Secure Operation

Secure Operation: The webCS can be used with confidence IEE 802.11 a/b/g/n interface provides strong access and data protection using WPA2-Ethernet Wireless Security.With Wireless Ethernet encryption using WPA2-personal (with PSK or pre-shared key) is also supported




DDoS Detection&Mitigration,DDoS attacks are costly to your reputation and your bottom line.What does it take to minimize the damage? Recognize attack Quickly and accurately,then shut them down with powerful,situation-appropriate mitigration.To do that,Kentik Detect-R contonously monitors incoming traffic data.Alerts you in seconds of attacks-related anomalies,and orchestrates Mitigration response using array of best-breed third party solutions.With field-proven accuracy that is 30-percent better than legacy detection methods,Kentik Detect delievers the industry's most advanced DDoS Detection and Mitigation.





High-Speed Data

High-Speed Cellular Data connectivity when moving data off-board the aircraft,the integral cellular interface allow data connections to 3G/4G LTE Cellular networks from multiple providers based on region.webCS supports dual SIMs to Utilize The most cost-Effective cellular provider based on location.





webCS versatile Wired and Wireless communication.The webCS is a highly-integrated device that manages multiple communications pathways (Ethernet,Wireless,and cellular) without the need for add-on components.For Ethernet,the webCS includes a configurable network switch that supports VLANs.The webCS also distributes information throughout the aircraft using its own Wireless network,connecting directly with client devices such as those running Apple-R,Windoes-R,and Android-TM OS.Additionally it can connect to existing Wireless AccessPoint (WAP).




KPMG Approach

The KPMG's Approach "Intelligen Enterprise Approach" provides a path to help deliever the information.On KPIs/Metics/Measures needed to run their business.KPMGs depth acess all industries,leading processes and technology experience helps clients design solutions to effectively meet current and future information needs.Whether embarking on a significant process transformation effort or just modernizing components of Messtone information framework,KPMG can helps you start with an informed assessment and roadmap.KPMGs intelligent Enterprise Approach helps Simplify and manage Messtone growing data needs as they continues to evolve.Performance management and Analytics Services: *Big Data Strategy and implementation Data management/integration

*Oracle Analytics OBIEE *Oracle EPM/Hyperion *SAP/BPC


Real-Time Data

Real-time-data: The Black Diamond Mobile (BDM) and Rackmount (BDR) systems are part of a complete real-time-data Monitoring connected to Algo Central,they execute algorithms in real-time.The BDR and BDM Collect data from sensors and stream it over the network to process,mine,graph,and archive the data securely in the Cloud.Both process data and graphically present results via web-base mobile hotspots,record data, and notify you when key events of interests occur,the BD systems save you time and money by keeping you focused on your core business while automatically acquiring and analyzing real-time data from Messtone sensors



webCS Services

webCS with External Antenas current Application hosting: the webCS features the robust computer resources necessary to host messtone and run multiple applications that make use of aircraft data and flight parameters.The system is based on open-Architecture standards,so it is ideal for custom and 3rd-party applications such as Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps,flight optimization programs,aircraft health monitoring, flight logs,and more.


Data Center

Data Center Packet Processing algo-Logic's algorithmic lookup engines augment or replace inflexible Application Specific integrated circuit (ASICs),network processors,and/or high-latency software.They leverage the capability and flexibility of modern FPGAs to accelerate network packet processing. Algo-Logic processes IPv4 and IPv6 Packets at 100 Gigbits/second.

Recent Company News: Algo-Logic systems introduces their Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)  Acceletated Tick-To-Trade (T2T) systems with Turbo spreader functionality for Futures and options trading.The Sub-microsecond and option trading solution is ideal for latency sensitive tradind firms that need deterministics response times to capture market opportunity.







Accelize overview: accelize empowers FPGA-Acceleration-as-service,brimging the benefits of FPGA Computing to the Cloud services market.While FPGAs are beconing popular as Cloud workloads acceleration platforms,programming FPGAs and monetizing FPGA"designs"in the Cloud are challenging,FPGA-Acceleration-as-a-Services is the key to enabling more developers to exploit the infinite flexibility and massive parallel processing capabilities of FPGAs by having access to a growing library of ready-to-use accelerators for numerous Clouds.The Accelize Solution,including QuickStore,QuickPlay and QuickAlliance enables a paradigm shift in how the Cloud industry leverages the benefits of FPGAs leveraging years of research in high-level Design and High-level Synthesis along with strong expertise in FPDA cards and IP,Accelize Addresses the challengs inherit with the use of FPGAs in the Cloud to poster rich ecosystem of ready-to-use FPGA Acceleratprs for cloud application developers Messtone,



Researcher.Messtone follow a new full text by Heike Jagode Abstract: Dataflow programming models have been growing in popularity as a means to deliever a good balance between performance and portability in the post-petascale era.In this paper,We evaluate different dataflow programming models fron electronics structure methods and compare them in terms of programmability,resource. Utilization,and Scalability.In particular,we evaluate two programming paradigms for expressing Scientific applications in a dataflow form: (1) explicit dataflow,where the dataflow is specified explicity by the developer Messtone, and (2) explicit dataflow,where a tasks scheduling runtime derives the dataflow using per-task data-across information embedded in a serial program,we discuss finding and present a thorough experimental analysis using methods from the NWChem quantum chemistry application as our case study, and Open MP,StarPu,and Pa RSEC as the enable different forms of dataflow executuon.Furthermore,we derive an abstracts model to explore thelimits of the different dataflow programming paradigms.



