Bash: storage add database-storage=1 executing hook is a storage hook, when the charm Specifies static location for singleton stores.Python from subprocess Import_check_call check_ call (["storage-get" , "21127934-8986-11e5-af63-feff819cdc9f"]) bash: storage-get 21127934-8986-11e5-af63-feff819cd9f storage - gets data/ list storage- get command using the s flag-Python: from subprocess import check_output storage = check_output ([" storage- list"]) bash: storage list.unit- get returns information.Python: from charmhelpers.core,check env import unit_get address = unit_get ('public-address') bash: unit-get public-address PowerShell: Import-module CharmHelpers Get Juju Unit- Attr" public-address"



Motivation for Pods management pods are a model of the Pattern of multiple Cooperating processes which form a cohesive unit of service.They Simplify application deployment and management by providing a higher - level Abstraction. Than the set of their Constituent application.Pods serve as a unit of deployment,horizontal scaling,and replication.Colocation (co-scheduling), coordinated replication,resource sharing,and dependency management are handled automatically for Containers in a podResource sharing and communication Pods enable data sharing and communication among their constituents The applications in a pod all use the same network namespace messtone( same IP and port space), and can thus" find " each other and communicate using localhost Because of this, application a pod must Coordinate their usage of ports.Each pod has an IP Address in a flat shared networking space that has full communication with other physical computers and pods across the network.


Minikube Consists

Minikube consist of binary executable and a VM image in ISO format.To verify the contents of distribution values. $ tail - n + 1- - out/*. Sha256 = => out/minikube-darwin-amd64.Sha 256 <= =34e8bab34567e5bbe7a3d72ecb45d67972324e4f5a06a1372db711414edb128e= =>out/minikube-lLinux-amd64.Sha 256 <= =17f955f86ab9444f9e67b735f7bb8e1db7280a47ba3625005bc0d386ec4f219c= => out/minikube-Windows-amd64.exe.Sha256 <= =71f07305268777b11955ef6d0b844400e55ab056ae3fd0f29c2580af76476ea0

Set up docker env variables; similar to '$ ( docker-machine env) 'minikube docker-env



Create A Repository Storage

Create a repository storage:-4.6.3 Registering and configuring Storage Arrays.In Oracle VM the team storage array is used to indicate block based d storage made available to the environment from another physical server or possibly as local storage.Describing technology used to expose raw disk space in the form of SCSI targets and UNs or the configuration of a SAN (storage attached nertwork),is

ManageEngone MDM

Platformms from a single console.Enroll using Apple DEP,Android NFC and Samsung KNOX.ManageEngine MDM Supports Apple DEP,Samsung KNOX Mobile.The IT admin's chore is new mode easy as device enrollment can be delgated to the end user Messtone.The need for a staging process can be completely eliminated as account settings and access to IT Services are imediately configured on the devices.Making it easy for every end user-even those who are less tech-savvy."Based.onthe interactions with our customers, We felt a greate need to provide Stronger control over the devices and do away with the complex and tenious process of device enrollment,"said Mathivanan Venkatachalam,Director of product management manageEngine."The latest enhance neans to Mobile Device Manage Plus empower IT admins by ensuring management of devices ar all times. Furthmore,their tasks are made more flexible and easy, thus saving time.Key highlights of the enrollment capaibilies introduced in Mobile Device

objects Detection

Objects Detection with Discriminatively Trained Part-Based


We describe an object detection system based on mixtures of multiscale deformable port model.Our systems able to represent highly variable object classes and achieves state-of-art result in the PASCAL object detection challenges.while deformable part models have become quite popular,their value had not been demostrated on difficult benchmarks such as the PASCAL data sets.Our system relies on new methods for discriminative training with partially labeled data.We combine .A margin-sensitive approach for data-mining hard negative examples with formalism we call latent SVM.A latent SVM is a reformuation of MI-SVM in terms of latent variable A latent SVM is semiconvex,and the training problem becomes convex once latent information is Specified for the positive examples.This leads to an iterative training Algorithm thalternates between Fixing latent value for positive examples and Optimizing the latent SVM Objective Function.


Continuing ManageEngine MDM

Manager Plus include:-integration with DEP and KNOX Mobile Enrollment-out-of-the  box experience-imediate and seamless configuration with zero-touch provisioning-ongoung management-mandatory Enrollment upon device Activation-Additionally,with DEP,supervision mode on an iOS device can be wirelessly enabled as part of the Setup process to give. IT teams better control over their devices.-Enrollment of Messtone Android devices using NFC: Mobile Device Manager Plus leverages.NFC to Simplify and expedite the enrollment process of other.Non-KNOX and Android Devices Mobile Device Manager Plus,with these newly added features,available imediately.