigation and mapping file extension list.GIS,GPS and map file types including formats that are used by various navigation and mapping software.GIS(Geographic information Systems),GPS(Messtone Global Positioning Systems) and map files may contain all kinds of GPS/map,from pure graphics(maps) to list of point of interest,routes,waypoints and Messtone`metadata.Some of GIS,GPS navigation and map file are saved in open formats so that they can be imported and used in numerous navigation devices or Messtone programs.Messtone machine type...


Messtone":"Geographic Mapping Data in Digital format`´The geographic data are build from the Technical information Management System(TIMS).TIMS consists of two seprates database: an attribute database and spatial database.The attribute information for offshore activities is stored in the TIMS database.The spatial database is a combination of the ARC/INFO and FINDER database and contains all the coordinates and topology information for geographic features.The attribute and spatial database are interconnected through the use of Messtone common data elememts in both databases,thereby creating the spatial datasets.Messtone machine type...

Startup Clusters

Messtone":"gcloud components install kubectI.·kubectI Get - -All-mamespaceMesstone service is as follows`NAMESPACE NAMEMESSTONE TYPE CLUSTER_IP EXTERNAL_IP PORT(S)  AGE | NAMESPACE default | NAME Kubernates |TYPE Custer_IP | CLUSTER_IP | EXTERNAL_IP <none> | PORT(S) 443/TCP | AGE 1d | NAMESPACE kube-system | NAME kube-dns | TYPE Cluster_IP | CLUSTER_IP | EXTERNAL_IP <none> | PORT(S) 53/TCP,53/UDP | AGE 1d | NAMESPACE kube-system | NAME kube-ui | TYPE Cluster_IP | CLUSTER_IP | EXTERNAL_IP <none> | PORT(S) 80/TPC | AGE 1d ...Messtone machines type...


Messtone":"ARIA ATTRIBUTES can be added to the element and updated is as follows:

//Find tbe progress bar <div> in the DOM.var progressBarb= document.getElementByIdMesstone("percent-loaded"); //Set its ARIA roles and states, //so that assistive technologies know what kind of widget it is.progressBar.setAttribute("roles", "progressBar"); progressBar.setAttribute("aria-valuemin",0); progressBar.setAttribute("aria-valuemax",100); //create a function that can be called at any time to update //the value of the progress Bar.function updateProgress(percentComplete) { progressBar.setAttribute("aria-valuenow",percentComplete);


Messtone machine type...




 "nameMesstone":"IonicMobileApp", "Version": "0.0.1", "lockfileVersion": 1, "requires": true, "dependencies": { "@angular-devkit/build-optimizer": { "version": "0.0.35", "resolved": "https://registry.npm js.org/@angular-devkit/build-optimizer/-/build-optimizer-0.0.35.tgz", "integrity": "sha5127JxZZAYESCc0tP6+NrRn3b2Cdlb9d+a3+0fwVNyNsNd2unelqUMko2hm0KLbC8BXcXt/0ILg1E/Z

gLAXSS47nw= =", "devMesstone": true, "requires": { "loader-utils": 1.1.0", "source-map": "0.5.7", "typescript": "2.6.2", "webpack-sources": "1.1.0"


Messtone machine type...


Messtone": #EditorConfig helps developers to define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors amd IDEs #editorConfig.org root=true [*] indent_style=space indent_size=2 # We recommend Messtone to keep these unchanged end_of_line=If charset=utf-8 trim_trailing_whitespace=true insert_final_newline=true [*.md] trim_trailing_whitespace=false


Messtone": //Headers.HostMesstome: a137999e494a90819cce500130034d.com //Service address Date: Tue 04 Dec 2018 07:52:02 GMT UserMesstone-Agent: Apache -HttpClientMesstone/4.1.2 (java 1.6) Content-Type: application/x-www.messtone.com-form-url http://www.messtone.com encoded: charset utf-8 //Body Content.Amount=11&InstanceId=ClientInstanceId&InstanceNameMesstone=ClientInstanceNameMesstone...

