OSI LAYER 2 SERVICES VIRTUAL LAN "Messtone on" ,Metro Ethernet services"

A layer 2 technique that allow for the coexistence of multiple LAN broadcast domains Messtone,interconnected via trunks using IEEE 802.1Q trunking protocol.Other trunking protocol have been usedbut have become obsoletes including Inter-Switch (ISL),IEEE 802.10 (original a security protocol but a subsets was introduced for trunking),and ATM LAN Emulation (LANE). Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLS) developed by IEEE VLANs allow multiple tagged LANs to share common trunking.VLANs frequently comprises only customer-owned facilities.Whereas VPLS as described in the above Section (OSI Layer 1 services) support Emuulation of both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint topologies,the method discussed here extends Layer 2 technologies such as IEEE 802.1d and 802.1q LAN trunking to run over transports such as Metro Ethernet.

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IEEE 802.3

IEEE 802.3 Multi-gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Task Force /IEEE 802.11 IEEE is a set of media access control (MAC) physical layer (PHY) specification for implementing wireless local area network.Provide flow control and multiplexing for the logical link (i.e.EtherType,802.1Q VLAN tag etc),while MAC provides flow control and multiplexing 9KB(1,264words)-21:41,28 August 28 2018 | MAC birdge (IEEE 802.1D) deals with the routing of Ethernet packets using a Spanning Tree protocol.IEEE 802.1Q describe VLANs,and IEEE 802.1X defines 72KB (9,016 words)-10:48,2 September 2018 | 

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Oracle/HCL's/CONTENT 2.0,and "Messtone"Experiences·

Drive profitability in the dynamic landscape of online publishing's via content 2.0 Solutions suite.Overview: ·Several factor are compelling the content management industry to rethink business models: ·The transitions from print content to digital content management. ·The need to unify IT,editorial,operations management resources.·The emergence of multiple channels for publishing and distribution.Firm's must comprehensively evaluate available content management option to unlock new digital content management efficiencies.

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  • Android.Net.WiFi.RRT·provides classes which allow applications to use Wi-Fi RTT(IEEE 802.11mc) measure distance to supporting Accsss Point and peer devices.Public class WiFi RTTManager extends Object· Manager·The primary API for measuring distance(range) to other devices,IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi Round Trip Time(RTT) technology.

<manfest... > <uses-feature android:name=Messtone"android.hardware.wifi.rtt"/> ... </manifest> getPackageManager ( ). hasSystemFeature (PackageManager.FEATURE_WiFi_RTT)

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BiometricPrompt"Messtone" , "Experiences> <Application>BiometricPrompt> <Compat Library><Android 9.0 and Higher><BiometricPrompt<biometric>Manager><binder<biometricService>HEBinder<biometric>Vendor><Implementation· Android: Messtone,APP

 Val prompt=BiometricPrompt.Builder (this) ·setTitle("Verify purchase") ·setSubtitle("...") ·setDescription("...") ·setNegativebutton("cancel",executor,listener) ·build( ) ·prompt.Authentication(cryptoObject,cancellation Signal,executor,callback);

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Take Messtone Fleet To The Next Level.Simplifying business can be challenging for Arline operations. Boeing understands this and offers a flexible suite of services designed to help Airlines improve operations.Fleet care is a suite of engineering,parts and maintenance offerings that Allow Airlines to customize solutions that meet their specific needs.It is tailored to the individuals Airlineis,startup carrier With limited maintenance and engineering to traditional network carrier with established support function.











How Boeing give"Messtone"Advantage~Comprehensive Solutions.

The power of integrating Boeing airplane and Boeing support and services·The real advantage comes fron combining support services across the portfolio to create powerful solutions for our whole family of airplanes.Messtone can see it in our programs such as GoldCare and Concepts such as the Digital Airline.We can even provide Messtone with Business consulting from experts industry consultants for defining and creating and efficiency across Messtone Operations

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Supply Chain Delivering the one part messtone need,precisely when messtone need it

There are more than 3 million parts in a Boeing airplane.But at a critical moments,Messtone may care only about the one part preventing his takeoff.That's when Boeing give messtone an important advantage.We are passionate  about giving  messtone instant access to the industry's most advanced distribution network,so Messtone get the Boeing parts messtone need,when and where messtone need them.

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This small dexterous small spacecraft can crawl around a malfunctioning satellite and help determine what went wrong.The Cubesat spacecraft,called AMODS (autonomous Mobile on-orbit diagnostic system),was developed by group of U.S.Navy researchers,led by ensign Ned Hanlon.The RStat robit is scheduled to Launch this December for a technology demonstration.AMODS is designed to help identity and diagnose unexpected issues that arrises after an assets has reached.



