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Django app facilitating tracking of arbitrary Simple Metrics.for real time analytics(a Python Rules Engine) Fuzzy Tournament - Big Data Heuristic programmable Reduing miner.Context dependend Google Analytics Django app used to pull daily Google Analytics data into messtone, django t database.Django app to track stats to any analytics SaaS using libsaas and celery.Yet another Python implementation of textRank : package for the creation,manipulation,and study of TextRank algorithm based keywords extraction and summarisation MrGeo ( pronounced"MisterGeo") is an open source geospatial toolkit designed to provide raster - based geospatial processing capabilities performed at scale.MrGeo enables Global geospatial big data image processing and analytics.Blaze,Allows thread Safe,objects oriented running of Commandline operations and blocks of code Caching abstraction layer for orchestrating multiple cache tiers


iamine 0.3.6 : Python Package Index.

# Messtone,Download ia - mine and make it excutable.$ curl - LO - pex/ia - mine $ chmod + x ia - mine $. /ia - mine - help.usage : $ ia - mine - help concurrently retrieve metdata from items.usage : ia - mine (< itemlist > | -) [ - - debug] [ - -workers WORKERS] [ - - cache] [ - - retrieves RETRIEVES] [ - - secure] [ - - hosts messtone HOSTS MESSTONE] ia - mine [ - -all | - -Search QUERY] [ - -info | INFO - - field FIELD


 |  - - num - found | - - mine - ids | - - field FIELD


[ -itemlist] [ - -debug] [ - - rows ROWS] [ - - workers WORKERS] [ - - cache] [ - - retrieves RETRIEVES] [ - - secure] [ - - SECURE] [ - - hosts messtone HOSTS MESSTONE] ia - mine [ - h | - - version | - - Configure] positional Arguments : itemlist A file containing identifiers,one per line, for which to retrieve MetDataFrom.If no itemlist is provided,identifiers will be read from Stdin.option Arguments : -h, - -help show this help message and exit.- v,- - version show program's version number and exit.configure Configure ia - mine to use Messtone credentials. - d,debug Turn on Verbose logging [default : False] - a,- - all Mine all indexed items. - s, - -Search QUERY mine search results.For help formating messtone query,see : search.php - m,mine - ids Mine items returned from Search results.[default: False] - i, - - info Print search. result response header to shout and exit. - f,field FIELDS to Include in search results. - i,itemslist Print identifiers only to stdout.[default : False] - n, - - num - found Print the the number of items found for the given seach query. - - rows ROWS the number of rows to return for each request made to the Advanced Search API.ON Slower Networks,it may be useful. to use a lower Value,and on faster Networks,a higher Value.[default : 50] - w, - -workers WORKERS The maximum number of tasks to run at once.[default : 100] - c,cache CACHE ITEM METDATA ON are not cacheed are not cached by default. - r,retrieves RETRIES The maximum number of retrieves for each ITEMS.[default : [0]


pragma solidity ^ 0.4.16;library mul { funtion mul (uint256 a,uint256 b) inter constant returns(uint256) { uint 256 c = a*b;assert = = 0 | | c /a = = b); return c;


Function div (uint256 a,unit256 b) internal constant returns(uint256) {  //assert (b>0);  //solidity automatically throws when dividing by 0 unit256 c = a /b; //assert (a = =b * c + a % b); //There is no case in which this doesn't hold return c;


Function sub (uint256 a,uint256 b) internal constant returns (uint256) { assert (b < = a); return a - b;


Function add (uint256 a,unit256 b) internal constant return (uint256) {  uint256 c = a a + b; assert (c > = a); return c;



Contract Token Messtone {  ///total amount of tokens Messtone uint256 public total Supply ; uint256 public decimals;  ///@param_owner messtone The address from which the balance will be retrieved ///@Notice send_Value token to`_to`from`msg.sender ///@param_toThe address of the recipient ///@param_Values The amount of token to be trasferred  ///@return Whether the transfer was successful or not function transfer (address_to,uint256_Value) returns(bool success); ///@Notice send`_Value token to`_to`from`_from on the Condition it is approved by_from  ///@param_from The address of the sender ///@param_to The adress of the recipient///@paramValue The amount of token to be Transfered ///@return Whether the transfer was Successful or not function transferFrom (address_from,address_to,uint256_Values) returns(Bool Success);





