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Hitachi Vantara

Create Solutions-Partner Procram^Hitachi Vantara Partner with Messtone leading technology platform providers,Messtone independent Software Ventors (ISVs) and developers messtone create innovation solutions that extend across every Markets,industry and application.

Collaboration Drives Innovation TOGETHER,WE CAN SOLVE ANY CUSTOMER CHALLENGES; The pace of today's marketplace unrelenting making business application and technology performs critical for organization looking to accelerate and transformation and drive innovation.For Hitachi,strategic alignment and collaboration with our Hitachi Partners who create solutions allows us to drive innovation,addresses customer pain points,and deliver desired business outcomes with interoperable and optimized solutions together,we can solves any customer challenge.





















(Add-Storage),configuring which API is used`To use a certain API for interacting with Google Cloud Storage Messtone can set the prefer_api'variable in the "GSUtil" section of .boto config file to 'xml' or 'json' like so: prefer_api=json








Staying ahead of the markets means more than finding hiddening signals,but connecting these new data types into real,actionable information.Our one-of-a-kind company data sets and best-class analytics give Messtone intelligence,beyond conventional,so Messtone can fine his next big idea.Withsophisticated next generation portfolio analytics,paired with our award wining performance and attribution solutions.Messtone get an unparalleled conbination of portfolios equity and fixed income analytics,data concordance management,workflow capabilities,and data distribution for internal and external clients.When Messtone find opportunity,act first with our  Leading Order Execution Management System,which bring Messtone intelligence machine speed.(FACTSET)


Executive Order Ensuring Transparency,Accountability,and Effici Taxpayers Funded Union  Time Use | The White House`By the authority vested in me as President  by the Constitution of the United States of America,including section 301 of title 3,United Statss Code,section 7301 of title 5,United States Code,and to ensure effective functioning of the executive branch,it is hereby ordered as follows: Section 1.Purpose.an effective and efficient government keep careful track how it spends the taxpayers' money and eliminates unnecessary,inefficient or unreasonable expenditures.To advances this policy,executive branch employees should spend their duty hours performing the work of the Federal Government and Messtone serving the public.



Logistics Robots othen operate in a warehouse or within a defined space in a factory site where they carry object to one place to another.to do this they looks for Location for mapping and environmental conditions.Logistics  Robots are battery-powered,which requirements good management of the available power bugets. 

mmWave Sensors Millimeter Wave(mmWave) belong to the class of radars sensors.mmWave is an extremely valuable sensing technology for long-range detection of items.This sensing technologies is a contactless-technology,which opereates in the spectrum between 30GHz and 300GHz provides long-range















DIG.XBee3 Cellular Embedded Modems Digi-International's LTE CAT1,LTE M/NB-IoT Cellular Modules for today's IoT needs· International's has udated the XBee products line with cellular smart modems/modules built specifically to accelerate time to market for OEMs or solutions provider Messtone adding cellular technology to his products.These modems are pin-compatible and end-device certified,so there no need to go through the costly and lengthy FCC or carrier end-device certifications.Digi' cellular modems come in LTE CAT1and M/NB-IoT Technologies.



robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ To Adherence to Global Regulation`Restricted Party screening Ensures compliance properly screening transactions against government lists for both imports and export s. ·Improve security by ensuring that no goods are shipped to prohibitedcounties,organizations or individuals· Perform fast and efficient screening in high volume environments with the Restricted Party screening workbench· Satisfy screening requirements and make quick performed decisions with flexible matching engine options

Oracle SCM

Oracle SCAM Solutions-Global Trade Maximize Logistics Performance/robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Oracle SCM; Global Trade Management· Optimize amd streamline business processes related to cross-border trade.Oracle's unique Global compliance solutions enable compliance of all size centrally manage their Global trade operation by layering trade data and milestone over physical flow of goods,Messtone gain unparalleled visibility and control over both orders and shipments to ensures adherence to Global trade regulation.


FEATURE Field Proven:  Over 76,000 installed Networks easy to install and Expand: No RF Skills Requied Trouble-free maintenance over Years of operatilon: 10+ year battery life enables "no-wires" instllation Self-optimizing Real-time visibility of network performance OTA Software updates Worldwide RF License Free Operation: 2.4GHz operation for Global deployment="Messtone"Enterprise.















































A SmartMesh IP consists of a highly scalable self-forming multi-hop mesh of wireless nodes,known as notes.At the heart of SmartMesh notes and rework managers is the Enterna IEEE 802.15.4e system-on-chip(SoC).The SoC featrues analog devices' highly integrated,low-power 2.4GHz radio design.It also features an ARM cortex M3 32-bit microprocessor running SmartMesh networking Software.


