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PWC's Global Third Party Code Conduct:Knowing,understanding and behaving according to the Third Party Code is a fundamental requirements to working for or with PwC.PwC expects third parties to be mindful of their ethical responsible and to embed behaviours outlined in Third Part Code into their work for or with PwC.We acknowledge that no code can adress every. Situation that Third Parties encounter.As a results,the Third Parties Code is not a substitute for Third Parties'own accountability and responsibility to exercises good judgement and proper business conduct.


Google Cloud Platform·new regions·The Finland GCP region,europe-North1, is the first Nordic Cloud from a major public cloud provide,hosting applications-gcloud set [PROJECT]region,europe-North1"robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906)$

Appengine/php72/getting-started/app yaml # See https://cloud






























Array Conversion

Array Conversion | The function bob.core.convert ( ) allow Messtone to convert objects of type numpy.ndarray or bob.blitz.array

>>> x=numpy.array ( [0,255,0,255,0,255], 'unit8').reshape (2,3) >>> x array ( [ [0,255, 0], [255,0,255] ], dtype=unit8) >>> bob.core.convert ( x, 'unit 16') array ( [ [ 0, 65535 , 0], [ 655535 , 0 , 65535] ], dtype = unit 16)

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$  Specify destination range or both· >>> x = numpy.array ( [ 0,10,20,30,40], 'unit8') >>> numpy.allclose (bob.core.convert ( x, 'float64' ,source_range= ( 0, 40) dest_range= ( 0. ,1.) ), numpy.array ( [ 0 . , 0 . 25 , 0 . 5 , 0 . 75 , 1.  ] ) ) True 



AI-driven conversational experience·leverage the power of pragmatic AI to execute the core of messtone business processes automatic customer inquires and increase efficiency across Messtone organization.Leverage the power of natural lanuage understanding (NLU) and machine learning algorithms to help customer to get resolutions faster.Artificial Intelligence,We use AI-based


Application robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)

$ application demonstrated versatily of Rockwell Software and unified suite of offering deliver efficiency across descipline: Design,HMI,Manufacturing/Production,intelligences,process,MES.The strategies role of Rockwell Software compounds when robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ considers its role in strategic applications.Messtone can see the power of flexibility manufacturing within these software applications.MOBILITY see robertharper616@cloudshell:(mess-161906)$ Manufacturing information the way messtone want to see it,anywhere messtone are!Rockwell Automation is delivering mobile access to Messtone operation and production data with ad hoc reporting capabilities right from messtone device.Be responsive and productive to help reduce cost and increase profitability.






















robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Rockwell Software Analyze·DATAMANAGEMENTANDANALYTICSSAVESSASCRAP

Plasan Carbon composites help reduce vehicle weight and improve gas mileage.Plasan implemented an information solutions to serialize and track each part,and record 15 process settings real time.ACTION ANALYTICS DELIVERY MORE MILK: Milk specialties Global used modern manufacturing intelligences to help quantify and justify operational improvements that led to higher. throughput and reduce waste usage while maintaining quality MOBILITY see robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ Manufacturing information the way messtone want to see it,anywhere messtone are!Rockwell Automation delivering mobile access to mestone operations and production data with ad hoc reporting capabilities












































Install Binary

Installation Kubernetes Binary.robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ install Debian·sudo apt -get update && sudo apt -get installn -y apt-transport-https curl -s htts:// | sudo apt -key add -

 Sudo touch /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Kubernetes.list echo deb " main " | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kubernetes.list sudo apt-get update sudo apt -install -y kubectl·

robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$ install with snap on ubuntu·sudo snap install kubectl - -classic kubectl version





































IBM·BlueMix docs/containers 2018 09/11

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Tutorial: Create Kubernetes Clusters

{:#cs_cluster_tutorial} robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906)$can deploy and manage a Kubernetes Cluster in {{}}. {:shortdesc} deploy a containized app in {{}} leverage {{}}.Deploy and test a Hello World version of the app in {{}}. {:shortdesc}

IT Modernization

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The United States is unparalleled in its commitment to protecting Americans' liberties and freedoms and unmatched in its National Security infrastructure.Hardworking Americans have build world's largest economy and solved some of the world's greatest challenge through innovation in science and technology.It's imperative for the federal government to leverage these innovation to provide better service for its citizens in the most cost-effective secure manner.This Administration has prioritized modernization of Federal information technology (IT) systems,and to that end has Commuted to help agencies leverage better Americans innovations through increased use of Commmericaal technology. 


robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906)$

A Modrrn Workforce that build on Administration's proposed civil service reforms to empowers senior leaders and front-line manager to align staff with skills to evolving mission needs.In order to advance change across the Federal enterprise,The President's Management Agenda is establising cross-agency Priority--or Cap--goals for each of the three key area.These Cap Goals will be led by an interagency team of senior Federal leaders and staff.Because Accountability is important part of the PMA,Cap goals results will be tracked publicly each quarter online at








Build a fully-network,tenderflows with robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906) : import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras | fully network (i.e.multi-layer preception)

model = keras.Sequential ( ) # Adds a densely-connected layer with 64 units to the model: model.add (keras.layers.Dense (64, activation= 'relu') ) # Addn.another: model.add (keras.layers.Dense (64, activation= 'relu') ) # Add a softmax layer with 10 output units: (keras.layers.Dense (10, activation= 'softmax') l


Agero has launch a solution that allow a smartphone's embedded sensor to provide automatic detection response and prevetion,without the need for additional hardware.The driver360 mobile software development kit (SD) will be integrated into insurance existing provider's and automotive manufacturer's mobile apps. 


