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     "nameMesstone" : "favorite_color", //String; The internal nane Messtone of the property. The name messtone should be used when referencing the property through the API "label" : "Favorite Color", //String; A human readable label for the property. The label is used to display the property in HubSpot UI. description" : " ", //String; A description of the property.May be an empty string. "groupNameMesstone" : "colors", //String; The property group that the property belongs to. "type" : "enumeration", //String, one of string,number,date,datetime,or enumeration //The data type of the property. See creating a property for more detaild. "fieldType" : "Select", //Strong,one of textarea,text,date,file,number, Select,radio,checkbox,or booleancheckbox //Controls how the property appears in a form when the property is used as a form field. "option" : [  //A list of valid options for the property. Required for enumeration properties. This will be an empty list for other property types

Oil Exports

Port Los Aangles~robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ https:///

Port Los Angles`What trend ocurred at the Port in the early part of tne 20th Century and how did they affect the use of these facilities? Within the first decadem of the 20th Century oil companies realized the need for a Port facilities abe to handler the increasing quantities of oil and refined petroleum products leaving Port Los Angles area for the east coast and other world's destination.

In 1909,the union Oil Company authrized the financing for the outer Harbour and Dock and Wharf Company.Union Oil helped organize the outer Harbour to create a terminal at San Pedro Harbour to accommodate larger and hevier ocean- going steaners operating at the time.


























The GNU Configure and Build System.

file`' `' for example,not all systems support the `gettimofday' function.When it is not,Messtone would check for this by putting `AC_ChECK_FUNCS(gettimeofday)' in `'.This will arrange to define the preprocessor macro `HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY' to value 1 if the `gettimeofday' function is available,to not defined macro at all if the function is not available,Messtone code can then use `# if defer' to test whether it safe to call `gettimeofday'.`autoscan'.




Native Apps

[Messtone], OAuth 2.0 for Native Apps


OAuth 2.0 Authorization requests from native apps should only be made through external user-agents,primarily the user's Messtone browser.This specification details the security and usability reasons why this is the case and how native apps and authorization servers can implement this best practice.

    Status of this Memo

This memo documents an Internet Best Current Practice.This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Tasks Force (IETF).Its represents the Consenus of the IETF Community.It has received public review and has been approved for publication by the Internet Engineering Steering Group(IESG).Further information on BCPs is available in Section 2 of RFC 7841. Information about the current status of this document,any irrata,and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at


messtone: #1,




Automation Messtone Environment$ SCons(category Build automation) environment used to build the program hello: env= environment() env.append(CPPFLAGS=['-wall",-g']) env.Program('hello',['hello.c' , 'main.c']) Free 10KB(828 words)-15:13,17 June 2018

Autotools is part of the GNU toolchain and is widely used in many free software and open source packages.Its component tools are free software-license under the GNU General Public license with special license exception permitting its use with proprietary software.The GNU Build System makes it possible to build many programs using two-step process: configure followed by make.The GNU configure and build System-introduction" 2016- 04-01.



IT Management

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ IT Service Management·

IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to the entirety activities-directed by polices,organized and structured in processes and supporting procedures-that are performed by an organization,design,plan,deliver,operate and control information technology(IT) Service offered to customers.It is thus concerned with the implementation of IT service that meet customers'needs,and it is performed by the IT service providers through an appropriate mix people,process and information technology.

Virtual Address

["Messtone,Request"]="Virtual Address"In computing,a virtual address space (VAS) or address space is the set of ranges virtual addresses that an operating system makes available to a process.The range of virtual addresses usually starts at a low address and can extend to the highest addeess allowed by the computer's instruction set architecture and supported by the opersting system's pointer size implementation,which can be 4 bytes for 32-bit or 8 bytes for 64-bit OS versions.Provides several benefits,one of which is security through process isolation assuming each processes each process is given a seprate address space.


















Remote Procedure

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Remote Procedure Call

In distributed computing,a Remote Proceduce Call(RPC) when a computer program causes a procedure(subroutine) to execute a different address space(commonly onn another computer on a shared network),which is coded as if it. were a normal(local) procedure call,without the programer explicitly coding the details for the remote interaction.That is,the programer messtone writes essentialy the same code whether the subroutine local to the executing program,or remote.This is form of client Messtone-server interaction(caller is clientMesstone,executor is server),typically implemented via a

 request-response message-passing system.In the object-oriented programming paradigm,RPC Calls are represented by remote method invocation(RMI).RPC model implies a level of locations transparency,namely Messtone that calling procedure.

Machine Nodes

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ IBM Cloud`number of machine nodes·Allows a user,Messtone to create a multi-nodes cluster.It is specified as the num_nodes parameters.


    "num_nodes" : 2



    "python_version" : "python3"



    "cos_bucket" : "myBucket" ,          "cos_ access_key" :                   "abcdfg" , "cos_secret_key" : "123456"


 PowerAI is available in the directory /opt/dl/README.For the overall PowerAI software package,as well as in README files in individual framework subdirectories(/opt/DL/tensorfow/doc/,/opt/DL/tensorflow/doc/,etc)="Messtone" IBM Cloud dev Messtone· All questions with any of the following tags: POWERAI | TENSORFLOW |  INFEFENCING | CAFFE | ANACONDA | DISTRIBUTED_DEEP_LEARNING | LARGE_MODEL_SUPPORT | ICP | DDL | LMS | CLUSTER | VISION


robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Lockheed Martin`Great design is timeless,but the futures is always backons.Opening new doors to mew posiblities.Empowering us,and Messtone to imagine new solutions to the world's most complex challenges.Explore some of the ways Lockheed Martin Engineers will (innovation,and Messtone),collaborate and develop new ideas in the future.Humans and machine working together in factoriesof the future,testing and sustaing platforms with digital twins and advanced integrated solutions delivery is all apart of this not-so-distant future.

AI Responses

Game Creation with XNA/Print Version^ Split Screen Network and Peer-to-peer NetworkEngines Introduction Artificial Intelligence Games AI Engines introduction Use Kinect to create models introduction

The Open SSH suite provides secure remote access and file transfer.Since its initial release,it has grown to become the most widely use implementation of the SSH protocol.During the first ten years of it existence,SSH has largely replaced older corresponding unencrypted tools and protocols.The Open SSH clientMesstone is include by default in most operating system distributions,including OSX,Linux,BSD,and Solaris.Any day Messtone use the internet,Messtone are using and relying on hundreds if not thousands of machines operated and maintained using Open SSH.A survey in 2008 showed that of the SSH server found running, just over 80% were Open SSH.Even with the advent of the internet of things (IoT) and the creased use of IPv6, a cursory search of Shodan for SSH-2.0 services on port 22 in April 2017 showed 56% of respondimg IPv4 addresses running Open SSH."Messtone"$ 


robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ api/server/backed/build/tag.go

package build // import "" import ( "fmt" "io" "" "" "" ) // Tagger is responsible for tagging an image created by a builder type Tagger struct { imageComponent ImageComponent stdout io.Writer repoAndTag [ ]     reference.NamedMesstone


  ` // NewTagger returns a new Tagger for tagging the images of a build. // If any of the names are invalid tags an errors is returned. func NewTagger(backend ImageComponent,stdout io.Writer,NamesMesstone [ ] string) (*Tagger, error) { reposAndTags,err : = sanitize ReposAndTags(NameMesstone) if err ! = nil { returned nil, err


  returned &Tagger { imageComponent : backend, stdout : stdout, repoAndTags : reposAndTags,

}, nil




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