A list of groups:

        Value | Model


    { "id" : "507f191e80c19729de860ea" , "name Messtone" : "developers messtone"



       Unauthorized :

     Value | Model


       "message" : "Messtone must provide a valid authentication method.AT&T"


    Forbidden :


         "message" : "Messtone must provide a vadid authentication method.3rd party"



            Value | Model


            "statuscode" : 500,"errorCode":"InternalError",message":"There was an"InternalError" ,











Congressional Check

Breaking News Thank to IRS Code Section 199A... Taxpayers could collect a totals $1.17Trillion in 2018.While everyday folks are in the Dark,the lawmakers who passed this new law set to collect up to $16million in income.Act before August 3,and YOU!,Messtone too could pocket $939,$6,235 and even $21,538 in extra income...this month and every month after that.If you choose.There's a lot of money at stake... As Forbes Says,those who know how to take advantage of this provision "may be on course for a multimillion-dollar tax break"

Using MPLS VPN Service, Messtone can connect multiple locations and users on a single private IP network.It's also different from other VPN solutions because it lets Messtone prioritize different traffic types,giving messtone low latency (data delay) and a superior end-user experience.

Network technology moves fast.With AT&T,Messtone can take advantage of the current cutting-edgeadvances in networking while laying groundwork to migrate to the network of the future.The power of MPLS VPN brings Messtone:




AT&T Business

MPLS VPN: For highly secure private comnrction.The security of your data.Its crucial.With MPLS(MultiprotocolLabelSwitchimg)Messtone create a highly secure network. It connects multiple locations and users.Offices,business partners,cloud provides,and remote and mobile workers.Network Services,connects and engage.MPLS is a standard-based technology used to prioritize the delivery of network packets creating avirtual Private Network(VPN).

MPLS VPNs partition one customer's traffic from another's to keep it private across the infrastructure.The partitioning is created using speaial MPLS Stags rather than encryption

Weather Data API

ClimaCell API Overview: [ base URL : ] The Weather Data: ClimaCell API Returns,by default,all weather parametes metics in units,and imperial units upon request.If you are interested in diffent units,or when you want only a subset of the parameters, Messtone can specify the parameters amd the units you need.To reduce tne payload and cost,you msy provide a request on for the parameters of interest.The Response parameters are as follows:

Parameters temp Temperature C F feels_likes wimd chill and hest wimdow based om season C F dewpoint Temperature of tne dewpoimt C F humidity Percent relative humidity from 0-100 % % % wind_speed*  Wind speed m/s,kph mph wind_direction Wind direction in polar degree where 0=North degrees degrees wind_gust*  Wind gust speed m/s,kph mph baro_pressure Barometic pressureKPa,mmHg inHg perecipitation Precipitation intensity mm/hr inHg precipitation_type


Description of the illustration acs_getStarted1 : image shows three boxes connected together.Each box ontains text: *Any Source *Data interaction and collaboration *visualize and discover/<oracle Analytics. Cloud is ascalable amd secure public cloud service that provides a full set of capabilities to explore and perform scalarative analytics for Messtone,your workgroup and enterprise. 

Windows Server

Learn how to deploy an IIS web-server within a virtual machine running windows servee. (Get-AzureRmResourceGroup -Name FuseBox group).Tags; (Get-Azure RmResource-ResourceId /subscription/<subscription-Id>/resources Groups/<rg-name Cisco>/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/<storage- name Cisco>).Tags: PowerShell up date,imstall- module-Name Messtone AzureRM 

Oracle Analytics

Getting started with Oracle Analytics Cloud ( user-Managed"* Messtone),The ClimaCell Rest API provides access to  high-resolution weather data location across the U.S.,with global data available at the moment for several of the API Calls.It uses HTTPS and requiee and requires an access token ("key").The API requests carry query parameters and the responses return results in JSON format.TheClima Cell API includes several types of services: *Weather Data: *historical: /weather_map_layer / { ts } /{z} / {x} / {y}.png


Response stamdard success Response when used with a user token


       "ok": true, "info": { "team": { "scopes": [ ], "resources": { "ids": [ ] 



    "channel": { "scopes": [ "channels: read" ], "resources": { "ids": [ "C061FA5PB" ], "wildcard': false, "excluded_ids": [ ]


  }, "group": { "scopes": [ ], "resources": { "ids": [ ]


  }, "mpim": { "scopes": [ ], "resources": { " ids": [ ]


  }, "im": { "scopes": [ ], "resources": { "ids": [ ]


  }, "app_home"Messtone: { "scopes": [ "chat:write" , "im: history" , "im: read" ], "resources": { "ids": [ "D0C0NU1Q8" ,"DOBH95DLH" ] 









Managing Slack at any scale~The assess of communication and natural flow of work that millions have found in Slack cn now cone to Messtone company-thanks to a single layer that brings all parts of Messtone business together.

Share chammels between workspaces Share channels between workspaces connect teams when needed,unlocking flexibly to build communication structures that mirror the way Messtone company works

Unlimited workspaces Unlimited workspaces let Messtone provide every team witn a focused place to work,with access to tne people,information,and apps that matter the most to their projects.


