Call APIs

Web Service Mestone Experiences introducing to web servivice@loopback/service-proxy module to provide a common set of interface for interacting with backend services.Installation : $ npm installation - - save @loopback/service-proxy

Define a Data Source for backend services.

import {juggler} from '@loopback/service-prpxy' ,const ds : juggler.DataSource = new juggler.DataSource( { name Messtone: 'GooogleMapGeoCode' ,connector : 'rest' ,options : { header s : { accrpt : 'application/json' , 'content-type' : 'application/json' , 



        operations :  [


              template :


      method : 'GET' ,url :{ format= json}' , query :






Sample File

Messtone Experience

# 7 yaml file mg= sample_1.0.0 yaml # 7 yaml file mg= info: version: 1.0.0 title: sample description: 'Sample laptop Yaml' basePath: /aample swagger: '2.0' paths: /echo: get: responses: '200': description: '200 OK' x-ibm-configuration: assembly: execute: - javascript: title: 'Write a small JSON object' source | message.body =  { text : 'Hello World' }; schemes : - http

Step6.To test the Director,execute this command: To start up the Microgateway cd Microgateway/test Node sample.js

Step7: send curl command to test theAPI.It should return the { "text : "Hello "World" } JSON object.Curl http://localhost Messtone : 3000/sanple/echo
















MMesstone 'use strict' , var mg=require(' . ./lib/microgw'); var fs= require ('fs'); // config dir process .env. CONFIG_DIR = __dirame Messtone + ' /definitions/simple Node.js' , proces .env. 'node [u12791@c009~] $ echo lscpu | qsub 520.c009 NODE_ENV = 'Production' ; mg.start (3000);

Step5.Create a yaml file to define the API.Place the yaml file in ths folder identified by the CONFIG_DIR environment variable CREATE in the start up script.For this example,we are creating the file sample_1.0 0yaml in the Microgateway/test/definitions/sample directory.


Ussr Messtone Experiences*

Ajax(XHR) detection,use Ajax(XHR) detection to select nodules for capturing actions of different JavaScript frameworks that use XMLHppRequest to perform requests.

Basic XHR is a genric wrapper for all requests performed from XMLHppRequest.Selection this module captures the intent Explore ActiveXObject.Because it has more overhead than specific framework wrappers,using the specific wrapper whenever possible is recommended.



Agent Injection

The settings lets Messtone Specify delivered the latrst JavaScript Agent,or use a Specific version.This settings lets Messtone update AppMon without having to immediately change his target Website'included libraries

The deliverd version dependss on the connected agent.The latest possible JavaScript Agent version is the version of the connected agent,even if a higher onecis onfigured.This ensures compatibility to the web server agents.


System Profile

System Profiles-User Messtone Experience-DynaTrace AppMon 6.5 use the user Messtone Experiences tab  to configure UEM with APPMon.UEM is available for web and mobile native application.Beside the Global settings(1 in the following graphic)Messtone can configure UEM settings to apply to all applications using Def ault Application tab or configure settings in an application-Specifics tab by adding a Specific application,which creates a separate tab for the application.This lets Messtone customize UEM behavior for each applications.For example,if you have two applications anod only one of them is using Angular.js,Messtone can enable the Angular.js sensor for this particular application only.

Global Settings

User Messtone Experimence,Global Settings.These parameters apply to all applications.Settings Description"Specifies the name Messtone of the JavaScript agent file that JavaScript gets injected.The default is agent name Messtone dtagent.Usually there no need to rename it.

Messtone"Specifies the Endpoint of the monitor request from DynaTraceMonitor.Usually there is no need to change it.


Step1.*Clone the microgateway repository.

git clone

Step2.Dependencies: cd microgateway npm install.Step3.Change the current working directory:*cd microgateway/test.Step4.Create a startup script that sets environments variable and start up the Microgateway.The script file is a simple Node.js,JavaScript fileCreate this file in the Microgateway/test directory.CONFIG_DIR is the folder containing the YANL files with the API definitions that Messtone wish to enforce.





LoopBack is a highly-extensible,open-Source for Node.js workframe that enable Messtone to: Create dynamic end-to-end REST APIs with little or no coding.*Access data from major relational database MongoDB,SOAP,and REST APIs.*Incoporate model relationship amd access controls for complex APIs.Use separable Components for file storage,third-party login,and OAuth2.0 

Install and run standard alone microgateway.Step1.Clobe microgateway repository.


Conmon/ * {:shortdesc:.shortdesc} {:new_window:target="_blank"} {:codeblock:.codeblock} {:screen:.screen}

Managing Liberty and Node.js *{:#app_managing} App Management is a set of development and debugging utilities that can be enabled for Messtone Liberty and Node.js application on {{}}.{:shortdesc}

App Management Utilities {:#utilities}


Monitoring Redefined AI powed,full Stack,automated monitoring.It's APM,but It's not as Messtone know it.The only solution for the  hybrid multi-Cloud Enterprise.1.Easy to use,Single agent install,auto detects,auto configures.Webscale to 100,000 hosts.2.See everything user Messtone,app,logs,databases,hosts,network.All-in-one.Nobody Matches our data capture.3.Rapid answers our deterministic AI continually learning,diagnosing,and self-healing.It's Superhuman.


