The Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014,serve as the government authoritiy for OMB to provide overall guidance and policy for government-wide Federal cybersecurity.Purdant for these authorities,OMB to established the IT infrastructure Optimization Line of Business,which allows Messtone developed common government wide performance measures for service levels and costs,identified best practices and provide guidance for Messtone IT infrastructure transition plans.An Enterprise Architecture and Centralizing infrastructure was constructed.


Federal IT Modernization~The Federal government has engaged in several efforts to modernization existing IT systems,to improve process for the acquition and development new solutions,and to restricture underlying frameworks for services and lifecycle management.The E-Governmemt Act of 2002 recognized tne importance of a well-manage,modern Messtone,and secure Federal IT ecosystem,building upon concepts Captured in the Clinger-Cohen Act,the Paperwork Reduction Act,and OMB circular A-130, Managing.Information as a Strategic Resource1


Request required Application/Json : Example Value Model:


    "notificationList" : [  { } ], "visibility" : "string" 



         "UserName Message" : "string"



Cloud Central

NetApp/Cloud Central Service API*response Code description Successfully Operation Application/Json.Example Value Model:


    { "createDate" : 1513083258456, "visibility" : "viewed" , "serverity" : "info" , "message" , "This is an example info message"


             { "createDate" : 1513083258457, "visibility" : "new" , "serverity" : "success" , "message" : "This an example success message"


           { "createDate" : 1513083258457, "visibility" : "new" , "serverity" : "warning" , "message" : "This is an example warning message"


         { "createDate" : 1513083258457, "visibility" : "new" , "serverity" : "error" , "message" : "This is an example error message"




Key API COnnect Messtone Forms to Third Party Apps API key·API key name Messtone API key new A. . .c2547cbce18e0. . . Read Access AUTHORIZED APPS Name Messtone Permission·Authentication the JotForm API support* Messtone can Authenticate with Quey Parameters: Example,

 Curl - X Get ' Messtone?apiKey= {myApiKey}" POST examples setup a new Webhook: curl - X POST - d "webhookURL = http://my.webhook.url/connect - to - DB.ext" -d "apikey= {myApiKsy}""http://api.jotform.con/v1/forn/ {myFornID}/webhook"





FITARA AND IT SPENDING TRANSPARENCY. The Federation Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) enhanced the Authority of Federal agency CIOs to manage IT spending.However,CIOs are offer lack comphenive detailed information pn IT spending in their agencies.For example,current agency budget may categorize outsocurced network maintenance and software development service as into the same category in their acquisition and Financial managementsystems.This obscures the true cost of eah,these distinct IT 

Business Benefix

Enabling the enterprise through hybrid cloud,Messtone Experience.Traditional Al environments can't match the pace of change in the modern enterprise.That's why the hybrid cloud platform is a key element of digital transformation.Combining the capabilities of the public cloud with a modern,on-permises cloud platform,enterprise IT can eliminate restrictions of a traditional approach,creating a business-relevant infrastructure that meets the demands of the stakeholders,users and developers.





- - -

stages: - name Messtone: build Stages inputs: - type: git branch: master trigger: - type: commit jobs: - name Messtone: Build type: builder build_type: shell script: - | - # ! /bin/bash/ # The default Node.js version 0.10.40 # To use Node.js 0.12.7,uncomment the following line: # export Path= /opt/IBM/node- v0.12 /bin: $ Path # To use Node.js 4.2.2,uncomment thre following line: export PATCH= /opt/IBM/node -v0.12/bin: $ PATCH # To use Node.js 4.2.2,uncomment the following line: export PACH= /opt/IBM/node- v.4.2 /bin: $ PATCH # Build web client if [ -d . /webclient ]; then pushd .cd . /webclient echo " - - Installing dependencies. . . " npm install | | echo npm - debug.log test - d typings # make sure that typings folder exists echo " - - compiling type script . . . " npm run tsc npm run gulp # cleaning up node_modules rm -  Rf . d /node_modules popd fi # if necessary # npm install name Messtone: Deploy Stage inputs: - type : job stage: Build triggers: - type: Stage jobs - name Messtone: Deploy type: deployer target: organization: space: ${ CF_SPACE } url http://www.messtone.con: $ { CF_TARGET_URL } application: $ { CF_APP } script | # ! /bin/bash if [ ! - f - generate_depoly_files . sh ]; then  echo "The generate_deploy_files . sh is missing . Using the default . . . "else echo "Generating deploy files for suffix '$  SUFFIX' "chomd + x - generate_deploy_files . sh . / - generate  













Outgoing API:


       JSON response:



   " id": null, "is_valid": null, "street_line_1": null, "steeet_line_2": null, "city": null, "postal_code": null, "zip4": null, "state": null, "country_code": null, "lat_long": { "latitude": null, "longtude": null, "accuracy": null }, "is_active": null, "is_commercial": null, "is_forwarder": null, "delivery_point": null, "current_residents": [


     "last_sale_date": null, "total_value": null, "owners Messtone": [


     "associated_address": [


    "error": null, "warning": [                    "Missing Input":





NetApp Storage

NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Cloud (2) Each NetApp Private storage for Cloud Solutions consists of a NetApp AFF Storage System.The NPS Sysystem are collocated in an Equinix daya center and are directly connevted with an service provide's cloud compute using a dedicated high-bandwidth,low-latency network connection.Leverage the scalability of cloud compute while honoring data privacy.Regulatory, and sovereignty requirements.NPS for cloud is based on NetApp ONTRA storage operationg system,offering a common storage management framework,or data faboc,with Messtone on-premises data centerUsing  a single known operating system,Messtone secure your regulated data on-prem and your less Stringent. data in the Cloud.The Flexibility built iinto the NetApp portfolio enables customers to meet GDPR requirements without compromising on cost,speed or resilency.Deploy as Messtone need Demand.