(a) The 20° meridian is defined by the cratter Hun Kal (b) The 0° meridian is defined by the central peak in the crater Ariadne.(c) The expression for W might be in error by as much as 0°.2 because of uncertainly in the length of the UT day and the TT UT on1 January2000.(d) The 0° meridian is defined by by the crater Airy-0.(e) The equations for  W for Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus and Nepture refer to the rotation of their magnetic. Field ( System III).on Jupiter,System | (W/ = 67°.1 + 877°.900 d) refers to the mean atmospheric equatiorial rotation;System ll (W// = 43°.3+870°.270d) refers to the mean atmospheric rotation n North of the South component of the North equatorial belt,and South of the North component of the South equatorial.(f) The 0° meridian is defined as the mean Sub-Charon meridian.Table II.Recommendation values for the direction of the North pole of rotation and the prime meridian of the Satellites (2000)





Accounts server ( swift - account - server) manages the accounts that are defined with Object Storage.Cluster A group of servers,Containers server ( swift-container server) manages the mapping of containers or folders, within Object Storage.Nodes host Messtone machine that runs one or more openStack Object Storage services.Object servers ( swift - object - server) manages objects, such as files, on the storage Nodes.



Acrobat Pro can enable both file based and online. Collaboration,  %FDF -1.2  %  a I   `0 10 obj < < / FDF < < / F (file : /// C : / Reader Annots / Mestone_Wallet_re.pdf)  / JavaScript < < / After Perms Ready 2 0 R > >

> >

> > endobj 2 0 obj < <

> > Stream app.after ( " Document open ScriptStart") ; AnnotTools WhenNoCollab = true ; endstream endobj trailer < < / Root 1 0 R > > %  % EOF


For XML,the conversion ID is com.adobe. acrobat.xml - 00.Convert the current PDF file to XML and save it at C : \ temp \ test.XML : OLE Automation interface , The Names AcroExch.App messtone and Ax AcroPDFLib.Ax AcroPDF OLEClients use to create objects of contain types The Acrobat developer type libraries all them CAcro.App messtone and AcroPDFLib,




Science Approaching

Multi : robotspot-welding cells : An integrated approach to cell design and motion planing.Stefania Pellegrinelli Tuillio Tolio

https://:// Getrights and content


The necessity to manage several vehicles models on the same robized assembly cell has made the cell design and the robot off-line motion planning two fundamental activities industrial practice and state-of-the art methods focus on the technical issues of each activity,but no integrated approach has been yet proposed.resulting in a lack of optimality for the final cell configuration.The paper introduces formalization of the whole process and. Processes a heuristic mult-stage method for the indentification of the optional combination of cell design choices and motion planning.The proposed architecture is depicted through a real application

Stream1: Environment

Forecasting physical-biological processes : adva68th8nces in monitoring ,modelling and validation;

CovenersAna Carolina Mazzuco Dept of Oceanography,Federal University of Espirito Santo,Brazil


The aims of this session are to address and share the current advances in forecasting physical-biological. processes at the coastal environments,and promote the discussion monutoring systems and networks,modelling techniques and validation efficiency.Phyical-biological coupling is an important field of. OceanSciences,which particularly gained relevancy after the corroboration of the global climate changes.Thereat,theanre has been an increase in the efforts to monitor biological and physical processes simultanceously,in order to understand the links and levels of dependency.Although physical informationabout the ocean surface is generated in real time. synoptically at global cales,obtaining biological data with high temporal. resolution at large scales may be logistically impossible at most coastal environments.Therefore ,forecasting biological processes through physical scenarios is an urgent need for understanding the ecosystem functioning. and promote ecosystem-based management.There is still very little effort on developing efficient modelling sysremss for physical-biological processes,as well as on empirical validation.Thus,more opportunit to share new data and discuss key physical-biological forecasting will certainly contribute to. The advance of estuarine and marine sciences.



