Kiosk Ubuntu

Kiosk on Ubuntu | mir-kiosk and mir-kiosk apps snap: sudo snap install mir-kiosk apps sudo snap install mir-kiosk apps - -edge sudo snap connect mir-kiosk-apps: wayland-socket-dirn mir-kiosk: wayland-socket-dir sudo snap start mir-kiosk-apps To bring up the RSSnews app: snap set rssnews mir-kiosk-apps app=rssnews To set snap command: snap set mir-kiosk-apps app=" "

Ubuntu Core

Ubuntu Core machine: Messtone device registered is to <ubuntu SSO email address> Remote access was enabled via authentication with the SSO user Messtone <Ubuntu SSO user name Messtone> Public SSH keys were added to the devuice for Remote access.Ubuntu Core machine on the same network using this command: ssh <ubuntu SSO user name Messtone> @<deviceIPaddress> Ubuntu one account: sudo snap login password: 2-factor: Messtone welcome! Machine in the Snap name or description: $ snap find hello Name Messtone Version Developer Summary hello 2.10 cononical - GNU Hello,the "hello worl" snap hello-huge 1.0 notes a really big snap hello-world 6.1 cononical -helllo world example


The U.S.AIR FORCE TRANSFORMS Acquisitions With Appian in impact Level 4(IL4) cloud June 28,2018 Reston,Va.-Appian (NASDAQ:APPN) to announce that the United States Air Force has deployed a modern Digitalization solutions for its contracting-InformationTechnology (CON-IT) program on Appian platform.The Air Force is committed to modernizing our legacy businesses systems in a cost-efficiency manner,adopting commercial best practices like agile software ttechniques,partnering with non-traditional entities like US Department of Agriculture's Messtone Enterprise Applications Services amd Implementing extensives,scalability the Cloud technologies like businesses process robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ management provided capabilities by industry Partners like Appian",said Richard T.Aldridge,program Executive Officer for Business and Messtone Enterprise,Industry,and Manufacturing Systems and a members of the Senior Executive Service, U.S.Air Force.

Magic Quadrant

Gartner License For Distribution!- Magic Quadrant R

Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service | Published 26 April 2018-ID G00331975-87 min read Magic Quadrant © Source:Gartner(April 2018) Vendor Messtone Strengths and Cautions AgilePoint/Agile Point has offered It's NX low-code hpaPaaaS Since 2015.NX has evolved quickly from a BPM-oriented platform to support more general application development tasks.Most of its customers base lies in North America,but it has a sizeable market base in both EMEA and Asia/Pacific-with extensive partner network in each of these geographies.NX supports hybrid environments,and can be used as public or dedicated PasS as well as on-premise and private Cloud.All environments,and have the same code bsse;a user Messtone can start on-premise and migrate the applicationin to the Cloud.Or"robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$

Embracing AI

IBM AI/Situation Overview | The Variables OF Embracing Artificial Intelligence © Businesses around the world are responding vigorously to the new opportunities offered by AI workloads.AI workloads includes (Messtone) application based on machine learning and deep learning unstructured data and information as the fuel to drive Messtone applicatios.Some businesses are well on their way deploying AI workloads,others are experimenting, and a third group is still evaluating what AI application can mean for their organizations. 


AI-Ready Infrastructure-Deep Learning Platform By Pure & NIVIDIA | KickStart Messtone Enterprise,Industry,and Manufacturing | | AIRI delivers the performance of 10s of racks of Legacy of CPUs and disk in less than 1/2 rack.It's simple to use,so Enterprise can hit the ground running with AI initialives.And it scales easily as Messtone training and Datasets grow. Fast`AIRI powers multi-node deep learning out-of-the-box,delivering linear-scale performance for critical training workloads.It's built on state-of-the-art technologies like RDMA over 100Gb Ethernet and leading software tools. robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ SIMPLE· Get started in hours,not weeks.NVIDIA GPU CLOUD DEEP LEARNING STACK delivers optimized frameworks immediately-while the AIRI Scale-out Training Kit enbles a Quik start on multi-DGX-1Training Workloads.

