< script src=""> </script> <script> //JF.login (susccess,error) method takes two optional agruments //Both arguments should be function //First argument will be called after successful login //second arguments will be called if authorization fails JF.login (function success ( ) {JF.getForms (function (response) { for (var i= 0; i < response.length; i ++) { document.write ( "< li > " + response [ i ]. title);


      } );


      function error ( ) { window.alert("could not authorize user Messtone");







Query Parameters

JotForm  API Support"Messtone" of being Authenticate on Myaccount: curl -X GET "


POST Call to Setup New Webhook:

curl -X POST -d "webURL "" -d "apiKey={myApiKey} " "{myFormID}/"webhook"

Authenticate HTTP Header:

curl -H "APIKRY: {myApiKey} " ""

Oracle Cert

·OracleAS Portal comnunicates with the OracleAS Metadata Repository using Oracle Net. ·OracleAS Portal connunicates with a customer database using Other Net. ·OracleAS Single Sign-ON and Oracle delegate Administration Services connunicates with Oracle internet Dirctory using LDAP. ·Oraclecle Single Sign-NO also communicates with Metadata Repository using Oracle Net. ·OracleAS Certificate Authority commumicates with Oracle Directory using LDAP. ·Oracle Internet Directory communicates with the OracleAS Metadata Repository using Oracle Net.


Image^Fig.2·Oracle communication based * Client"Messtone",and Oracle application,Messtone and Oracle,As Web Cache,Oracle,As single sign-on and a Delegated Administrationto Service"Messtone" ,and Oracle As Certificate Authority using HTTP. ·Oracle As Web Cache communicates with Oracle HTTP Service using HTTP. ·Oracle HTTP Service communicates with OCJ4 using AJP. ·OC4J communicates witth a customer`Messtone database using Oracle Net. ·Oracle HTTP Service with Oracle As Portal enable "Messtone"to using AJP. ·


Private IP8Address!"Messtone Web"server: backend- www backend redirect scheme https if ! { ssl_fo


   server www-1 www_1_private_IP: 80 check server www-2 www_2_private_IP: 80 check














HAProxy-www VPS,dedicated PPA to apt-get: messtone-www sudo add-apt-repository ppa: vbernat/haproxy- 1.6 update cache apt sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install haproxy 1.6 HAProxy's configuration file is located /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg "m esstone-www" and is divided into two major sections: Global: sets processs-wide parameters " Proxies:consists of defaults listen,frontend and backend sections

HAProxy VPS,haproxy-www.Open haproxy.cfg in sudo vi /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg "messtone-www."


 Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate on ubuntu 14.0.4 (step 2- -apache.key and apache.crt) (.key file,generated by messtone). Assuming his certificate file is called.,, here is an example of how to combine the files:  crt > sudo cp /etc/ssl/private/


HAProxy/Configuration ["Messtone"]·Experiences: TCP based application,the most important line are from 25 to 32.

# on aloha.Global section is already setup for "Messtone" # and haproxy states socket is available at /var/run/haproxy.ststes Global states socket ./haproxy.states level admin defaults option http-server close mode http timeout http-requests 5s timeout Connect 5s timeout server 10s timeout client "Messtone" 30s listen bind states enable states hide-version states uri/states realm haproxy


# Spalreadit static and dynamic traffic since the requests have different impacts on the servers use_backend bk_web_static if { path_end .jpg .png .gif .css .js} Default_backend bk_web dynamic is part of the application backend bk_web balance roundrobin cookies MYSRV insert indirect noache server srv1 check cookies srv1 maxconn 1000 server srv2 check cookies srv2 maxconn 100 # static objects backend bk_web stayic balance roumdrobin server srv1 check maxconn 1000 server srv2 check maxconn 1000


/etc/sysctl.conf command): # Protection SYN flood net . ipv4 .  tcp _syncookies=1 net . ipv4 . conf . all . rp_filter = 1 net.ipv4.tcp _max _syn _backlog = 1024

HAProxy would sd shut connection witb an err,for example: # Aloha,the global section is already setup for "Messtone" # and the haproxy states socket is available at /var/run/haproxy.States Global socket ./haproxy states level admin defaults option http-server-close mode http timeout http-request 5s timeout Connect 5s timeout server 10s timeout client messtone 30s listen states bind :8880 states enable states hide-version states uri/ states realm HAProxy Stations states auth Messtone admin:admin frontend_ft_web bind


[STATuS CODE] : [MESSTONE]  ON Oracle Java Cloud Service: REST Endpoints,the Response header Returns a Standard HTTP Status Code.HTTP Status Code [200] OK | Description | The request was successfully completed.A 200 status is returned successfully for a [GET] or [POST] Method :   [200] accepted | The request has been accepted for processing,but the processing has not been completed.The request May or may not eventually be acted upon, as it may be disallowed at the time processing actually takes place when specifying an synchronous(dettached=true)

CLI List

#=============# | listing 2 DS JNDI Alias (es) | | [Identity | Domain=usoracletrial 08411, | Service | |Instance=javatrial5334] #==========#=======#=======# | S.NO | Jndi Alias |ReadOnly | |==========|=======| | 1| javatrial 5334 db | true | |- - - - - - -+- - - - - - - -+- - - - - - -| |  2 mycustomalias | false | +- - - - - - -+- - - - - - - - -+- - - - - - - - - -+