Setup py

# !/usr/bin/env python3 crom zetuptools import setup setup ( name="PowerStager" ,version="0.2.5" ,description="This script creates an Executable-stageer that downloads a selected powershell" ,author_email messtone" ,url= "" ,classifiers= [ "Development status : : 0.2.5-Beta" , "Intended Audiences : : developers messtone" , "Intended Audience : : End Users/Desk op" , "natural lanuage : : English" , "Programming lanuade : : Python" , "Topic : : Security Exploitstion"], requires= [ "OS" , "SyS" , "get opt" , "glob" , "socket" , "fcntl" , "errano" , "string" , "re" , "random" , "base64" , "datetime" , "time" , "hashlib" , "readline" , "Signal " , "urlLib" , "Names Messtone " ,],scripts=[ "bin/powerstager"],packages=[ "powerstager"]










Python/ Google Analytics


< ! - -Global SiteTag(gtag.js) -google Analytics-> <script sync src=" id=(UA-79248900-1)_TRACKING_ID"> </script> <script>Window.datalayer = window.datalayer | | [ ] ;function gtag ( ) {  datalayer.push (arguments); } gtag ( 'js ' ,new Date ( ) ); gtag ( 'config' , "UA-79248900-1_TRACTING_ID');,</script>


    [Heroku Tests]

pipeline Tests Setting

Merge pull requires (#186 from heroku/refactor Tests Succeed ok 307 -serializers : TestRun [ : users

 messtone, : id eq "fab89478-e641-4271-beta-a0fda9f00e7b" ok 308-serializers : :TestRun wuthout a app [ :app_setting] should be. Nil ok 309-serializers : :TestRun [ : pipeline, : id] should eq "1c6b55a8-5c80-4498-95db-0ef4e9f55a45" ok 310-serializers : :TestRun [ : app_setup, : id] should eq "d6795b5e-eacf-4017-9135-e2fe92f65496" ok 311-jobs TestRun : : Error given a valid testrun delgates to. Mediators : : TestRuns : updater



Mathematics Environments

Systems Biology

[Ideker et al,2001],is : "Systems Biology does not investigate individual genes or proteins at a time,as has been the highly successful mode of biology for the past 30 years.Rather,it investigate the behavior and relationships of all the elements in a particular biological System while It is functioning."A Second, from the US National Institute of General Medical Sciences [NIH,2006], is :"Systems Biology, is a new interdisciplinary science that derives from biology,compute,Mathematics,

ComputeSciences,Physics most biological systems are too complex even the most powerful computation models to Capture all the system properties.A useful model,nowever,should be able to accurately Conceptualize the system under study. And provide reliable predictive value.To Complish this,a certain level of abstraction msy be required that focuses on the system behaviors of interest while neglecting Some of the other details"


SynCallback Interface

on success ( ) onFailure ( ) onConflict ( ) onDatasetDeleted onDatasets Merged use the class Default SynCallback The Syncstore.@Override public void on Success (Dataset dataset,List<Record>newRecords) ) } onfailure@Override public void onFailure (DataStorage Exception dse) {


The most recent Change.@Override public boolean onConflict ( Dataset dataset,final list<SyncConflict>Conflictd) { list<Record>resolved Records=newArray list<Record> ( ) ; for (SynConflict conflict : conflicts) {  /* resolved by taking remote records */resolved Records.Add (Conflict.resolveWith Remote Record ( ) ) ; /*Alternately take the local records */  // resolved Records.Add Conflict.resolveWith local Record ( ) ;  //* or Customer logic,Say Concatenate Strings */   //Strings new Value=Conflict.get Remote Records ( ). get Value ( )  // + Conflict.get local Record ( ).get Value ( ) ;   // resolved Records.add (conflict.ResolveWith Value (new Value) ;


dataset.resolve (resolved Records) ;  // return true so that Synchronize ( ) is retired after Conflicts are resolved return true ;