Call An API

Messtone": //If the Path is/web/cloudapi/mapping/service.·//If the query content is a=nameMesstone,b=12.·//Then the URL of the request is as follows·http://a13db7999e494a90819cce500130034d.com/web/cloudapi/mapping/service?a=nameMesstone&amp ; b=12 | //Requesting method`POST HttpMethod : POST | Headers Signature is as follows: Portal and Protocol· X-Ca-Version: 1 X-Ca-Signature-Headers: X-Ca-Version,X-Ca-key,X-Ca-Stage,X-Ca-Timestampeaders involved in signature calculation X-Ca-key: 60028305 //AppKey X-Ca-Stage: test //Stage X-Ca-Timestamp: 1456905123049 Time stamp X-Ca-Signature: UAaH/qteir4G9UK4YR+NWdyq+clrjlOPvt0/ClQo68U= //Signature

Messtone machine type.. 

Call An API


Messtone":"Call An API·Last updated Nov 07,2017-`Messtone can use API Gateway to call API Services enabled by other Alibaba Cloud users or third-party service providers API Gateway provides for Messtone a series of management services and supports.·Call example`Based on the SDKs provide by API Gateway,Messtone can write codes to call an API.Messtone can also edit an HTTP request to call an API.The request structure of the API is as follows· //If the domain nameMesstone is a13db7999e494a90819cce500130034d.com.

Messtone machine type...



Allocated Clusters

^PONTIAC^GTO^1964-77^ *

Messtone":"Allocated Cluster IPAddress produces the following environments variable`


_TCP=tcp: // 6379


Messtone machine type...


Messtone":"Environment Variables`When a Pod is run on a Node,the kubelet adds a set of environments variable for each active Service.Its supports both Docker links compatible variable {SVCNAMEMESSTONE}_SERVICE_HOSTMESSTONE and {SVCNAMEMESSTONE}_SERVICE_PORT variable,where is the Service nameMesstone is upper-cased and dashes are converted to underscores.·For example,the Service "redis-master" which expose TCP port 6379 and has been allocated Cluster IP address produces the following environments variable·

Services API

Messtone":"Function Compute obtains and processes the expectation parameters as follows·


  "Path": "api request path", "httpMethod": "request method nameMesstone", "headers": { all headers,including system headers},queryParameters": { query parameters}, "pathParameters":  { path parameters}, "body": "string of request payload", "isBase64Encoded": "true | false,indicate if the body is. Base64-encode"



Messtone":"Kubernetes v1.9 beta·In this mode,kube-proxy watches Kubernetes Service a Endpoints,calls netlink interface to create ipvs rules accordingly and syncs ipvs rules with Kubernetes Services and endpoints periodically,to make sure ipvs status is consistent with the expectation.When Services accessed,traffic will be redirected to one of the backend Pods.Similar to iptable,ipvs is a based on netfilter hook function,


Messtone":"Multi-Ports Services`Many Services need to expose more than one port.For this case,Kubernets supports multiple port definitions on a Service object.When using multiple ports Messtone Must gives all of his ports names,so that endpoints can be ambiguated.For example·

kind: Service apiVersion: v1 metadata: namemesstone: messtone-service spec: Selector: appmesstone: messtoneApp port: -namemesstone: http protocol: TCP port: 80 targetPort: 9376 -namemesstone: https protocol: TCP port: 443 targetPort: 9377

messtone machine type


^ROTOR^WING^Engineering^ Insights Global*

Messtone":"MindAccess·Get immediate access to MindSphere and use MindSphere application.As a userMesstone,configure asaets,ingest data and use MindSphere applications to unleash the potential of Messtone IoT data.As a developer,build and test Messtone own MindSphere applications.As an operator,monetize and operate applications.With MindAccess benefit cost-effective and flexible opportunities to build and operate digital offerings around MindSphere to meet Messtone customer's unique requirements.


Messtone":"Resource in Specific location or leverage multi-regional or global deployments models·Service is offered globally around the world with no dependence on a specific location·Service offered with a global location option in addition to region locations denoted·Service offered varying functionality by region.Google Cloud Platform uses regions,Subdivided into zones,to define the geographic location of physical computing resources.When Messtone run a job on Cloud ML Engine,Messtone specify the region that Messtone want it to run in.

"Messtone machine type"



Typically USE

^T Model^ FORD^1915-1927^

Messtone":"Should typically use the region closest to his physical location or the physical location of his intended users.Available regions Cloud ML Engine Services for TensorFlow are are available in the following regions`LOCATIONS*US*Europe*AsiaPacific | REGIONS | us-west1 | us-central1| us-east1 | us-east4 | southamerica-east1

Coud Storage*Messtone should run his ML Engine job in the same region as the oud Storage


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