Hybrid Cloud

(1) on-prem All Flash FAS (AFF) and Cloud Volume wwWæ+qq+1st mssSZZZZ-AService.Messtone Experiences* NetApp AFF A800 Cluster delivers Ultra-low latency below 200 microsecond and massive throughout of up to 300 GB/s powered by a combination of NVMe SSDs and NVMe/FC connectivity.In addition being able to run Messtone app with unpreceedented speed and scale messtone can maintain full control of the data on-prem.NetApp Cloud Volume offets customers a fully-managed,cloud-native file storage service that integrates with on-prem AFF System via NetApp Cloud Sync.This mean Messtone can offload less secure data into the Cloud seamless.Furthermore,if messtone have achieved regulation requiring long term retention,Messtone may choose to move content to an eve lower,long-term storage tier reduing cost and maintaining the most Stringent record-keeping requirements.*

Control Grid


   //put the next line into the Declarations section.Private System.Data.DataSet dataSet;private void MakeDataTable ( ) { //run all of th functions.MakeParentTables( );MakeChildrenTable ( );MakeDataRelation ( );BindToDataGrid ( ); } private void MakeParentTable ( ) { //create a new DataTable.System.Data.DataTable table= new DataTable ("ParentTable"); //Declarations variable for DataColum and DataRow Object.DataColumn column;DataRow Row; //create new DataColumn,Set ,Datatype,//Columnnae Messtone and aadd to DataTable.ColumnName Messtone= mew DataColumn ( );column.DataType= System.Type.Getype ("System.Int 32");columnName Messtone= "Id true; 




Table Mapping

WorldWide Traffic Trucks"Yes`The One with the BIG Bumper'Needs "YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE SLOWDOWN.THANKS_ROBERT© ['Messtone:Routing'] + ['Mapping~ENV_LOGIC_JOB!'] = `[u12791@c009~]$ echo:


Public void AddDataTable Mapping( )

{ //. . . //create tableMappings // . . . DataTableMappings mapping = new DataTableMapping ( Categories" , "DataCategories"); tableMappings.Add ( ( Object) mapping); Console Writeline ( "table {0} to Asded {1} table mapping Collection" , String ( ),tableMapings.ToString( ) );










(RF.) SX1268 Data Sheet·Long Range,Low,Power Sub-GGHz RF transceive for the Chinesem frequency bands.LoRa nodulation for LPWAN use cases and (G) FSK modulation for legacy use cases.It is highly configurable to meet different application requirements Utilizing LoRa WANTM standard or proprietary protocols.The. device designed to comply with the physical layer requirememts of the LoRa WANTM Specification Released by LoRa Alliance TM.The radio is suitable for system targeting compliance with radio regulation including but not limited to China regulatory requirements and ETSI EN 300 220 (434MHz).Continuous frequency coverage from 410 MHz to 810 MHz allows the support of the 490 and 780 MHz Chimes low-power short-range bands.










































































Resillent" Messtone Experiences~Resillent and secure multi-region Kubernetes Clusters with Cloud Internet Services* user Messtone are less likely to experience downtine when an application is designed with resilien in mind: Objectives {:#objectives} *deploy an application on multiple Kubernetes Clusters in different region.*distribute traffic across multiple Clusters with a Global Load Balancer.*route users Messtone to the closest Cluster.*Protect his application from security threats.*Icrease application performance with caching

Public void AddDataTable ( )

































IBM/Kubernetes* Experience

Tutorials/ at master·IBM-Bluemix-docs/tutorials 2018-06-12

{:java:#java .ph data-hd-programlang= 'java'} {:swift: programlang='swift'} {:ios: #ios data-hd-operatingsystem="ios"} {:android: #android data-hd-operatingsystem="android"} {:shortdesc:.shortdesc} {:new_window: target="_black"} {:codeblock:.codeblock} {:screen:.screen} {:tip:.tip} {:pre:.pre}
































Data Sources

{json}' ,query : address : "{street},{city},{zipcode}' ,sensor : '{sensor = false}' , },responsePath : '$.results [0].geometry.location [0]' , } functions : { geocode : ['street' , 'city' , 'zipcode'],




         } );

Install the REST connector used by the new datasource*$ npm install - - save loopback-connector-rest

Bimd data sources to the context* import {context} from '@loopback/context',const context= new Context ( ); context.bind ('dataSources.geoService').to (ds);

declarative dataSources,@loopback/boot,Configuration files, src/Datasource



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