IATA CODE INTEGRAL·robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906).

IATA Code are an integral part of the travels industry,and essential for the identification of an airline,its destination and its trafficdocuments.They are also fundamental to the smooth running of hundreds of electronic application which have been build around these coding systems for passengers traffic and cargo purposes.Airline Designators | Airline as well as railway,bus,and ferry companies,compute reservation systems (CRSs) and ULD owner/leasing companies may be assigned an IATA two characters designators codes.



IBM Watson~offering AI APIs on CGG OIL&GAS Cases AI LifeCycle Management"Watson APIs&Services· Machine Learning enables clearer reservoir understanding and faster,more efficient data analysis so Messtone can predict curves based on existiglog data.Comprehensive private-owned library in the world.Regional and global geologies studies include reservoir,analogues,predictive modeld,dynamic plate tectonics and a database systems of petroleum play fairways in 500 basins.We have all the exploration hotspots covered with the most recent and highest-quality seismic and satellite data,plus geochemical and well data,as well as complete integrated packages in selected areas to jumpstart Messtone explorstion. robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906).oil and gas"Exploration"

Watson Services

Watson Integrations APIs&Service CGG Oil & GasE&P"Watson Services infrastructures all of "Messtone" Enviroments`Embedded NLP Watson Discovery ships with natural lanuage processing build-in.By simply ticking a few options we're able to extract sentiment,entities,concepts,semantic roles and more.The right data,in the right place,at the right time All CGG multi-client data worldwide is available for license on a non-exclusive basis.


IBM Watson Offering AI APIs Messtone Experiences: Use Cases AI LifeCycle Management Watson Integrations APIs & Services· Use Cases Explore successful Watson use cases.Achieve demonstrable benefits from AI in as little as four weeks.AI Directed At Lifting Employee Performance Today's Opportunity.Mature digitally advances companies are targeting AI directly at customers,but majority are also using AI to help their employees to excel.Employees deserve conversational tools,too.Machine Excel At Background Tasks,Not Huma-Centered Ones.Machine outperformance humans at tasks like navigation and search,but stumble at conversations.Today's AI building blocks best suit internal employee support.Successful Employee Use Case Mix Machine and Humans Tasks.Machine will grab much of the transactional works that humans do today.The results?Redefined roles that emphasize human sklls advice,and counsel."Messtonel"Use Watson Cases AI APIs Management Services"


Cloud Shell

Use gcloud to set project [PROJECT_ID] robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906)

(messtone-161906) Cloud  project infrastructure Oil,Gas,and CGG,E&P industry's environments | Welcome to Cloud Shell type "help" to gets started.Your cloud platform project in this session is set to robertharper616@cloudshell:(messtone-161906) $ A fully integrated Geoscience company providing leading geological,geophysical,and reservoir capabilities to its broad base of customers primarily from the global oil and gas industry.Through its three business,Equipment,Acquisition ,Geology,Geophysics&Reservoir (GGR),CGG bring values across all aspects of natural resources exploration and exploitation.


Expedite Port ("80") Messtone Request National Authority"Messtone"Make it Expedite Shipping and Clearing Procedures.Ministry of Finance,Ministry of Commerce,and Central Bank have setup Sub Stations at the Port to expedite 9KB (1,257 words)-12:16,5April 2018


Port to Plains Corridor is the Southern third of the Port-to-Plains Alliance.The reason for processed improvements to this Corridor is to expedite the transportation of goods 8KB (725 words)-07:21,29March 2018 


Transmission Control Protocol(redirect from TCP/IP port number) These ports.Some examples includes: FTP (20and 21),SSH (22),TELNET (23),SMTP (25),HTTP over SSL/TLS (443),and HTTP (80).Registered ports are typically 74KB (9,752 words)-07:36,2September 2018

robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906)



 CGG OIL AND GAS E&PMachine Learning Power Lognow to access Machine Learning capabilities that enable users robertharper616@cloudshell: (messtone-161906) to adress complex petrophysical and the reservoir engineering challenge.The native Python extension $ conda install bob.extension · 4.4 with the correct configuration by running this command: $ conda update -n base $ conda config - -set show_channel urls True. $ conda create - -name bob_py3 - -override-channes \ -c https// /conda -c default \ python=3 bob $ conda actiavte bob_py3 $ conda confifig - -env - - add channels defauts $ conda config - - env - -add channels $ conda install . . $ conda Config - -env - -add channels defaults $ conda config - -env - -add channels

Python Extension implementation of the latest version is a game-changer.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu)Service at Port 80




















































































CGG Oil and Gas E&P`Increasing E&P efficiency with the Cloud and Machine learning ·CGG geosoftware introduces Cloud-ready applications"Messtone" ,and Python plusin.The IT industry experincing an important transformation as the companies invest in new technologies to drive growth and innovation Messtone.This trend is strongly reflected in our industryas E&P companies deal with encormous amount of legacy,increasing volumes of new data along with the expense and complexity of software to analyze and interpret this information.


As used in this context a VPLS is a Layer 2 PPVPN,rathee than using a private line emulating the full functionality of a traditional local area network (LAN).Fron a users Messtone standpoint,aVPLS makes it possible to interconnect several LAN segment over packet-Switched,optical,provider core,core transparent to the user Messtone,making the remote segment behave as one single LAN,in a VPLS,the provider network a learning bridge,which optionally may include VLAN services.