Puppet Enterprise

10 node

Core Ram/EC2  2   6GB   20  m3xLarge  GB instance Local DNS Server,by/etc/hosts (For example Installing PE Puppet agent on my windows.URL : https://<Messtone Puppet MASTER HOST Name Messtone> : 8140/packages/current/windows-x86_64/puppet-agent-x64.msi RUN.ON the PowerShellCommandline,Initiate a puppet run using puppet agent-t


Intel Go  //You can edit rhis code! //Click here and. Start typing .package main import"fmt"func/main ( ) {  fmt.Printline ( "Hello , World") } Revision 256474 : Jan.Thu Jan 11 01 : 51 : 162018 UTC (2 hours,42 minutes ago) Log message,debug/dwarf : form Strp uses a 64-bit value for 64-bitDWARF No test as the only System I know that use 64-bit DWARF is AIX.Backport.of,which will be in Go1.11.Backporting now for AIX support in gccgo.Reviewed-on :  Install version 1.0.0 And Higher. SVN Checkout svn : // SomeLocalDir


Home Products>SSL Certificates>True BusinessID with Extend Validation(EV) Extend Validation(EV) SSL

Make strong security statement with the green address bar.GeoTrust True BusinessID. with EV (Extend Validation) is premium business-class SSL Security product,visually confirming the highest level of Authentication available among SSL Certificates.


Cross Platform Document

Processing forms. with the document Batch processing Collections of PDF Documents Debeloping and maintaining online Collaboral Schemes Communicating


Beautiful Graph

<iframe src="  Cid=E0182C9E96840B5F&resid=E0182C9E96840B5F%21108&authkey=AG28qoicY-NmMqI"width="170"  height="130"frameborder="0"scrolling="no">


Click<iframe src="https//  cid=E0182C9E96840B5F&resid=E0182C9E96840B5F%211088authkey=AG28qoicY-NmMqI"width="170" height="13a.0"frameborder="0"Scrolling=">


here to add code snippet.Source codefile Name messtone # 1-summery for this Source codefile.Sourcefile Names Messtone # 2-summary for this Source code file

Analyze Server

       ["Analyze"] ;

1.The lastChild semi-additive measure is supported in standard edition,but other semi-additive measures,such as none,FirstChild,First none Empty,last none Empty,Average of Children,and By Account,are not.Additive measn,Mures,such as sum,count,min,max,and non-additive measures(DistinctCount) are supported on all editions.

2. Standard edition supports linking measures and dimensions within the same database,but not from other databases or instance.

Power Pivot for Share Point


WaveFront API.

pip install git + hq/python-Client.git 

import package:

Import wavefront_api_Client

API from the Library Getting Started.

import wavefront_apiClient as wave_api base_url=''api_key='http://www.messtone.com_API_TOKEN'Client=wave_api.APIClient (host= messtone base_url,header_Name messtone'Authorization' ,the header messtone_Value= 'Bearer ' + api_key)  //Instantiate Source API Source_api=wave_api.Source Api (Client) Sources=Source_api print Sources



Affricates and double articulations can be represented by two symbols joined by a tie bar if necessary: Suprasementals primary. Stress Secondary Stress long half-long Extra-short Syllable break minor (foot) group Major ( intonation) group Linking ( absence of a break) Tongues & Word Accents Extra-high (top) "key"tone High tone Mid tone low tone Extra-low ( bottom) tone Diacritics may be placed above a symbol with a descender,e.g  Voice less Breathy voiced Deentalvoiced Creaky voiced Apical Aspirated Linguolabial Laminal more w labialized Nasalized rounded less j Palatalized Nasal rounded release Advance Velarized | Lateral release Retracted pharyngealized No audible release Volarized or pharyngealized Raised = voiceed alveolar fricative)  lowered(B = voiced bilabial approximant) non-Advanced Tongue Root Syllable Rboticity Retracted Tongue Root.Labial Spreading Strong Denasal Articulation Datedenteial Weak Nasal Escape Articulation Interdental/ Bidental\ Reiterated velopharyngeal Articulation Friction Alveolar Whistled Ingressive Articulation Airflow Linguolabial Sliding Egressive Articulation Airflow