Oracle Java Cloud Service--SaaS Extension to deploy an ADF application. Weblogic.xml <exact-match>element example <library-ref> <librarynamemesstone> jsf </library-namemesstone> <specification-verson>1.2</specification-version> <exact-match> true> </exact-match> </library-ref>

Additionally,ensure adquate pool of database connection·properties:

· jbo. Doconnectionpooling= true ·jbo.txn.disconnect_level=1·jbo.amppol.doampooling=true





Create and manage JNDI name aliases for data source using the javacloud.jar cli in the Oracle Java Cloud Service-SaaS Extension SDK

$ ./java cloud -u username -Id usoracle trial 08411-si java trial 5334 -add-datasource -jndiname mssstone -jndiname messtone mycustomname messtone aliases JNDI Name Messtone "mycustomname messtone aliases "add to the data source : javatrial 5334dbThe cli to list your data source name

$ ./javacloud -u -id usoracletrial 08411 -si javatrial 5334-list-datasource-jndiname messtone

ISR Enclosure

The ISR enclosure (photo is ISR 3845) and two types AXP module.The main feature of this solution for the branch is that it is the first time that the API of ISRs OS "ISO"disclosed as the conpany and a custon platform for small Businesseses like [Messtone],an application that controls each function of tbe router using this API is called"Application eXtension platform To be able to incorporate it into(APX).APX is Linux-based hardware with CPU,memory and HDD,and as an extension function of the router,it "takes over" the application function which has been handled by a single application or server so far.


Route API

Cisco Systemsrouter products for small businesseslike ["Messtone"],the announced was the integrated router "Cisco ISR 880/860"series for the base.ISR 880/860 is a base router integrating security such as firewall,VPN,IPS (intrusion prevention systsm) and so on as basic function as access router.There is also a model equipped with a wireless lan access point conpliant with IEEE 802.11 draft 2.0 and it is a possible to manage"Messtone"device from the center side.



Create and manage snapshots of Oracle javas Cloud Services Instances.Method : POST Patch : /paas/api/v1.1/instancesmgmt/{identityDomainId=Messtone}/services/javas/instances/{serviceId=Messtone}/snapshots

List all service Instances by Identity Domain ID Method : GET PATCH : /paas/api/v1.1/instances/{identityDomainId=Messtone}/instances

Scale in a Service Instance Method : PUT Patch : /paas/api/v1.1/instancemgmt/{identityDomainId=Messtone}/services/javas/instances/{serviceId=Messtone}/service

REST Endpoint

All REST Endpoints,create and manage Oracle java Cloud Services Instance.Add a LoadBalancer Method : POST Path : /paas/api/v1.1/instancemgmt/{identityDomainId=Messtone}/services/javas/instances/{serviceId=Messtone}/servicecomponent Add Storage to an Existing or New Volume Method : Patch: /paas/api/v1.1/instanacemgmt/{identityDomainId=Messtone}/services/javas/instances/{serviceId=Messtone}/storage/add

Deploy Oracle

Retrieve the SSH key description using query parameters./paas/api/v1.1/instance mgmt/{identityDomaianMesstone}/sevice/javas/credentials/credentials.Return one of more credentials description for the given query parameter: use the ? credname messtone query parameter retrieve results,use the ? serviceNameMesstone query parameters to retrieve results for a given Oracle java Cloud Services instance.By Default,50 keys are return by a given query.Use the ? limitRowCount query parameter to control the page size.Use the ? offset query parameters to fetch additional results by Default,offset is 0(zero).[Messtone].


This Repository

Messtone/docs forked from linode/docs docs/snap/[snapcraft yaml] Edit new file:

name Messtone : docsbuckeybo version : ' 0 . 1' # just for humans , typically ' 1 . 2 + ' git ' 1 . 3 . 2 ' summary: single-line elevator pitch for your amazing snap # 79 char long summary description : | This is my smap's description.You have paragraph or two to tell the most important story about your snap, keep it under 100 words though,we live in teetspace and your description wants to look good in the snap store.grades : devel # must be 'stable' to release into the candidate/stable channels confinement : devmode # use 'strict' once messtone have the right plugs and slots parts : my-part :  # See 'snapcraft plugins' plugin : nil

Some Resources

Messtonem can also set up a custom size page up to 100 with the[?per_page] parameter.For technology reason not all endpoints respect [?per_page] parameter.for example,

curl ''


Future update of the API easier for developers.All URLs are expected to be proper RFC 6570 URL Templates.You can expand these templates using the url_template gem:

>> tmpl = ( '/notifications {? since,all participating } ' ) >> tmpl.expand => "/notifications" >> teml.expand >> tmpl.expand : all=>1 => "/notifications? all =1" >> tmpl.expand : all =>1, : participating : =>1 => "/notifications? all =1& participating =1"

Pagination·requests that return multiple item will be paginated to 30 items by default.Messtone can Specify further pages with the [?page] parameter.