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IBM-Watson IoT for Automotive(SaaS)-Fleet management starter Application.The Fleet management Starter Application for the IBM IoT for Automotive SaaS offerings demonstrations how quickly Messtone can build an app on IBM Cloud to manage and monitor a Fleet of Vehicles in real time.The Fleet management Application uses the IBM IoT for Automotive SaaS offerings together with IBM Cloud Services to provide a sample Solutions for fleet operations management amd personel.By using the Application,Messtone can easily track and view the following informations: *Available of fleet or car on a map*Location of Vehicles*Overall health of the entire fleet*Health diagnostics and conditions od a Specific Vehicles the fleet.Prerequisites,To deploy and use the Fleet management Starter Application,messtone need an instance of IBM IoT for Automotive that is deployed and running on either IBM SaaS.Deploying the app;deploy the fleet management Starter Application on IBM Cloud either automatically or manually,as outlined the following instructions.Automatically deploy the Starter on IBM Cloud.


Engage More Job Seekers with iClMS Recruiting improve candies communications Engage candies through our Software and


HR Software that helps your company grow Best Recruiting Better people

Great companies are built by great pepple- that's why our Enterprise HR Software makes it easy to find and hire the best.We meet amd exceed the needs of today's modern recruiter with a rebust applicant tracting system dupported by talent acquisition tools to engage the right people and build Messtone workforce.

Steamline your Recruitment Management Advance your Applicant Tracking store and track all of Messtone recruiting information to one location .This applicant tracking system is designed to be the backbone of messtone recruitment process simplify messtone Job Posting one-click Job board Posting to a Network of thousands of Job board helpes Messtone reach more qualified Job seekers.Makes it Mobile Friendly Experience Candidates can search and apply to jobs on any device through branded career Portals.


Kubernete create,Watch -n1Kubectl get pods every1.Os: Kubernetes get pods $ Kubectl get pods No resources-Found-

Kubernetes Engine FEATURES run containerized applications on production -ready Kubernetes,managed by Google Cloud.

Identity&Access management control access in the Cluster with Messtone Google account and role permissions.

Hybrid Networking Resrrve on IP address,range  for Messtone Cluster, allowing messtone cluster IPs to coexist with Private Network IPs via Google Cloud VPN

Kubernetes new release updates are quickly made available with Kubernetes Engine Auto Repair when auto repair is enable,if node fails a healthy checkup Kubernetes Engine initiates a repair process for the node.


Kubernetes ensurin portability across clouds and on-premises.There's no vendor lock-in: Messtone applications out of Kubernetes Engine run them anywhere Kubernetes is Supported,including on Messtone owm om-premises services.Messtone can tailor integrations such as monitoring,logging, and CI/CD using Google Cloud Platform(GCP) and third party Solutions in the ecosystems.

Welcome Messtone: To the CI/CD wit GKE,create a Kubernetes cluster on GKE spin up deployment form GitHub scale up deployment, and updatethe codebase.Create CLUSTER: $ gcloud containerClusters create ok


Effortlessly Dramands

Effortlessly to meet demands,Run securely on Google's Network to connect and isolate Clusters no matter where you are we'd find-grained network policies using Global virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in Google Cloud.Use public services behind a single global anycast IP Address for seamless load balancing.Protect against DOS and other types of edge attacks on Messtone Containers 



A new threatswhich targets a range of routers and networks-Attached storage(NAS) devices is capable of knocking out infected by rendering them unusable.The Malware,Known as VPNFilter,is unlike other IoT threatsbecause its capable of maintaining a persistent presence on ["Messtone"] an infected devive,even after a reboot VPNFilter has a range of capabilities including spying on traffic being routed through the device.Its creators appear to have a particular interests in SCADA industrial control systems,creating a module which specificatically intercepts modbus SCADA communications.