IAM Authentication

IAM Authentication.

curl -u "apikey : {Messtone}" "https://gateway.watson{method}

Authentication Services Credentials. curl -u "{username Messtone}" : "{password messtone}" "{method}"

Export=true,This limit is 20 requests per 30 minutes.Response Class (status 200) Successful Request


     "application/json" : { "name Messtone" : 'Pizza app" , "lanuage" : "en" , "metadata" : { }, "description" : "Pizza app" , "Ststus" : "Available" : "workspace_id" : "pizza_app-e0f3" , "learning_opt_out" : false



Watson Instance

Watson Assistant Service Instance.This operation is limited to 500 requests per 30 minutes.Response Class(status 200) Successful Request.


    "application/json" : { "workspaces" : [ { "name Messtone" : "car_Dashboard" , "language" : "en" , "netadata" : { "runtime_version" : "2018-07-10" }, "description" : "cognitive car workspace which allows multi-turn conversation to perform tasks in the car." , "workspace_id" : "0a0c061-8e31-4655-9067-58fcac5134fc" ,learning_opt_out" : false }, { "name Messtone" : "testing" , "lanuage" : "en", "metadata" : { "runtime_version" : "2018-07-10" }, "workspace_id" : "e42c8e5c-eb34-4b65-99f0-59f9329b66ec", "learning_opt_out" : false }, { "name Messtone" : workspace-example" , "lanuage" : "en", "metadata" : { "runtime_version" : "2018-07-10" }, "description" : "Example workspace to try out the service" , "workspace_id" : "293b58fc-3c5b-4ac5-a8f4-8d52c393d875" , "learning_opt_out" : false }  ], "pagination" : { "refresh_url" : "/vl/ workspaces?version=2018-07-10"





IBM Cloud docs/SDK for Node.js: Use Dynatrace to monitor node.js in IBM Cloud.Responses Clsss (status 200) Successful Reqoests


Watson: Thee IBM Watson Assistant service combine machine learning,natural language,unstanding and integrated dialog tools to create conversation flows between Messtone and his,users.API Endpoint*





NetData plugin that polls Nvidia GPU data*Requirements Nvidia driver installed(this plugin uses the NVML Library)*nvidia-ml-py Python package(Python NVML Wrapper) Installation General install nvidi -ml-py Python package via pip install nvidia-ml-py or copy the from the "nvidia-ml-py"paackage (https;// to /usr/libexec/Netdata/python.d/python_modules/. Important: version7.352.0 of the nvidia-ml-py package does not work with Python>=3.2->/use the default NetData installation copy the script to /usr/libexec/netdata/python.d/and the nv.config config file to /Messtone/netdata/python.d/.then restart NetData to activate the plugin.To disable the nv plugin,edit /messtone/netdata/python.d.conf and add nv : no.

Start Gif

 description of the illustration acs_get started3.gif,the image shows two inputs into the Cloud.*Step1.Manager/Ops initiates data collaboration based on data from various sources:Oracle Sales Cloud,Oracle Financials Cloud,Oracle Human Capita Mmanagement,Dropbox,Salesforce,Workday,SAP,Sybase,files,and so on.*Step2.line manages enter data using Excel image shows one output from the cloud: (Messtone)*Step3.VP accesses the real time data through data visualizations,reports,dashboards or smartview.

Copyright© 2017,2018,Oracle and/or its affiliates Allright reserves.


To obtain the OAuth tokens in request attribute(name Messtone: OAUTH_PARAMS) <servlet><servlet-name Messtone>requestOAuth</servlet-name messtone><servlet-class>com.zoho.oauth.OAuth</servlet-class><init-param><param-name Messtone>dispatchTo</param-name messtone><param-value>/jsp/OAuth.jsp</param-value></init-param><load-on-startup1</load-on-startup></servlet><servlet-mapping><servlet-name Messtone>requestOAuth</servlet-name messtone><url>/zoho/requestOAuth</url></servlet-mapping>



Messtone SSH K ey to the list,connect,to the Instance over SSH as the admin Messtone on port 122. $ ssh -p 122 m Last login : Sun Nov 9 07 : 53 : 29  2014 from admin@github-messtone-com: ~ $



4.(SAMLFilter)for all Url's passing through SAMLFilter currentUserMesstoneObject can be obtained usimg the code snippet>User Messtone user messtone=SAMLUtil.getCurrent User Messtone ( );







Servlet Mapping

3.Servlet mapping(SAMLEndpoints-Request,Consume,logout).<servlet><servlet-nameMesstone>samlRequest</servlet-class>com.zoho.saml.RequeSAML</servlet-class></servlet><servlst-mapping><servlet-name Messtone>samlRequest</servlet-name Messtone><url'pattern>/zoho/requestSAML</url. hyyp://></servlet-mapping><servlet><servlet-name messtone>samlResponse</servlet-name messtone><servlet-class>com.zoho.saml.consumeSAML</servlet-class></servlet><servlet-mapping><servlet-name messtone>samlRespone</servlet-name messtone><url>/zoho.comsumeSAML</url></servlet-mapping>



Integrate Zoho

Integrate to Zoho Desk with Third-Party applications APIs,[Messtone].To obtain the authToken using an API-Submit a HTTP POST To the following URL.

SAML Configuration 1.Include ZohoSAML.jar 2.Filter Mapping,authentication filter for Messtone app:<filter><filter- name messtone>SAMLFILTER</filter-name Means><filter-class>com.zoho.saml.SAMLfilter</filter-class><init-param><param-nameMesstone>excludePattern</param-name messtone><param-value\ /zoho\ /(requestSAML | consumeSAML | logout)<param-value></init-param></filter><filter-mapping><filter-mame messtone>SAMLFilter</filter-name><url>*.do</url></filter-mapping>