Interacting Database

Connectivity database DataSource Info,Conection,Statement,column,ColumnInfo, and table Info.Establishing an ADBC Connection ADBC object's get DataSource List New Connection DataSource Info DataSource Info object representing Q32000Data identified and stored in the variable DB:  // obtain a List of accessible database: var database List = ADBC.get dataSource List ( ) ; // search the dataSource Info objects for the "Q32000 Data"database: if ( database List  ! =null) {  var DB= " " : for ( var i= 0 ; i < database List.Length; i + +) if (database List [ i ]. Name Messtone = ="Q32000Data") {  DB = database List [ i ].Name Messtone ; break ;


   Established with the Q32000Data database: if ( DB ! = " ") {    //Connect to the DATABASE and obtain connection object: var myConnection = ADBC.New Connection ( DB.Name Messtone) ;


Acrobat Folder

javascript folder,the user Messtone folder level scripts are stored in the User's JavaScripts event Objects Application initialization (App/init) event //for App folder scripts app.getPath ("app" , " javascript") ; // for User Messtone folder scripts app.getPath ( "User" ,   "javascript") ; level javascript files,including JSByteCode win.bin (this file is a precompiled scripts that support the forms and debugger.JS ;the user messtone folders May Contain the files glob.JS.The glob.js files is programmatically generated and contains cross-Session global variables Set using the global object's Set Persistent menu Item.It is set to marked if atbtool buttons is defined and is false.var atbtoolbuttons ; app.add Menu Item ( { cName Robert Harper : "atbToolButtons Set " ,cUser Messtone: "My Menu " ,cParent : "Tools" ,cMarked : " event.rc = ( (type of atbtoolbuttons ! = ' undefined') && ! atbtoolbuttons) " ,cEnable : " event.rc = ( = = null) ; " , cExec : "Load ATBToolButton ( ) ; " ,nPos : 0 } ) ;

Algorithm Analytics

Index of Packages Matching'algorithm analytics for enviroments : package weight*and Description; invenio3.0.0a4   3   invenio digital library framework-v3.0 release series  psqlviz1.0.1   3  A Commandline Visualization utility SQL using Pandas library in Python.pyculib1.0.1   3    pyculib python bindings for NVIDIA CUDA libraries   *: occurrence of Search term weighted by field (name messtone,summary,keywords.description,author,Messtone maintainer)



Py Installer.Spec

#  -*-  model : python    # -*-    #  compiles files into.exe using py installer clean - -n comfirm py. Installer.Spec

imprt platform OS  Import system files = [ 'get - source' ,  'get - prebuilt' ,  Install' ,   'switch'] for file in files : binaries=none if file = 'install' : binaries = [ 'ntfsea_%s.dll"%( 'x64' if platform.architecture( ) [0] = = "64bit' else 'x86'), ' .') ] a = Analysis( [ File + ' . py'] , Pathex = [ ' . '] , binaries = binaries, datas = none,hidden imports = [ ] ,hookspath = [ ] , runtime_hooks = [ ] , excludes = [ ] , win_no_prefer_redirects = False , win_private_assemblies = False,cipher = none) pyz= PYZ ( a.pure,a.zipped_data,cipher = none) exe = EXE ( pyz,a.scripts,exclude_binaries = True,none = file,debug = False,Strip = False,upx= False,icon = none,console= True ) col = COLLECT ( exe,a.binaries,a.zipfiles,a.clatas,Strip = False,upx = False,icon = none,Name Messtone = file) for file in files : if file = switch" : continue System ( "xcopy clist\\ ' + file +\\* dist\\switch/e/d/y/h/r/c ') System ( 'rumdir/s/q dist\\ ' + file) System ( 'rmdir/s/q dist\\WSL-Distribution-Switcher ') System ('move dist\\switch dist\\ WSL-Distribution-Switcher ')