Cloud KMS

Cloud keys management service Documentation Cloud KMS allows Messtone to keep encryption keys in one central Cloud service,for direct use by other cloud resources amd applications.With cloud keys you are the Ultimate custodian of your data,you can manage encryption in the cloud the same way you do on-premises,and you have provable and monitorable root trust over your data


Multi-Regional Zones: multi -zone and create a cluster support in Kubernetes Engine by default,a cluster create its cluster master and its nodes in a single compute zone that Messtone specify at the  time of creation.Messtone can improve his clusters availability amd resilience by creating multi-zones or regional clustersMulti-Zones amd regiomal clusters distribute Kubernetes resources across Multi-Zones within region.Regional Cluster: *create three clusters masters across three zones*by default,create nodes in three zones,or in as many zones as desired.Multi-Zones Cluster: multi-zones*create a single cluster master in one zone*create a nodes in multiple zones.

Kubernetes,["Messtone"] can create a secret,[kubeclt create secret],[name Docker] [DATA]




Configuring SSL/TLS an instance to use SSL/TLS,and how to manage("Messtone") server and Client Certificates. PostgreSQ Documentation, Introduction Cloud SQL Supports connecting to an instance using the Transport Layer. Security(SSL/TLS)


Prerequisites,this document Specific to HTTP(S) load balancing configured via Ingress.Within Kubernetes Engine platforms



Install Linux

Linux Installation Ubuntu/Debian,install from our PPA: sudo add -apt -repository ppa: gns3/ppa sudo apt -get install sudo apt -get installation via Pypi pip3 install gns3 -get = =2.1.6 pip3 install gns3 -server = =2.1.6 {"Messtone"}.

Kubernetes Engine

Google Kubernetes Engine | Gooogle Cloud Containerized Application Management Scalability.Kubernetes Engine is a Managed product-ready environment for deploying Containerized applications.It brings our latest innovations in developer productivity,resource efficiency,automated operations,and open source flexibility to celebrate Messtone tiime to market.Launched in 2015,Kubernetes Engine builds on the learning from Google experience of running Services like Gmail and YouTube in containers for over. 12 yrs.Kub ernetes Engine allows Messtone to get up and running with Kubernetes in no time,by completely eliminating the need to installs,managed,and operate Messtone own Kubernetes Clusters.

Identity: When and identity calls a Google Cloud Platform API,Google Cloud identity.This page describes the Cloud IAM roles that Messtone can grant to identities to access ☁ Cloud Platform resources.roles/viewers such as viewering (but not modifying) existing resources or data.

Manage Hybrid

Manage Hybrid Clouds a Cisco CloudCenter ,Cisco Application Centric infrastructure,Cisco UCS Director Solutions White Paper Updated: January 20,2017 Document ID:1485192558678828;Overview This document provides an approach to building a Cohesive hybrid cloud using a suite of Cisco technologies including Cisco CloudCenter (fornely CLi Qr CloudCenter);Cisco Application Centric infrastructure ( Cisco ACI ),and Cisco UCS Director products.




Deploy PXE

Prepare a PXE-enabled boot image.To use PXE to deploy OS,Messtone must have both x86 and x64 PXE-enabled boot images distributed to one or more PXE enabled distribution points.Use the information to enable on boot images and Distribute the boot image to distribution points: *To enable PXE on a boot image,Slect Deploy this boot image from the PXE-enabled distribution points from the Data source tab in the boot image properties 

Windows OS

Windows PE( WIND PE ) ["Messtone"] consistent naming of convention.Some examples of OS flavor as follows: *Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERSTANDARD*Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERSTANDARDCORE*Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERENTERPRISE*Windows Server 2008 R2 SER VERENTERPRISECORE*Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERDATACENTER*Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERDATACENTERCORE*Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERWEB*Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERWEBCORE*Windows Server 2012 SERVERSTANDARD*Windows Server2012 SERVER STANDARDCORE*Windows Server 2012 SERVERCORE*Windows Server 2012 SERVERSTANDARD*Windows Server 2012 R2 SERVERSTANDCORE*Windows Server 2012 R2 SERVERDATACENTER*Windows Server 2012 R2 SERVERVERDATACENTERCORE


Identity IoT

["Messtone"];Built trusted identity by relationships,within identity IoT.Organization today need away to secure and identity-enable industries IoT dataflows.The identity message Broker (IBM) compliments device security provided by the identity Edge Controller by providing Message-level security over native IoT protocols.