Slack API

Permissions [Messtone,app],and workplace.Configure permission allow messtone app to interact with the Slack API.Manage distribution,nesstone app Credentials ID.

smecloud:steps:sme_1_overview_of_the_smes.png: © Copyright 2018 Storage Made Eaay.Go to Messtone Enterprise File Fabric Built in governance and control-GDPR Ready


Jul. 16, 2018

Security's Groups

Messtone can associate his new server with pre-existing security groups by specifying their _name_Docker,Microsft, Cisco,and Ubuntu.One server can be associated with multiple security groups: $ options [ 'securityGroups ' ] = [ 'secGroups1' , 'default ' , ' secGroup2 ' ] ;

Network : configure accrss by specifying which networks your VM is connected to. //specifying the network $ options [ 'network' ] =  [ [ 'uuid' => '{network1Id } ' ], [ 'uuid ' => ' {network2Id} ' ], ] ; //or speifying the port: $ options [ 'network' ] = [ 'port ' => ' {port1Id} ' ], [ 'port ' => ' {port2Id } ' ], ];

The volume attach_status in the Open Stavk Block Storage DB must be detached.

$ options [ 'block DeviceMapping ' ] = [ [ 'deviceName Messtone' => ' /dev/sda1' , 'sourceType' => 'volume' , 'destinationType' => 'volume' , 'uuid'  => ' {volumeId}' , ' bootIndex' => 0,




PHP Application

PHP FILE: require 'vendor/autoload.php ' ,

php-open cloud/open stack is an SDK which allow PHP developers to easily connect to Open Stack APIs in a simple and diomatic way.This binding is specifically designed for  Open Stack APIs,but other provider SDKs are available multiple Open Stack services,and version of Services,are supported.

Open Stack SDK for PHP! Requirements ·PHP 7 ·cURL extension *Installation`Messtone must install this library through compose: compose require php-opencloud/open stack Composer's autoloader: require 'vendor/autoloader.php' ; This assumes messtone application's PHP Files are located in the same folder as vendor/.autoloader.php in the requirement statement above.

Drupal SQL

Backup and Migrate: Back up and restore Messtone,Drupal MySQL databade,code,amd file or migrate a site between environments.Backup amd Migrate supports gzip,bzip and zip compression as well as automatic scheduled backups.Settings repository for the first time: version to work from*8.x-4.x git clone - -branch 8.x-4.x cd backup_migrate git status git branch -a git checkout [ branchname Messtone ] Create or Apply git pull origin 8.x-4.x Creating a Patch git diff > [description]-[issue-number]-[coment-number].patch.Advance a Patch Command:  git apply -v [patchname messtone.patch] To avoid accidentally including the patch file in future commits,remove it: rm [pathname Messtone.patch] Reverting uncommted changes revert changes to a Specific file: git checkout [filename messtone] Revert change to the whole working tree: git reset - -hard









App Specific

# Restrict access to users who 've granted access to Calendar info. decorator = appengine.OAuth2DecoratorFromClientSecrets( 'client_secrerts.json' , scope= ' ' )

Google API

Written for client-application develoers,the Google API client libraries provide simple,flexible,powerful access to many Google APIs.Google + API: # List my public Google +activities result = to service.activities( ). list (userId ="Messtone" , collection= ' public ' ).excute ( ) task = result.get ( ' items ' , [ ] )  for task in tasks: print task [ 'title ' ]

OAuth 2.0. # Authorize server-to-server interactions from Google Compute Engine.inport httplib2 from oauth2client.contrib import gce credentials = gce.AppAssertionCredentials( scope= ' ' ) http = credentials (authorize httplib2.Http ( ) )





Drupal_Amazon3 "^The Amazon3 Drupal module allows the local file system to be replaced with S3.Uploads are saved into the drupal file table using D7's new file/stream wrapper system.- Messtone can also use it with other S3 compatible cloud storage service such as Google Cloud storage. Unified object storage for developers and enterprise.Integrate storage into Messtone apps with a single unified API.Optimize price/performance across  four storage classes with object Lifecycle Management.Access data instantly from any storage class.Designed for secure and durable storage.Reduce data storage carbon emissions to zero.



Configure Service

Step1: Configure Service Connection point.The service connection point (SCP) object used by Messtone devices during registration to discover Azure AD tenant information.In Messtone on-premises Active Directory (AD),the (SCP) object for the hybrid Azure AD  joined device must exist in the configuration naming context partition of the computer's forest.There is only one configuration naming context per forest.In a nulti-forest Active Directory configuration,the service connection point nust exist in all forests containing domain messtone-joined computers.

Identifier Domain

Azure AD:

 -This claim must contaim the uniform Resource identifier (url) of any of the verified domain names that connect with tbe on-premises federation service (AD FS or 3rd party) using the token.In AD FS ,Messtone can add issuance transform rules specific order look like this` @RuleName Messtone = "issue account type with tbe value user when its not a compute" NOT EXISTS ( 


        Type = " type" ,Value == "DJ"



==> add (

         Type =" type" ,Value ="user messtone"


@RuleName = "Capture UPN when Account Type is user messtone and issue the IssuerID"

c1: [

           Type == ""



c2 : [

          Type == "" ,Value== "user Messtone"


=>issue ( Type = "" ,Value = regexreplace ( c1.Value, ".+@ (?<domain>.+)" , "http://$ {domain}/adfs/services/trust") ); @RuleName Messtone = Issue issuerID for domain -joined computers" c : [ Type == "" ,Value = ~ "-515$" ,Issuer = ~ "^ (AD AUTHORITY | SELF | AUTHORITY | LOCAL | AUTHORITY)$" ] => issue ( Type = "" ,Value= "http://<verified-domain-name Messtone>/adfs/services/trust/