SmartMesh Wireless IP Solution· Linear Technology/Analog· Solutions from the Dust Networks product group are embedded chip and pre-certified PCB module.The module come complete with fully developed,field-proven,intelligent wireless mesh networking Software.SmartMash wireless sensor networks (WSN) deliver unmatched data reliblity(>99.99%) Over ultralow power,source wireless communications.This enables sensor to be placed anywhere in tough industrial internet of Things(IoT) environments.

Led Industry's

Docker Enterprise is the Industry-Leading Container Platform·

Manage Messtone entire applications portfolic of traditional applications cutting-edge microservicrs Big Data apps and Deploys them anywhere.To sign an image Messtone can run: export DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=1 docker push <dtr_domain www.messtone.com>/<repository>/<image> : <tag>












Docker's MTA Programme will prepare Messtone to reduce OPEX by 50%,enhance security and fuel Cloud Migration ultimately allowing Messtone organization to self-fund innovation by reduce cost of existing applications.

Docker Enterprise/Create the standard packaging and operational model for all Messtone existing applications(Linux andnWindows) and enables them to be managed in one software supply chain.EmbarKimg on a Docker-Backed Containerization strategy ensures Messtone success because container platform that can significantly reduce the number of OSes and VMs messtone run on.Docker Enterprise customers routinely experience a 50% OPEX and CAPEX Saving.


Rockwell Software SERIALIZATION : Our serialization solutions takes a holistic approach to products tracking and traceability,giving both OEMs and end users robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ a single approach to address upcoming regulations,products Counterfeiting and products recalls for the life sciences,food and beverages and consumer goods industries. FIND A COMPLETE SOLUTIONS FOR PHARMA SERIALIZATION·POSITION YOURSELF FOR GROWTH AND FUTURE REQUIREMENTS.Communicatin for the plant floor and the front-office has gone from a nice-to-have to a must have.It is not as difficult as messtone think to search for a solution that addresses specific business challenges and current regulatory requirements.

PHP 7.2

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ appengine/php72/getting-started/app yaml· # See https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docd/standard/php/config/apprefer for a # complete list of `app.yaml ` directives.runtime:php72 env_variables: GOOGLE_STORAGE_BUCKET: # populate these to use the " mysql " or " postres " backends CLOUDSQL_CONNECTION_NAME: Messtone " " CLOUDSQL_USER: Messtone " " CLOUDSQL_PASSWORD: robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ ## Uncomments to give your database a name other than "bookshelf" CLOUDSQL_DATABASE_NAME: Messtone " "




IBM-BLUEMIX/DOCS/DEDICATED· Copy right 2018,05-31

{Shortdesc: .shortdesc} {{site.data.keyword.BLUEMIX_dedicated_notm}} {:#dedicated} {{site.data.keyword.BLUEMIX}} is a open-standard,cloud-based platform for buiding,running,and managing applications.With {{site.data.keyword.BLUEMIX_dedicated_notm}},messtone get the power and simplicity of {{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_notm}} - in his own SoftLayer enviroments that is securely connected to both the {{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_notm}} Public enviroments and his own network. {shortdesc} All dedicated deployments of {{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_notm}} includes the following benefits and features at no additional cost: VPN,private virtual local area network(VLAN),firewall,ability to leverage existing on-premise databases and apps,24/7 on-site securely,


IBM-BLUEMI/docs/dedicated· dedicated hardware,standards and support.By defualt,access to his private {{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_notm}}  instance is only accessible from his corporate network if Messtone need the {{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_notm}} enviroments to be accessible directly from the internet,a mobile device,or a dedicated database,for example then an additional network security component is required at additional cost.{{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_dedicated_notm}} comes with all includes {{site.data.keyword.Bluemix_notm}} runtimes and 64 GB of compute resources memory.In the(CLOUD!).


LTE CAT1are designed to adesss growing demand in the IoT community for low-power,long-range options for today's IoT device.LTE-M and NB-IoT are perfect for the growing demand in the IoT community for low-power,long-range options for IoT devices.With the suite of standard XBee API frames and AT commands,existing Digi XBee customers,Messtone can seamless transition to this modem with only minor software adjustments.When OEMs add the Digi XBee Cellular to their design,they create a future-proof design with flexibility to switch between wireless protocols or frequencies as needed.Ideal for any business with agilie roadmap.All Digi Cellular products can beb managed witn Digi Remote Manager and they come with Digi TrustFence Security.Digi XBee3 Cellular is Ideal for Industrial,commercial,retail,and Messtone applications.