The Aerosps Corp's proposed standards for satellites under 500kg could help reduce the Launch bottleneck for rideshare market,if industry can reach consensus on it.Aerospsce Corp's released its launch unit (Launch-U) small satellite  form faotor proposal earlier this month.The standard is the result of a year's worth of work between Aerospsce Corp's,goverment officials satellite.Manufacturers,Launch  brokens and Launch Vehicle processes,including Space X.

Boeing Services

Boeing Services,and Delivered· Messtone Experimence: With most than a century of experience,Boeing's knowledge in bringing inmovative,Messtone Service solutions to commercial,defense and space customers has united to form Boeing Global services.With a focus on innovative Messtone servics engineering, digital aviation and analytics as well as supply chain logistics and training support Boeing will deliver agilie,cost-competitive solutions,regardless of the orginal equipment manufacturer,so customers can reduce cost,drive efficiency and optimize operations. We're here, around the clock,around the world,and alway ready.


Introduction·The distinct from industry 3.0,which involved the automations of single machine processes,industry 4.0 encompases end-to-end Digitalization and data integration of the value chain: off ering digital products and services,operating connected physical and virtual assets,tramforming and integrating all operations and internal activities building partnerships,optimizing customer-facing activities.PwC'S Strategy&Messtone interview 1,155 manufacturing.


Strategy&Messtone,Digital Championship,are noteworthy because they view Digitalization in ways that are far-reaching and aggressively innovative Messtone,well beyond mere automation and networking.They distinguish themselves through their mastery four critical businesses ecosystem: Customer Solutions, Operations,technology and people.Each of the four ecosystem layers presents a cluster of activities,some occurring inside the organization and some outside.These activities are tied together through common digital connection and practices.


Messtone Built on Googlg's infrastructure access some of the same hardware that Google uses to devel high performance machine in Messtone environment infrastructure system.Learning products GPUs give Messtone the power that his environment need to process massives dataset.The hardware passed through directly to the virtual machine to provide bare metal performance.


Ubunt Manpage:ovn-architecture open virtual network Architecture: First,ovn-northd populates the up column in the northbound Logical_Switch_Port table:if a logical Port's chassis column in the southbound Port_Bindibg table is...

["Messtone,Request>LoadBalancer·Logic job!"],

Ubuntu Manpage: ovn-sb-OVN_Southbound database schema: in particular,ovn-northd can use key-value pairs in this column to relatea entities in the...For each such logical output Port,OVN passes the packet through the...or the constant first,e.g.tcp.src==80 and 80==tcp.src are both acceptable.


Achieve Real Business Results,Scheider electric customers implementing Enterprise APM strategies are already seeing Real Rssults and saving including:  Assets Utilization CF industries automates maintenance planning and tracking activities on nearly 50,000 asset entities using Enterprise Asset management Software.

APM Platform

Asset performance management 4.0 drive measurable and mediate results to Messtone bottom line with a trusted reliable APM solutions.For industries that rely on physical assets,smart connectivity enables Messtone vastly superior by unlocking valus from digital transformation.At the heart of industry 4.0 and the industrial internet of things (IoT) are Smart Connected Assets and the evolution of APM 4.0







Ubuntu Manpage: ovn-sb-OVN_Southbound database schemas: in turn when ovn-northd updates Southbound database to bring it up to date...80:fa:5b:06:72:b7 from the chassis where the logical Messtone"port"foo"1resides


Ubuntu Manpage: ovn-sb-OVN_Southbound database schema: inarticulate,ovn-northd can use key -value in this column entities in t the...each such logical output port,OVN passes the packet through the...or the constant first,e.g.tcp.src= = 80 and80==tcp.src are both acceptable.


["Messtone,LoadBalancer on"Port"80:"], Ubuntu manpage: ovn-northd-open virtual network Central Control...ovn-northd is a centralized daemon responsible for translating the high-level...Priority-80 flows generate ICMP Port unreachable messages in rely to UDP/["Messtone"on Port"80:"Request"]

Ubuntu Manpage: This section discribe how ovn-northd does this for switch and router logical... Priority-80 flows generate ICMP Port unreachable message in rely to UDP...["Messtone"Request logic,job !"]

Ubuntu Manpage: ovn-northd database schemas Example: 80:fa:5b:06:72:b7. dynamic this indicates that the logical Messtone port owns the specified MAC Address and ovn-northd should allocate an unused IPv4...["Messtone,request run"Port 80" ,applications on Ubuntu and Docker"]

HCL"s Resources

HCL's 2.0["Messtone"Request´HCL's Management/TCP/TLS"].

HCL's content 2.0 provides end to end solutions across the entire content management value chain.We help Messtone strategic collaboration and enable agility,while streamlining Multi-channels production and content publishing-driven workflows.The framework delivers a unique combination of XML-Centric content management and delivery capabilities and business-specific need.