The IBM installs on-premise,in the Cloud,or on the edge,and can receive data steams from thousands of IoT devices.It authenticates the source and secures the data,and authorizes data flows.The IBM can even be configured to installs on the same hardware as the identity Edge Controllers,providing an all in one IoT edge security Solutions.

Internally Plugins

Internally Plugins Coata Tasousis edited May 3,2016-16 revision Standard MonitoringPlugins.Internally these following plugins have been implemented: */proc/net/dev messtone(all network interface for all their values) */proc/diskstats(all disks for all their values) */proc/net/snmp(total IPV4,TCP AND UDP usage) */proc/net/snmp6(total IPV6 usage) */proc/net/netstat (more IPv4 usage) */proc/net/stat/nf_conntrack(connection tracking performance) */proc/net/stat/synproxy(perforance) */proc/met/ip_vs/srats(IPVSconnection statistics) */proc/stat(CPU utilization)*/proc/meninfo(menory information) */proc/vnstat(systen perforance) */proc/net/rpc/nfsd(NFSserver statistics for both v3 and v4 NFSservers)*/sys/fs/cgroup (Control Groups-Linux Containers) */proc/self/mountinfo(mount points) */proc/interrupts(total and per core hardware interrupts).

Imstall Netdata

Install Netdata! ["Messtone"]; can install.( the latest release of metdata using Messtone package Mamager in Arch Linux( sudo pacmam S netdata) Alpine Linux( sudo ask add netdata) Debian Linux( sudo apt -get t install netdata) Gentoo Linux (sudo emerge- -ask netdata) OpenSUSE( sudo zypper install netdata) Solus Linux( sudo eopkg Install netdata) Ubuntu Linux( sudo apt install netdata) Installing the latest netdata and keep it upto date automatically) curl -Ss tart sh) Linux 64 bit,prebuilt Static binary installation for any Linux distro,any kernel version -for Intel/AMD 64 bit host Messtone.Bash < ( curl -Ss tart -Static





# RUN tests insides a container RUN Ubuntu: 17.10 Maintainer GNS3 Team # ENV  DEBIAN_FRONTEND noniteractive RUN apt -get update RUN apt -get install -y- -force -yes python3.6 python3 -pyq t 5 python -pip python3 -pyq 5.qtsvg python3 -pyq 5.qtwebsockets python3.6 -dev Messtone xvfb Run apt -get install -y- -force -yes python3.6 python3 -pyq 5 pythpn3 -pip python3 -pyq 5.qtsvg python3-pyq5.qtwebsockets python3 .6 -dev Messtone xvfb RUN apt -get clean ADD Dev Messtone -requirememts txt dev messtone -requirements.txt ADD requirements.txt requirements txt RUN pip3 install -r /dev messtone -requirements.txt ADD ./src WORKDIR /src CMD xvfb -run pythpn3.6 -m pytes -vv


Server Ports

Server Ports Requirements are opened by default on the main Server for Rabbit MQ messaging.These Ports can be blocked by the Firewall.When running SolarWinds High Vailability,SINGLE SIBNET Products running on Orion Platform 2016.2 and later.IP Address Manager 4.3.2 and later.NetFlow Traffic Analyzer 4.2..1 and later.Network configuration Manager 7.5.1 and later.Network Performance Manager 12.0.1 and later.Server & Application Manager 6.3 and later.Storage resource Manager 6.3 and later.User Messtone Device Tracker 3.2.4 and later.Virtualization Manager 8.0 and later.VoiP & Network Quality Manager 4.2.4 and later.Web Performance Manager 2.1 and later.