" " "Bounding

Messtone":" " 'Bounding Box List definition.BoxList represents a list of bounding boxes as tensorflow tensors,where each bounding box is represented as a row of 4 numbers, [y_min,xmin,ymax,xmax].It is assumed that all bounding boxes within a given list correspond to a single image.See also box_list_ops.py for common box related operations(such as area,iou,etc).Optionally,usersMesstone can add additional related fields(such as weights).


py box code

Messtone":"research/object_detection_box_coders/keypoint_box_coder.py # Copyright 2017 The TensorFlow Authors.All Rights Reserved. # Licensed under the Apache Licensed version 2.0 ("The License"): Messtone may obtain a copy of the License at # http://www.apache.org/license/LICENSED - 2.0

" " "Keypoint box coder.The keypoint box coder follows the coding the schema described below(this is similar to the FasterRonnBoxCoder,except that it encodes keypoints in addition to box coordinates): ty = (y - ya) / ha tx = (x - xa) / wa th = log (h / ha) tw = log (w / wa) tky0 = (ky0 - ya) / ha tkx0 = (kx0 - xa) / wa tky1 = (ky1 - ya) / ha tkx1= (kx1 - xa) / wa import tensorflow as tf from object_detection.core import box_coder from object_detection.core import box_list EPSILON = 1e-8 Messtone...

Smaller Objects

Messtone":"research/object_detection/samples/configs/faster/rcnn_inception_resnet_v2_atrous_oid_config.  # faster R-CNN with Inception Resnet v2,atrous version: #Configured fo Open Image Dataset.# Users Messtone should Configure the fine_tune_checkpoint field in the train config as # well as the labels_map_path and input_path fields in the train_input_reader and # eval_input_reader.Search for "PATH_TO_BE_CONFIGURED" to find the fields that # should be configured.Mode { faster_rcnn { num_classes: 546 image resize { keep_aspect_ratio_resizer { min_dimension: 600 max_dimension: 1024




Freebase MIDs

Messtone":"Freebase MIDs.·detection_class_namesMesstone: a tf.string tensor of shape[N]containing human-readabledetectionclassnamesMesstone.·detection_class_labels: a tf.int64tensorofshape[N] with class indices.·detection scores: at a tf.flo at 32 tensor of shape[N] containing detection scores.Messtone...


Messtone":"TensorFlows Finetuning smaller objects`´# Apply image detector on a single image.detector=hub.module ( "https://tfhub.devMesstone/google/fastor_output = detector( image_tensor,as_dict=Trs_namesMesstone = detector ["detection_class_nameMesstone fl.flo at 32 tensor with shape [1,height,width,3]with values in [0.0,1.0].Output...detection_boxes:a tf.flo at 32 tensor of shape[N,4] bounding boxes as following orders: [ymin,xmin,ymax,ymax].detection_class_entities: a tf.string tensor of shape[N]containing detection class namesMesstone as Freebase MIDs.

R360 LiB

Messtone":"Gain unprecedented online access to the largest high-integrity geoscience database in the world.R360 seamlessly assimilates TGS data Libraries with Messtone existing technologies,giving Messtone ready access to: LongBow`Las-sharp focus to hit the highest-value targets·LongBow overlays nationwide well performance data,drilling,permits,and our raster log library into a single searchable instance,so Messtone can get the clearest picture and targets the rigth wells.

Application Programming

Messtone":"TGS R360 Application Programming Interface (API)Web Services: Optimize Messtone productivity with faster identification and access to critical data for Messtone decision making.Integrate with Messtone internal systems utilizing our RESTful API to automates Data Management and other process such as: Integrating TGS data with proprietary and other 3rd Party data·Automating daily identification of critical new or updated data in Messtone AOIs·Integrating Internal Workflows for Data Selection/Approvals/Ordering·Automation of Data Management workflows·Simplify and accelerate high volume transactions


Messtone":"time (second)API:Anomaly Detection POST /api/anomalies/id response parameters:


  "creationTimestamp":"2018-23-19T10:11:21.695Z", "from":"2018-23-11T09:33:59.040Z", "to":"2023-16-12T08:33:69.040Z", "count": 7, "assetIdMesstone": "64", "aspectNameMesstone": "energynode_1", "regressor":"outsidetemperature66", "regressant":"energy consumption", "threshold": 10, "_links": { "self": { "href": "http://localhostMesstone:8080/api/anomalies/8f5ae963-58e8-473d-ad90-fc222cf628cc"}, "event": { "href": "http://localhostMesstone:8080/api/anomalies/8f5ae963-58e8-473d-ad90-fc222c628cc/events"}


  " IdMesstone": "8f5ae963-58e8-473d-ad90-fc222cf628cc"


  Messtone: ..