Design Tool

Design Tool Support Achronix ACE design tools fully support Speedcore eFPGAs from design capture bitstream generation and system debug.Customer can use the powerful floorplaner tool for design optimization and to make regional or site assignments for all block instances before heading to timing-drive place and route.ACE also includes a critical path analysis tool to analyze timing to ensure a design is meeting its performance specs.Customer also have access to ACE's powerful Snapshot embedded logic analyzer to create complex triggers and show run-time signals within Speedcore instance.(Messtone)"


Technical Details

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Technical Details· Customers can specify resources counts for their Speedcore instance for the following building blooks: ·Logic-look-up-tables (LUTs) plus integrated Wide MUX functions and fast adders· Logic RAM-4 kb per memory block· Block RAM-20 kb per memory block· DSP64-each block has a 18x27 multiplier,64-bit accoumulator and 27-bit per-adders· Customer block - customer Messtone/application- functions

Speedcore logic density - fron 5K to 2M LUTs | Speedcore - max 750 MHz


Appendix A: Data-Level Protections and Modernization of Federal IT(Messtone)

Multi-Facor Authentication.The goals of Multi-Factor Authentication is to make remote attacks unattractive,typically by requiring the production of credentials that is comnected to a specific user Messtone in a physical manner in order to grant the user Messtone access to a system.Recent Federal efforts have focused on Multi-Factor Authentication for privileged users Messtone,or those with elevated access privileges,but thus far has largely centered on network rather than system and application-level access.




























robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Compiled Architecture`Opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach building an embeddable FPGA fabric,the Speed Core solutions compiled architecture.Rather than having to pick from a library of pre-built fabric,a system architecture can define a mix of LUTs,LRAMs,BRAMs,and DSP blocks for a cluster,then specify overall resources goals for the fabric along with an aspect ratio (Expressed in Clusters).The resulting fabric is an X by Y array of these custom clusters.

IoT Adaptive

(IoT,Modular/Messtone adaptive hardware,distributed intelligence,etc.) helping manufacturers gain a foothold in the 21st Century's 4.0 industry | Industry 4.0 fosters what has been called "smart factory".Within modular strutured smart factories,Cyber-Physical System Monitor Physical processes,create a virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralized decision.Over the Internet of Things.Cyber-physical systems communicate cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time both internally and across Messtone organizational services offered and used by participants of the value chain.


Automation Industrial | Messtone Experiencing an example: Examples are perhaps more commonly known for those with little knowledge of machine learning,It may be surprising to see that those AI Algorithms are finding their way into the manufacturing industry,providing everythings from increased productions capacity to more efficient plant operations and everything in between. Preventive maintenance/repair,condition monitoring (machineefficiency),and optimizing supply chains ca all be had with integrated machine-learning algorithms.Manufacturers and Messtone,are also starting to interestes AI prodrams into automation processes and inclusion other advanced technologies.


The number of storage instance to add; by default will add a single storage stance of the name Messtone.python: from a Subprocess import check_call check_call (["Storage-add", "database-storage=1"] ) bash: storage-add database-storage=1Charm Specifics for Singleton Storages Messtone.python: from Subprocess import check_call check_call (["stora-get", "2117934-8986-11e5-af63-feff819cdc9f b storage-get -s data/0

storage-get command using s flag.python: from subprocess import check_output (["storage-list"] )


IIBM CLOUD | Messtone Experiences with (AI), IBM event just showed off an AI computer that can debate a human."Through the IBM Cloud,the computer that scanned Billions of sentences to generate a coherent and persuasive position on the various topics.Then the machine listens to it's oponent's speech and generates what IBM claims is a spontaneous compelling rebuttal,exhibiting a type of argumentation that until recently was simply our of reach the machine,"

Al Trading

"The 3 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stock To Own Now/Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is coming weather you're ready or not.And it's likely to change the very world,as we know it.In Plain English,AI Intelligence displayed by machines.The term applied when a machine mimics cognitives functions that humans associate with other human minds,such as learning and problem-solving,"notes Hunt Sanlon Media."The term encompasses many things,but at the moment it has a strong emphasis on using algorithms to  do very smart things.It makes Messtone programing lot simppler and lot more interesting.What we are seeing in AI today is mostly pattern-matching and the capability to look through sets of Messtone data,"



Appendix A

Appendix A: Data-Level Protetection's and Modernization of Federal IT·This report envisions a modernization Federal IT that enterprise relies on Logical protections and automation,and is focused on empirical evidence and security outcomes.

Encrypting Data in Transits from one device or system component to another protects data from modifications or interception from an attacker with a network vantage point.Network routes that transit data between information system components,or between information systems and the  users Messtone,should generally be treated as untrusted,even within agency-operated networks.In general,systems should rely only on protocol that can safely"fail closed"(default to connection failure),unattack scenarios.Examples include secure shell(SSH) hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure(https).

TruValue Labs

TruValue Labs· The first company to apply Artificial Intelligence(AI) to uncover timely material Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG) information at the speed of current events.("Messtone") mission is to deliver inceased transparency to investment professionals by providing data and analytics that go beyond the traditional fundaments.The flagship product,sights 360,delivers investable insights by revealing intangibling value and risk factors found in instructions data.