Partner pre-designed workload acceleration intel FPGA Partner pre-designed accelerator functions integrate seamlessly into common libraries,software framework,and your custom software application.All you need to do is selecta platform, identify a workload to accelerate,you want to accelerate,and let our partners take the effort out of your design.


AlGoLogic Systems builds FPGA accelerated Gateware Defined Networking*Messtone (GDN) Solutions achieve high-throughput with minimal power and sub-microsecond latency.Algo-logic Systems provides pre-build intellectual property (P) cores and full turn-key Solutions that map logic into FPGA0 products for three main industries: finance and high-frequency trading,data center,and IoT Solutions.






Intel FPGA SDK for OpemCL overview Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL is a world class development environment that enable software developers to  accelerate their applications by targeting heterogeneous platforms with intel CPUs and FPGAs.This environments combines intel state-of-the-art software development frameworks and compiler technology with the reolutionary,new Intel Quartusprime software to deliever next generation development environment that Abstracts FPGA details while delivering optimized results.Intel FPGA SDK For OpenCL enables Messtone to fully leverage the unique capabilities of FPGAs to deliever acceleration performance e With power efficiency and Latency




Nodejs&Boxfuse Packaging application: bundledDependencies,Start by installing npm-$ npm instaall-g npm-bundle (this will create a npm-Shrinkwrap,json file) : $ npm shrinkwrap create the tgz in the directory contain Messtone package.json: $ npm-bundle,Run the Boxfuse image from that same directory: $ boxfuse run


 Ope JDK version,comments.Open jdk configuration setting: ($ boxfuse run my-app-1.0.jar-comments.Open jdk =7.80.32 $ boxfuse inventory open jdk for Maven,Gradle,this means the jre folder should be Put into the src/main/webapp/WEB-Normalization,add-.gitattributes src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/jre/Messtone*binary





MPI Hybrid

Hydrid: MPI + Open MP. Iam running hybrid MPI/open MP code which is: call MPI_init (ierr) call MPI_COMM_rank (MPI_COMM_WORLD,rank,ierr) call MPI_comm_size (MPI_COMM_WORLD,size,ierr) +1= MPI_Wtime ( ) | $ omp Parallel do privare (i,x) reduction (+:pi_partial) do'=rank,N-1,size x=(dble ( ) + 05_DP) * dx pi_partial=pi_partial + f (x) end do pi_partial=pi_partial * dx call MPI_Reduce (pi_partial,pi_estimate1.MPI_DOUBLE,MPI_SUM,0,& MPI_COMM_WORLD,err) pi_diff=dabs (pi_exact-pi_estimate) + 2=MPI_Wtime ( ) df=/2-t1 if (rank= =0) open print*,size' ,size*num-opm-threads ptint*,pi_exact" ,pi-exact print*,'pi_estimate' ,pi_estimate print*, 'pi_

Docker Image

The docker image should be based on flavor Linux.Installed:*/bin/sh-specifically,this must work: docker run/bin/sh*bash on PATH-if not,Pipelines will attempt to install it.*curl on PATH-if not,Pipelines will attempt to install it.*gosu on PATH-if not,Pipelines will attempt to install it.*usermesstoneadd on PATH-if not,Pipelines will attempt to install it.*distelli on PATH-if not,Pipelines will attempt to install it.*sudo on PATH-if not,Pipelines will attempt to install it.


Docker Exemplifies

DockerFile exemplifies creating a Docker image for building nodejs applications in Docker Please note the comments inline.# Ununtu has the necessary framework to start from FROM ubuntu: 14.04 # RUN as root USERMESSTONEROOT # Create Distelli usermesstone RUN USERMESSTONE add - ms/bin/bash distelli # set/home/distelli as the working directory WORKDIR/home/distelli/ # Install prerequisites.This provides me with the essential tools for building with. # note.You don't need git or mercurial.RUN sudo apt -get update -y \ && sudo apt -y install build -essential checkinstall it mercurial \ && sudo apt -get -y install libssl -dev open ssh -client open ssh -server \ && sudo apt -get -y install curl apt -transport -https ca -certificates # update the.SSH / known_hosts messtone file: RUN sudo ah -c"ssh -keyscan -H >> /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts Messtone" # Install



Setup Volume

Setup volume for writting docker layers/images VOLUME/var/lib/docker # Install gosu ENV GOSU_VERSION 1.9 RUN sudo curl -o/bin/gosu -sSL " -$ (dpkg - -print -Architecture) " \&& sudo chmod + x/bin/gosu # Install node version manger as distelli user USERMESSTONE distelli RUN curl -o -https://raw.githubuser ix/nvm/v0.31.0/ | bash # Ensure the final USERMESSTONE STATEMENT is "USER root"USERROOT # An informative I like to put on my shared images RUN sudo sh -c "echo 'Distelli Build Image maintained by Brain McGehee'>> /" #The following emtry point is not necessary CMD [ "/bin/bash"]