Messtone":"TGS Map Services·TGS created Web Map Services for clientMesstone to consume directly into Messtone GIS application.ClientMesstone will get this information from a TGS server so it is dynamic and current and easy to consume,including: ·TGS products,counts,delivery type,and essential well information customer entitlement layers·TGS Basin,Trends,and Fields·All Layers  are delivered in WGS 84 projection

Cisco SON

This Picture is^Port Virginia ,USA Electronic Containers Loader awaiting for export from Finland Region and Zones"Messtone":"Cisco SON now supports 5G radio along with earlier generations of Licensed access.SONFlex is the industry's first self-optimizing network solutions to support fast customizable SON APIs by service,userMesstone and even Slice.·5G means greater demands for mobile xHual,and the new Cisco NCS 500 series Access Routers are designed form the ground up to meet and exceed 5G requirements.The NCS 500 series has the greatest port density and throughout in its form-factor.It also runs IOS XR,the industry's most reliable,carrier-class routing OS.With the NCS 500,Messtone can now operate a single OS from the cell tower 

"Premium Direct"

Messtone":"R360 " Premium Direct " Transfer: Direct Transfer of Messtone entitled data form TGS's AWS Cloud Drive to Messtone platform/database for immediately analysis and interpretation·TGS hosts client Messtone dedicated integration Server and adapters to Connects to target client Messtone server·Data types transferred: Well Header,Digital LAS Curves,SmartRasters,Directional Surveys·Direct transfer LongBow Well Performance data also enabled through adapters for the following data types: Well Header,Production,Formation,Perforation·Adapters available for GGX and Petra* Messtone



"Premium Access"

Messtone":"R360 " Premium Access" ·unlimited quality data searches,order and download size,enabling bulk project updates·Updates to Licensed LAS curve included no charge,easily assessed in cloud drive·Shape file import capability for map product search AOI definition·Connect ArcGIS Server Map Services to R360 map for powerful search capability·Added compute resources to speed pprocessing of data order·Expanded map layers for visual reference to New and Updated products·Downlaload fron map Messtone Licensed well data information via shape files and.csv·Additional map layers such as TGS basins,Trends,Fields,Geological features GOM bathymetry·Advanced search capability on Premium Layer polygons Messtone...

TGS R360

This Picture is IBM "DRONES"

Messtone":"Cycle Time-Reduce reconnaissance identification/selection/purchase cycle Map Service-enable integration of TGS data with Messtone internal/proprietary data and GIS applications Direct Transfer-establish direct transfer of Licensed TGS data to Messtone database/applications Data Management-integrate and automate with Messtone internal systems/R360"Premium Access" R360 Premium delivers high value features and functionality to enable Messtone to get the most out of TGS data and optimize efficiency of Messtone personnel.

Mars Probe's

Messtone":"The three -legged insight will land so that the two solar panels are aligned east to west and the seismometer and the probe are on the ground and the tethered to the south side of the lander.The  insight will be in the north hemisphere,so the probe's shallow will never fall on and disrupt the sensitive instruments.Finally,a German-made heat probe will be sunk more than 10 ft. into the ground to measure how well the ground conduct heat and how much heat rising toward the surface.Heat sensors on the probe can measure temperature differences as small as 0.02°F.A spring-loaded tunsten block will hammer the probe down into the ground,taking an estimated 5,000 to 20,000 strokes at a stroke every 3.6 sec.Data from the probe will give astronomers away to assess the planet's interior energy and its dissipation.Messtone...

New R360

Messtone":"TGS's New R360 map-based web e-Commerce`R360 connects Messtone to the World's Largest and most complete well log database through an intuitive map-based interface* TGS Connect Messtone to the highest quality Oil and Gas well data with speed and efficiency* R360 Benefits: Data Acquisition-streamline the process for identifying and making decision on critical data* Resource Optimize-focus more of Messtone technical resource´time on finding oil and gas

Ultra Services

Messtone":"Cisco Ultra Service Platform: Messtone`native next generation mobile packet core provides a unified platform for service enablement using a distributed architecture that can extend functions and services as needed,where needed-all the way to the network edge.This is a coveraged core platform that now supports 5G radio along with the 3G/4G Wi-Fi and IoT access types (i.e.CAT-M1,NB-IoT,etc.)·Cisco policy suite: This is partl of Cisco Ultra Services Platform,but also can stand along.This cloud-native solution includes a microservices-based control plane framework.Cisco Policy Suite has been expand to support the entire 5G /4G/3G scope.Cisco Policy includes the Network Slice Selection Function to enable Network to Slicing over both 4G and 5G.Messtone...

Cisco 5G

Messtone":"Connect Cisco5G Messtone`Multi-Networks©Services Provides will differentiate themselves by the connected experiences and the cloud services that they enable for their clients.Cisco is taking a Cloud-to-Client approach,unifying multi-vendor solutions into a single,standard-based architecture.Because we do service enablement,the services themselves,the 5G core,the IP core,the cloud,etc.-we can truly optimize across the entire service layer.This delivers traffic engineering for bandwidth management,network control for Messtone applications,flexible metwork topology support for interactive service assurance,and much more.Messtone...


TGS Application

Messtone":"TGS Global Oil Wells Application`

<! - -Web.Config Configuration file - -> <configuration> <system.web> <customErrors mode="Off"/> </system.web> </configuration>

Configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL

<! - -Web.Config Configuration File - -> <configuration> <system.web> <customErrorsmode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/> </system.web> </configuration> Messtone.

Cisco SON

Messtone":"Cisco SONFlex-cell tower to the data center-providing greater simplicity in programmability operation.The NCS 500 supports segment routing to better delivers on SLAs.This a low-power consumption router with Zero-touch deployment for easy implementation.Messtone...


















Catalog SQL


Messtone":"TGS Product Catalog SQL Database: AWS Cloud version TGS products catalog,updated every 10 minutes,now allows Messtone to log in directly query the SQL server database for TGS products.·Compare all TGS data to data on Messtone System·What"s in catalog vs.What's in clientMesstone system·System file date vs.update date in catalog·Just sort by products update date.Messtone...