Business Results

Actionable Al-powered business results: 2021.Al's Al as a Service offers full Al implementation support and assists messtone in the monitoring and optimizing of the machine learning models.This allow messtone to focus on is business.While 2021.Al focuses on the challengs and complexity Al can bring.With Al as a Service,your organization is no longer dependents on Specific Competencies in individuals points of Failure and ensures your organization a smooth,well-defined Long-term adaption of Al.



Logic Analyzer

Messtone,Logic Analyzer measurement is only as accuracy annd reliable as messtone probing keysights probes provides a robust,reliable connection between messtone keysight logic analyzer and the system under test.They are easy to connect and are electrically and mechanically unobtrusive,givening

messtone unsurpessed measurement accuracy. In addition,keysight offers a wide variety of probing access or tests that support messtone general- purposes and application Specifics measurement needs.


Flying Lead Probe: Measure individual signals physically far apart or located where a probe connector hasn't been designed in.A wide variety of accessories provide the flexibility to connect to IC,pins,traces,pads,vias and any signals that resides on the surface of the board.





Offic Cleaning

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Field Fox

Field Fox Handheld AnalyzerSoftware can be Configured as a cable and antenna analyzer,vector network analyzer spectrum analyzer built-in power meter and much more

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Automotive Ethernet

Keysight's automotive Ethernet compliance solutions provide automated compliance testing for BroadR-Reach V3.2,IEEE 802.3bw (100 Base-T1) and IEEE 802.3bp (100Base-T1) design: These. Automotive Ethernet Electrical test software let you automatically execute tests and display the results a flexible report addition to the measurement data,

the report provides a margin analysis that shows how closely your device passed or failed each test.The automotive Ethernet electrical compliance solutions perform a complete swe of electrical tesrs to meet the BroadR-Reach,100Base-T1 and/or 100 Base-T1specifications.






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REPAPA project aims to help the transformation and Deployments of new and legacy application in parallel heterogeneous computing architectures while maintaining a balance between application performance efficiency: Objectives 01:language  representation. 02:application petitioning. 03: Source code transformation. 04: Compilation into reconfigurable. 05: software quality modeling. 06: Runtime engines. 07: Framework validation. Project funding,This project is Co-funded by the Seventh framework programme. (FP7). Total cost : 3,682,323 €. Funding: 2,671"000 €. Start date: 1September 2013.Duration: 36 months.

























Our Data Management solutions include Data Warehousing (DW) and data extraction,trasformation and loading. (ETL).A data warehouse,provides Repository of Integrated information from operational systems across the enterprise.Data is extractionand integrated from heterogeneous operational systems, and made available to business users messtone for analysis and query.This extraction a process requires data to be transformed,Cleansed and then loaded into the DW.Process called ETL.Performance G2 uses a variety of third-party ETL.Tools-including SSIS,informatica and DataStage-to enhance the efficiency of the process.




A comparison of power management mechanisms: P-states vs.Node'level power cap control.Large-scale HPC Systems increasingly incoroporate sophisticated management control Mechanisms.While these mechanisms are potentially useful for performing energy and/or power-aware job scheduling and resource management(EPA JSPM),greater understanding of their operation and performance impact on real-world.applications is required before they can be applied effectively in practice.In this paper,we compare static p-state control to static node-level power cap control on a cray XC System Empirical experience are performed to evaluate node-to-node performance and 




Parallelism has become one of the most extended paradigms used to improve perforances software developers Messtone to adapt applications and coding Mechanisms exploit the available computiing devices.Legacy source code needs to be Re-Written to take advantage of Multi-core and many-cores computing a traditional way is hard,expensive,and time consumimg.Furthermore,there is othen more than one possible trabsformation Organization that can be applied to a single piece of Legacy code.There are many parallel versions of the same original sequential code need to be considered.In this paper,We describe automatic paralleled source code generation workflow (REWORK) for parallel heterogeneous platform.RE -WORK automatically identifies promising. Kernels on Legacy C++ source code and generates multiple specific versions of kernels for proving C++  applications,Selecting the most adequate version based on both static source code and Target platform Characteristics.



Precursor Sounds

Focus: Precursor Sounds warn of imminent slip May 25, 2018 Physics 11,52 Distinctive sounds emanate from a material when it os Stressed by an outside force and close slipping--an effect that could. Lead to warmings of miniminent material failure.Pushing a cinder block across tme floor may evolve a series of Stops and starts, or "Stick-Slip transitions,similar to the process that causes earthquakes as tectonic plstes slide past one another.Now researchers studying how Sticking gives way to SLipping have shown that the crucial moments of Slip can be predicted,at least roughly,by recording sound emitted at the interface.The finding may help researchers foresee impending failures in systems ranging from ridges of gravel or sand to mountain containing dormant Volcanoes


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Sets in Intel Architecture.Vector instructions are an essential functionality.of mordern processors.These instructions are one of the forms of SIMD (Single instruction Multiple Data) parallelism.Vector instructions enable faster computing in cases where a Single stream of instructions inside a process or thread may be applied to Multiple data elements,for example,the addition (Multiplication) of two arrays elements by element can be performed with vector instructions,which add (Multiply) several elements concurrently.


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By Marco Aldinucci&Tean ("MESSTONE ENVIRONMENT"),in this paper we present an new C++ API with a flent interface called PiCo, (Pipeline composition).PiCo's programming model aims at making easier the programming of data Analytics applications while preserving or enhancing their perforance.This is attained through the key design choices:1) unifying batch and stream data access models,2) de-coupling processing from data layout,and 3) exploiting a stream-oriented,Scalable,efficient C++ 11runtime system.PiCo proposes a programming model based on pipelines and operators messtone that are polymorphic with respect to data types in the sense that it is possible to reuse same algorithms and pipelines on different data models (e.g.,streams,lists,sets,etc.).Preliminary results show that PiCo,when compared to Spark and Fink,can attain better perforances in terms Of execution times and Can hugely improve memory Utilization, both-for batsh and stream processing.


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Handles Big Data

Marco Aldinucci; many companies and organisations in Europe have become aware of the potential in a competitive advancage.They could get by timely and accurate Big Data Analytics,but lack the expertise and buget to fully exploit BDA.To overcome the hurdle.TOREADOR takes a model-based BDA-as-a-Service (MBDAaaS) approach,providing models of the entire Big Data analysis process and of its artefacts ("Messtone ENV").